Jan Cox Talk 3196

The “Stop-and-Look-at-It” Method


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

A whole mystical system exists in the “stop-and-look-at-it method”: stop and look at whatever is your current, instant thought. It only takes a second, then let it go. Then stop and look at the next thought, and so on. The look is not an analysis; the look is not from any vested viewpoint, has no agenda. Nothing more is necessary than your thoughts and this stop-and-look method. When feelings get involved, things get trickier.

Thoughts do not take up all of consciousness; they can have feelings attached, in the moment, of which you can also be aware. Without the feeling, the impetus to ‘stop-and-look’ isn’t there. A whole mystical system can be put in this question: “Am I conscious…or, is consciousness me?” The inescapable conundrum; it must be one or the other, no? Living on the horns of the perfect dilemma, the unanswerable question. Consciousness has a natural disinclination to look at itself. (47:00) #3196

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3196       Here’s my newest: the Stop and Look Method. Whatever thought you just had, stop and look at that thought, and then carry on, then the next thought stop and look at it. All you need is right in your head. You are aware of that thought for a split second. Am I consciousness or is consciousness me? No way out of that question. Our sense if I is nothing but consciousness. No consciousness, no I. Consciousness does not consist totally of the thought you had. When you’re happy, thoughts have almost no relevance even if you can remember them. Even if you can remember, it’s on the negative side. When a feeling produces a thought and the thought comes back with the feeling, the thought can be replaced by someone else’s thought.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Sights (Inner Ones) That Decent Folk Never Talk About
SEPTEMBER 6, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX
A Glossary Of Words & Terms Once Used By One Man (J.C.)
In Talking About Certain Matters Relevant To That Certain Hunger,
Along With Comments They Spurred.

(Part 7 of a series that began on August 31. [Words capitalized indicates they have appeared else where in his addressing this subject.])

A – Z

The Equation (I + Not-I = Everything): (1) This equation describes the relationship between one person and the rest of life, and at first glance may appear simple, but is subtly complex and informative to an attentive eye, and gives an interested man
a precise representation of where his consciousness stands in relationship to
his overall conception of what is reality.
(2) The signs: “+” and “=” should be seen as verbs in one’s process of expanding their consciousness, and the words: “I” and “Everything” though apparently fixed factors, are not, they too are process, forever in flux:
the “I” is not a permanent, distinct and separate thing;
it is but one element in a world wide network of other “I’s” which comprise a unified organism of which ordinary men are not aware,
and the “Everything” which certainly by its very name seems stable, also is not,
and actually grows through the extensions of the entities that compose it.

Heredity Vs Environment: The resolution to this age old debate is:
Everything is due to heredity,
and environment is the sum total of everyone else’s heredity.

Hobbies, Unfit For The Few: Health, wealth, worry.

Holographic Timbre: With developed hearing you can listen to one thing
but hear something else.
(Necessary for ever getting-to-the-bottom-of-things.)

The Internal Circuitry: (1) Three intersecting circuits (The Red, Blue & Yellow) whereby Life’s energy (The Primal Flow) is converted into useable form
within the nervous system of man.
(2) The development of The Circuitry is the history of man.
(3) Via The Circuitry does The Primal Flow’s final transformation result in a man’s sense of “I”.
(4) While each Circuit has it own function and responsibilities, none operate independently of the others.

The Infinite Comment: (1) The ceaseless flow of Life; its unbounded play of energies.
(2) The Infinite Comment is Life speaking for itself — through man.
(3) It is an endless verb which man’s consciousness chops into digestible bits (nouns);
The Infinite Comment is like a gigantic sandwich from which consciousness slices off
a piece; chews it; spits it out; picks it up; examines it; turns it over;
examines it some more, then chews on it some more – over and over again.
(4) Only a man who has privately gotten to the bottom of things can hear the
endless and ever entertaining sound of The Infinite Comment.

The Informative & The Entertaining: Ordinary consciousness considers these
to be two entirely different matters (which helps keep it ordinary).

The Irrelevant: The way to increase your understanding of something is to go play in the irrelevant.


Medevesqo: (1) Cure by inquiry: treatment through scrutiny.
Medevesqo is a phenomenon that occurs unseen by routine men, whereby the looking-into something broken – fixes it: taking your VCR in for repair, repairs it;
the nervous-system-rebel’s use of this lies in the fact that man’s internal
human problems cannot withstand any clinical examination;
if a man with The Aim looks coldly at one of his intangible problems
(remembering that: “It’s all business”) – the problem goes away.
(2) Medevesqo (the examination of a problem as its solution) is a prime example of
the original thinking necessary to ever see for yourself what is really going on:
the certain man’s ills cannot be treated by any known means
(and for the simple reason that they are already known);
his treatment must be fresh and home grown: he must do something irregular and irrelevant – like: look sang froid at what is going on inside him and his circuitry.

Ministries Of Depression And Of Stimulation: (1) Everyone’s internal government includes these two ministries whose combined actions provide in ordinary men’s
Blue Circuitry the range of emotions needed for routine stability.
(2) Depression: The slowing of vital activities.
Stimulation: The quickening of essential functions.
Pursuing The Aim is a revolt against the Ministry of Depression;
all slowing down is anathema to originality of thought;
the special investigator can make no headway toward a solution unless every day is
a fresh exercise in renewed excitement over the case.

Miracles: (1) For the many: what they don’t understand;
for the few: what they do.
(2) Things that occur in the E Flow.

Myth: Yellow Circuit’s attempt to utilize Red Circuit’s non verbal, cellular memory.

Neuralizing: (1) Thinking about something in a manner other than your native consciousness normally would.
(2) Thinking about something without actually thinking about it.
(3) Being conscious of something without consciousness saying that it is.
(5) Examining something without picking it up.
(6) Neuralizing is more a condition than a method;
it is thinking about something without any baggage of the past;
without any ideas about it that you have heard or already had yourself.
(7) To Neuralize is to float a thought in your consciousness above the grasp of Binality (the concept of an idea having to be either true or false);
this willfully produced cerebral condition can open an understanding of a matter
to you that would never occur via the route of standard mental processes;
it permits your consciousness to see a matter not as a still, lifeless object
but as a part of Life in motion.
(8) Neuralizing is the attempt not just to see the thing being thought about –
but to see Everything – everything all at once,
(which explodes The Equation into a whole new stratosphere).

News: (1) All regular news is bad news;
all good news is yet to be.
(2) The certain man’s job is to continually produce his own good news.

New Information: (1) For information to be New it must be threatening to that which currently exists.
(2) New Information does not lend itself to debate, editing or amendment.
(3) If it is really New Information, when the inner rebel hears it his private response is: “If this is true – I’m a dead man — hopefully this time for good.”

The Obvious: A most underrated aspect of Life:
that which the ordinary see, but never see the significance of – because – well, because it’s obvious — therefore the ordinary assume they understand it.
(The ordinary will live forever [if you want to call that living.])