Jan Cox Talk 3184

To Awaken Is to Render One’s Job Description (Temperament) Moot


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Everyone recognizes the everyday routine state of consciousness is not sufficient to get anything useful done. Any demanding task requires a higher state of focus—attention—than the ordinary mental state. Each person’s temperament-consciousness is like a job description; to awaken is to render the job description moot, to render it unnaturally underemployed: give respite from the habitual activity. (31:01) #3184

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3184       Everyone knows that the routine ordinary state of consciousness is not useful to get anything done. You have to get out of your ordinary state of consciousness to even put a child’s toy together. Waking up is to get your natural state of consciousness unnaturally employed, at least unnaturally underemployed, to put your natural run of consciousness out of work. It’s not to correct you having a Master’s Degree while working at McDonald’s as a psychiatrist would treat it. It’s not running an automatic spiel like all the methods. You’re trying to remember an important phone # before the guy disappears and your consciousness knows it has to get out of its ordinary state.  

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Reports From Freed Eyes/I’s In The Field
AUGUST 9, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Speaking Of Speakers.
After years of hearing his consciousness whine, carp, complain and bark,
one guy decided to name his, Hyde Park.
(“Not that it helped much,” he adds.)

One man muses: “Finding someone to help point you toward awakening
is not unlike deciding on the kind of attorney to retain if you get in legal trouble:
the question before you is: do you want Justice — or to get out of the jam?”

Surveying his property lines (neural and otherwise)
one home-hummer declared that he did not want anybody getting up close to
his backyard, and his partner asked:
“Have you looked back there lately?”
(Remember folks: they don’t issue Title Insurance on thoughts –
‘cause everyone’s are all too jammed up.)

After having suffered prolonged illness a man thought:
“The worst thing about being sick is that you get used to it.”
“Yeah,” said his consciousness, “tell me about it.”

Forget the blow dried proverbs: what ordinary men call evil is always unrepentant – and shouldn’t that suggest to you a basic flaw somewhere in the concept.

Piggy Back Definition.
The Dumb (aka: The Routinely Intelligent): Those who accept that every idea has
two sides, but only one worthy.

“You know what,” notes a guy regarding an earlier story,
“if evil ever was repentant – someone would surely pull its union card.”

A man not mortified and horrified by his ordinary state of consciousness
is not capable of any real embarrassment.

Imitation is the sorriest form of anything (especially in thinking).

Some good news: one man who feared that he knew-too-much,
didn’t actually have anything to be concerned about.

In the late night grip
of some sort of talking fit,
one hombre declared:
“The distillers could make men drunker – if they wanted to!”
and his partner noted: “So could your brain.”

Time & Captivity.
Everyone becomes the bartender’s friend after midnight.

“Kid, as concerns criticism,” intoned the ole man, “consider it like this:
Why make people feel bad unless you’re absolutely, unconditionally,
Oklahoma-deep-fried-certain it’s gonna help ‘em in the long run.”
(The boy believed he saw a gaping problem with this approach,
but due to the elder’s notorious bad reaction to having verbal nits picked pertinent his pronouncements, he withheld comment.
After all, the ole man himself had often enough said:
“If your tongue hesitates even slightly – stay clammed.”)

Each time a prisoner touches the cell wall — he reaffirms his captivity.

One chap after reading for the umpteenth trillion time the cliché:
“We kill what we love,” was arrested for: Deadly Assault On A Sentence.

Once you understand that in the city forest the sound of chain saws is as natural as
the songs of chickadees — you’re up a tree with the best of them.

Those who don’t see are easily insulted – on a variety of counts.

Example of a partnership in action:
First Voice: “Got a joke for you.”
Partner: “Okay, let’s hear it.”
First Voice: “Two men walk into a bar, and…..”
Partner: “Hah hah hah….”
First Voice: “Oh! — you’ve heard it.”
Partner: “No — but it’s hilarious thus far.”
(Note: With the unreconstructed inner-partnership, it always is.)


Attempting to steel the little booger for the times ahead,
one father (employing religious symbolism) told a son:
“Just remember: god and satan have the same hobbies.”

On one planet, first thing every Monday morning all the creatures gather together
and in a surprised single voice sing: “Well I’ll be damned!”

A man reinforces his captivity and stupidity every time he verbally takes sides
in a debate over an idea – which is to say: over words –
those commonly non essential sounds your tongue mechanically makes.

Cheep cheap!

The ole man tried to get the kid to sign an agreement swearing that he would:
“Never get any smarter than his begetter” – a quite devilish gambit,
in that if the begotten just agrees to sign – the deed is done.

Magnitude & Imprisonment.
In the joint: Everything’s the same size (except for stuff that seems bigger).
(Aka: The city giveth – and the city will englargeth [if you like].
“That’s the great thing about my tailor,” said Jack Sprat.”)

After one chap heard we were past The Age Of Industry;
beyond The Time Of Technology, and now in The Era Of Information,
he made a quick internal survey of his self, then asked:
“So how come nobody told me I’d become outdated!?”

Late Breaking Definition.
Truth: The supreme sarcasm.

This e-mail just in:
“I don’t understand many of your stories, and surprisingly,
those are the ones I like best.
Yours,” etc.

The most requested song at one of the local god’s discos is: “Pick Up The Pieces,” while across town at a competing club the deities’ favorite tune is:
“Cause There To BE Pieces.”

Dogs lick sores – prisoners, their defensive mental positions. (Over and over and over and…)

Question: What is sadder than a routine mental cripple?
One who once got up and walked — but is now back in his old condition.
(“At least it’s not fatal, thank god.” Indeed.)

Those who believe they know what causes them to worry – deserve to worry.

In the beginning: a naked consciousness won’t operate, and the clothes
everyone is initially given are too small and almost impossible to ever remove.
In the ultimate: only a nude prisoner can escape;
only the stripped consciousness can awake.

Perhaps the best possible example of antithetical concepts for the rebel would be between the notions of defensiveness, and neural independence.
Your innate inner torpidity won’t hurt you — unless you try to protect it.


For an ordinary person the term, “without protection” would mean sex sans a condom,
while to the nervous system rebel it refers to neuralizing without a net:
thinking without the specious safety of routine knowledge.