Jan Cox Talk 3193

“The Unruly Dog Must Be Brought to Heel”—Says Unruly Dog


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Everybody has some notion of wanting to improve. At root this is consciousness’ desire for control. Ditto: the seeking of enlightenment. The rotten odor in Denmark: the unruly dog MUST be brought to heel…says the unruly dog!!! Only if an unruly dog can train itself. (35:33) #3193

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3193       Every description of it smells fishy. Everyone has a sensation of their consciousness being out of their control and has a sizable number of complaints of themselves. This is apparently brought on by external forces. People with terrible tempers have to be told by an external outside source. Being involved with this is not to change some characteristic, its to change consciousness, to bring consciousness under control. Would you not right now accept having your consciousness under complete and constant control? But it’s my consciousness that says that. This unruly dog who says it’s going to get itself under control…wow-smell the odor, gets its unruly self under control. (Symbolism means what it says represented by something else vs. metaphor which means something else.) If the dog could train itself then what people think about themselves as a bad habit and what others tell them is a bad habit, then would that not be the end of it? An unruly dog is going to unruly himself?         

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Exceptional Man’s Secret Buying Guide
AUGUST 30, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

When one man heard there was an official city directive that stated:
“One who is blind cannot properly appreciate how ugly one is,” he mused:
“I do hope this has no additional application…..touching on…..oh, for instance – intelligence, of the sort that could put the entire population in jeopardy.”
One thing about the animal kingdom is that prey creatures,
(lacking a conscious part to their brain) are only in peril of being eaten –
not of suffering stress from thinking about the possibility.
It is the conscious part of man’s brain that has made flight a reality, and that same function that allows him to picture the plane he’s in crashing.
And a lion wondered which of the two neural conditions his species would choose to have had they sufficient consciousness to entertain such choices.
(“Excuse me: but aren’t we back to the question of how dense you must be
to be protected from ever realizing that you are?”
And why do you ask?
“Oh — I don’t know — just curious.”)

The authorities on one world, in the attempt to merge the people’s animalistic heritage with the ever increasing need for them to extend themselves therefrom,
have introduced and widely promoted a new game: Chess Played With Bulldozers,
(which thus far has failed to attract sufficient numbers from either of its two
intended audiences – any surprise here?)
The intangible bridges men’s consciousness continually propose to mollify-by-compromise the verbal differences in their religions, politics,
and social philosophies, always sound good to the ears of their proponents,
but there are inherent dogs & cats in man’s own incorporeal inner realms
of which he is collectively prohibited from taking into account,
which of course dooms all plans of which they will be a part.
(“So what you’re noting is that being ignorant of [or at least forced to play blind to]
some specific reality is not the whole problem in a given situation, but rather how
it predictably and inescapably skews the entire process from the outset?!”
On one world they shoot (okay: shun) anyone who utters the obvious.
“And you’re not going to tell me where this place is, right?!?”)

One man shot Schoenberg only to discover that he’d merely hurt himself, in that
it brought to light the fact that serial music had been hiding inside his own head.
(“I’ll take a wild guess that this is actually about a certain style of thinking,
and not a form of musical composition.”)
“Pardon the intrusion, but this seems an auspicious time to ask:
What is the perfect metaphor?”
A clear spot in a road where at was previous a dead skunk.
”And now is nothing?”

Says one man: “What I love about Mondays is they begin a whole new week of

brand new discoveries I’ll be making about the insides of my own consciousness. Gawd! – what could be greater!”

One man has a private lab capable of producing all the drugs needed by the world.
(Can you guess where it is located?)

If you discover a new fact that is amazing – you will become famous.
(There is one exception to this.)

One man says: “For years I was trapped in the rigama,
at least now I’ve got it down to the role.”

Ordinary people believe that progress consists in others becoming more like them, while the certain man sees it as him becoming less like him.

Those who can’t be placated won’t be, and those who can be don’t need to be.
(And neurons said to hormones: “Get outta here!” [Or maybe it was the other way around.])

