Jan Cox Talk 3186

Via Civilization, Consciousness Attempts to Awaken Itself


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

An instance of ordinary life worth investigating to determine the connection to consciousness: why does the judge in a courtroom get to see the jury’s verdict before it is read out? Everything in human cultural life is meaningfully related to consciousness.

Consciousness begins as a registering and reactionary agency but then moves on to judgment and decision and management activity, ever striving to extend its authority to the areas of the body not within its immediate contact. Extreme examples of this: Indian yogis controlling heart rate, body temperature, etc. All of man’s intangible (cultural) world is an equivalent extending of consciousness’ authority. In the civilizing of man, consciousness attempts to awaken. (37:44) #3186

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3186       There are some things that seem to come from human life but they come from consciousness. Example: a judge gets to look privately at a jury’s verdict and then folds up the envelope-a dictator-it’s a tradition not a law. It’s a lesson about consciousness. What good does it do the judge? Consciousness begins as a register and reactionary activity and then moves into decision making and management, but always wants to extend its power over parts of the body it does not have direct contact. This can be seen in archeological records and in the growth of a child.

Consciousness is trying to extend its power going back to the ancient attempt to change one’s heart rate after working at it for 50 years. Consciousness knows there are ways to do it.  It invented the word-neurotransmitter. It tells the body to make dopamine, yet you can go to a store and get it. It can do that. But not to itself directly, so it creates art and religion in an attempt to have an affect on areas of the body while trying to extend its influence.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Outlier’s Official Rule Book Of Jokes
AUGUST 13, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Said a father to a son:
“Consider what a large part of your life consists of resisting:
your body is continually resisting various toxins from without,
and malignant cell activity within,
(and in primitive settings, men are physically resisting other men trying to
take their land and possessions), but with a modern man living in civilized conditions, much of his conscious life is spent resisting things which have no material reality – ideas and words.
A follower of religion or political party X
resists the verbally expressed ideas of religion or political party Y
(this is also played out in a myriad of smaller, more ephemeral areas such as sports, popular entertainment, and gossip), but the general picture to realize is how much of a man’s ordinary life consists of overt and tacit resisting to what other humans say and write: a quite often passionate resisting of matters which have no physical reality. (And now the big question):
As important as men feel their religious, political, philosophical, moralistic,
and artistic et. al. ideas to be,
and how automatically necessary they feel it to be to resist conflicting ideas,
if a supporter of religion or political party X did suddenly give in and stop resisting
the words & ideas of religion or political party Y –
what difference would it make to him? – none.
Of course no ordinary person can ever see this: a follower of religion X would helplessly insist that if he were forced to give up his religion it would have a far reaching, and disastrous effect on his life (and this quite natural view cannot with ordinary people, be overcome), but I say to you, O son of mine — consider:
What difference would giving up your verbal commitment to any religious, political,
or philosophical model actually make to you? —
and clearly (if you have real eyes/I’s) the answer is none.

Lad, if you grind your mind on this sufficiently to one day suddenly see it full monty, head on – your consciousness will no longer be able to remain in its normal,
fractured condition (in other words): just seeing this one matter fully,

is enough to wake you up.”

“Don’t you admire someone who pushes on through adversity.”
“Even more so a man who never even mentions experiencing any.”
“Simon, are you talking to yourself again?”

Laying down the paper, and turning over the tv, a man asked himself:
“Why is it called the news when there’s never anything new?”

(Though of it they fail to take specific note):
It is only myths and metaphors that men feel are really worthy of repeating.

A guy suddenly realized: “Of all the many corrections offered a man, the only meaningful ones are those coming from his own cells.”

Says one man: “The worst part of a low rent illness is its cheap ass symptoms —
not at all the kind of thing you can brag about.”

An Inner Uncorking.
It’s not what you know but who;
it’s not who you know but where;
it’s not where you know but when;
it’s not when you know but why –
and for the rebel’s purpose, it’s not even why – but a mixture of the five –
and albeit it from no recognized vineyard with no established vintage,
its poignant mental aroma and up-scale emotional sparkle
augur well for a pleasurable and meaningful consuming experience (for the few).

The correct anticipation of information is itself – information.

What men on earth call knowledge is described on one world as:
“A cessation of thinking.”

After they’ve made a bombastic statement, if you ask ordinary men more specifically: what they mean? – they will readily tell you – and they will be wrong –
but they will happily tell you.
(Physically driven men say: “Ain’t sex grand,”
while the head oriented coo: “Ain’t words sumun’ else!”)

To be neurally non aligned and mentally free,
is to be as free as a human can be.


For the certain man: the only myths and news worth hearing are unstable ones.
One rebel lookout’s frequent cry is: “Here it comes again.”
Totally Unrelated Battle News.
Neural peace comes at the expense of defensiveness.
(Something by the way, of no interest to ordinary men;
relentless resisting is the name of their only inner sport.)

Power Sources In Prison.
The would-be mental escapee will not plug into a standard wall socket.
Incidental To Interior Decoration.
All cells come completely furnished.
Irrelevant To Anything Here.
There’s a rumor that says all those living in paris were born in paris.

In his spare time: one man has fits.

The History Of All Things Human.
Men invented things because consciousness couldn’t do otherwise.

The escape minded man does not mistake the hum of electricity
for the sound of his stereo.

In his spare time: one man has fits.
(“Big deal — who doesn’t!?”)

A person who understands the normally unrealized connection between words
and men’s normal sense of having a self,
does not answer questions about his self.

Whilst reading, an ole sorehead came across this comment:
“True innocence is in not knowing that we have sinned” –
and the surly one was greatly impressed –
until he realized it was said by someone from his own planet.
It is out of town tale-tellers who best capture men’s attention.

Regarding Heroes.
Having heroes can save you a lot of time and effort.
(“See! – I don’t have to fly – I have my superman comic book cum vade mecum.”)

The certain man would prefer to die alone in a virgin neural area
than to wait out existence in the mental company of the ordinary.
As a hermit be,
thereby can you flee.

There’s another bruit in limited circulation that claims one guy is so ahead of the game that his thirst can be slaked by merely hearing water poured.

Sports News: (Concerning: At Bat).
Once a ball is hit past a certain point – no one knows how far it goes.

Referring to consciousness — when it’s in-the-pocket — one guy says:
“What’s there not to like!?”