Jan Cox Talk 3192

Consciousness Invented Ten Commandments to Mimic Control


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

All ordinary men, unconsciously, know that their closest, most precious possession—their consciousness—is not in their control. Not patently obvious that men consider it their dearest attribute, on closer study it is revealed so. It’s to be preserved at all costs, yet is under no control. And this fact is never admitted out loud except by the deranged.

Consider: why did consciousness invent the Ten Commandments? Because it knows it is not under its own control! Thus by formulating an apparently external protocol, an institution, a politic, a religion, it thereby gives itself the impression of exercising control. (44:00) #3192

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3192       Are we that much different than anyone else? All ordinary humans know that the thing that is the most precious and most singular in their consciousness is not in their control. People will readily subMit to something outside themselves to move up their consciousness: religion and to a lesser degree philosophy and politics. If your conscious is under your control why don’t you know what you’re going to think next? After joining a religion they can say they are in some control to the extent “they believe those (12) things”.

The difference between us and every one else is that all of us know that our conscious is not under our control. Nobody-popes or politicians-can admit it, nobody. (We) are the only people on this planet who try to bring consciousness under control-mystics-that’s what wanting to wake up is.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Outlier’s Ultimate Inner Stretching Exercise
AUGUST 27, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

A benefit of talking about yourself is that you can mention how, when young,
you wanted to be a professional baseball player, and how in college you seriously considered going to med school and believed you would have made a very good
doctor because of your stirring compassion for people, all of which makes you
sound like a much more interesting person than you turned out to be,
and at no expense to you (other than the effort it took to say all these things).
People who underestimate the value of words simply don’t get it.
Whilst amidst a routine conversation a man mused:
“Talking about money is almost as much fun as talking about men’s personalities.
Isn’t that weird.”
One guy told his partner: “If you don’t get it, but want to get it,
don’t ever say that you don’t get it.”
The only difference between being dead and just thinking you are
is in mentioning it — aloud.
(“Should I ask which might be preferable?”)
A principal purpose of man’s institutions is to preach to him with the hectoring
seeming to come from a collective voice of the local community & its conditions.
Most of what men see is not really there.
A certain ill-tempered, self-proclaimed guru frequently stated that hostility and understanding are incompatible, and whenever the irony of this sentiment coming
from him was pointed out, he would always respond by first cursing the person who
did so, and then informing them most forcefully that they were simply incapable of grasping the full nature of the important work he was doing.
When someone says: “Let’s hear it for your friends and mine,”
you can be sure their greater interest is in the latter (same as holds true for your consciousness’ most favorable attitude toward its familiar thoughts).
Sotto voce do synapses systematically say: “Any friend of mine is a friend of mine.”
(Note: the certain man’s version of this takes the notion of inner self-friendship
to a place not on any ordinary mental map.)
One guy begins all his prayers with the cry: “Hey bartender!”
The ole man said to the kid:
“If you can only be witty riding on another person’s previous words – you ain’t witty.”
(Now another example of breath taking justice on a local,
[and therefore personally meaningful] level):
A guy says: “When I am frightened – I sing to myself,” and his inner partner says:
“I don’t get frightened – except at times when I hear this really terrible singing.”
While everything within a closed system ultimately balances out,
this fact not uncommonly eludes the grasp of scales.
A guy pondered: “Could being asleep be fitly described as letting the
conscious part of your brain waste its time on things it will naturally waste its time on
if you (or it) don’t make it do otherwise?”
(And someone asked: “Why did he put ‘or it’ in parenthesis?”)
Most of what men hear is not really there.
If you write about anything other than what you know, you’re just another hack, and if you talk about anything besides what you know about, you’re nuthin’ but a yacker.
(Nothing wrong with either, but do face up to what you are when you are.)
Question: Would you prefer to be a competent captain – or a boat?
Follow Up Query: Can you actually conceive of having such a choice?
The Play-The-Bums-Off-The-Stage Interrogatory: How much longer are you going to entertain binary based possibilities and inquiries?
Would you rather be a conductor, a train, or a trip?
Now A Dramatized Variation On The Theme.
Anything that can be truthfully said about man is at least half UN true.
During intermission, a group of patrons standing in the lobby agreed among themselves that they didn’t get it any better this time around,
even in the newer version. (And a passing usher overhearing this,
mused on the matter of men’s mouths commonly employing the term:
I-don’t-get-it as a beard for: I-don’t-like-it.
“Ah, but: such is life in the theater,” came a voice from a lifeboat.)
And the officials have announced that it is now official.
As he stood – looking down that long-and-winding-road-of-life,
a deep-dished city philosopher said: “Damn! that’s a long and winding road.”
If you really think you heard them say that you could pay-later –
your ears are badly needing looking into. (Leastwise your ears-of-comprehension.)
In the certain man’s neural playhouse: things essentially correct, fundamentally valid; ninety per cent certain, mostly true etc. are of no interest whatever –
in his highly unorthodox mental sphere, fractional explanations –
no matter how verbally entertaining – are not informative –
they may be entertaining, but the two are not confused
(not unless he is prepared to have his Certain Man Card revoked).
One man named his cat: Silent Conclusions (after having faced up to just how severely was his house bound consciousness pussy whipped.
“Jeeze! – if you can’t go out sometimes,
what’s the use in your thoughts even having feet!?” whined one neuron.)
There is a voice that periodically reverberates about the Universe which says:
“And yet –Life speaks so highly of you.”
If you see a situation as it really is and it still doesn’t help you,
you either didn’t actually see it, or else you’re fourteen miles beyond help.
Routine intelligence always has as part of its backdrop, itself,
thus is it always at least partially blind.
A guidance system with no tolerance won’t lead you anyplace you should want to go.
On one world, a static condition is not taken to be a solution to a problem.
In a way difficult to portray: Life is almost as helpless as you.
Another reminder: A hostile consciousness is not worth talking to.
To be the needed kind of captain-cum-boat you must be able to both provide
and spread oil on your own waters.
Not in prison can any man stand on his own feet.
(“Do you mean: stand-on-his-own-feet, or: stand ON his own feet? ”
You’re getting better at this.)
Knowing a difference in definitions is nothing:
but knowing a difference in usage is everything.
If you’re really going away — you don’t have to say that you are.
Other than a problem with goods: there’s a certain system that has only one problem:
with services.
One man could always infuriate his self simply by reminding:
“There are only the two possibilities: It’s gonna be either nouns or verbs:
stuff or your moving of stuff; face up to it Big Guy.”
On some planets the creatures’ institutions are charged with apparently revealing
new-information while in truth, suppressing same.
If you’re really going away — you don’t have to go where you say that you are.
There are upper drugs and downer drugs;
there are inner drugs and outer drugs;
two of the above classes never cross.
After apparently having a request granted a man looked at and said to the Universe:
“I guess now I owe you,” and a voice replied: “You always owe me.”
The slogan of one growing planet is: “Don’t re-invent the problem.”
If you’re really going away — you don’t have to say that you are.

Outside the city — out where individual breathing is possible —
consciousness is always the question
and consciousness is always the answer.


“What’s the biggest benefit of getting-to-the-bottom-of-things?”
“What goes on inside your head then becomes more fun than any known form of entertainment.”