With the rebel it is truly a matter of: Strive or die
(the nature of said striving being to ordinary eyes, incomprehensible).

Even if you’re half way there, you have no way of knowing it;
only when you’re there is the entire matter clear.

The conscious part of the brain calls itself by every name conceivable
rather than admit who is really speaking.

Even a bald headed rebel is his own Rapunzel.
(All right, more precisely: the conscious part of his brain recognizes its situation.)

Just as no musician is ever offered a joint he won’t smoke, or an actor a part he won’t take, or a lawyer an argument he wouldn’t enjoy, so too does no real rebel
ever run across an idea that he can’t totally do without.

One man who didn’t speak Italian learned to just so he could understand the lyrics to his favorite operas (that and to give a chowderhead example of what being civilized is).
(“But if you don’t know a people’s language you’ll miss out on all the matters
they’re talking about. Oh.”)

The News And Non Partisanship.
To discover anything new & revealing in what you hear & read concerning everyday life, you cannot mentally/verbally take sides in any debates taking place thereabout.
The rebel’s motto: “If in this discussion, there is a there — I don’t want to be there.”

Right in the middle of everyday human affairs one man likes to suddenly holler:
“Does anybody know what the hell’s going on here?!” –
knowing full well that they don’t.
(Some folks are more easily amused than others it seems.)

In Re Man’s Collective Rituals.
Pygmies always feel touched (and somehow better) when a giant dies,
and want to be seen publicly mourning the event.
Somewhere in middle age a man ruminated: “Either a forgotten colossus
has perished in my head, or else a rat crawled in there and died.”


* * * * *


The following comes from a little known collection of writings:
“Big Earl’s Big Compendium Of Ostensibly Specious Knowledge:
Or: A Deconstruction Of Man’s Cultural Reality By One Barely Qualified,
(Or Perhaps Overly So?)”

Happy people are actually miserable.

Those who insist: “It’s never too late to say you’re sorry” have a lot to learn.

If you read every single word in a whole encyclopedia set
there would still be some surprises in store for you (and that’s for sure).

Men and women who train bears and other large animals make quite interesting overnight guests.

The Big Boys would like for us to believe that we know what we’re doing.

After the man who invented the clarinet heard it played — he left town.

Men with large penises are terrible lovers.

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks — but what’s so great about that?

Many famous diplomats won’t sit on public toilet seats.

Brains aren’t good for much.

Native people’s don’t actually mind giving up their land to more powerful
foreign invaders.

Judges play with themselves under their robe even during serious murder trials.

Dogs spend much of their free time contemplating the direction their life is taking.

If you allow a child or an idiot to hypnotize you you’re running a grave risk.

No matter where you’re going — you’ll fly over Greenland.

There is no such relative as the uncle.

Many of the stories you read in newspapers are made up by the reporters:
but what difference does it make anyway.

Doctors don’t know nearly as much as they look like they do.

Feet are an illusion.

If you hide in a large cardboard box — no one will find you;
If you hide in a large cardboard box — no one will look for you.

If you try to get a gypsy to make-a-clean-breast-of-it — he’ll just laugh in your face.

People go to the bathroom a lot more than is necessary.

Airlines plan crashes periodically so they can increase their fares.

Things will dry faster when wet.

Many times the police will tell a suspect that if he tells everything he knows,
it will go a lot easier on him — when they know better.

If your nose is not your best friend at least it’s not your worst enemy.

People who sound really sincere when they talk are up to something.

There are no such places as swamps; publishers just put them on maps
when they don’t know what the hell is really there.

Any idiot can be a good speeler.

Polite people are only that way because they’re embarrassed.

Many cases of deafness can be cured by The Heimlich Maneuver.

Possums will open any envelope they find in your mail box stamped: Personal.

If someone says to you: “Guess which hand it’s in” — you can expect trouble.

You shouldn’t swallow over four times a day.

People will only pretend to be cooperating to avoid having to do something worse.

If you smile just before you die — you’ll be happy.


* * * * *