Jan Cox Talk 3179

The Equal Reality of Words


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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7/28/04: What if there is no such thing as individual consciousness? Meaning something more specific than just ‘collective consciousness’. By way of illustration, if you turn on television and watch anything, except science related (and maybe comedy) telecasts, it doesn’t matter whether the broadcast is a soap opera, a political debate, sit-com, or interview of ‘talking heads’—they are equally real.

Whether ‘real life’ or fictional, it’s all just words; words comprised of what has been expressed elsewhere and each side cannot refrain from helplessly reacting to the other: non-response is not an option! People are tied together by consciousness like two ping-pong players by a ball and the game being played. Consciousness is not independent; if it were, each ping-pong player would not react to the other’s served ball; there could be no game. (39:15) #3179

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3179       There is no such thing as individual consciousness. Entomologists had observed years ago that there was no such thing as a solitary ant or bee. Watch TV and it’s one head talking to another head (non-action soaps or political discussions). Do you ever think yourself of anything that’s not a part of something you heard? In a TV drama there’s no difference between those two persons conversing. It’s either a question or it’s an accusation, a verbal ping pong game. They can not, not return the ball that’s served them. People accept that we’re subject to the laws of gravity, but won’t admit that their consciousness is helpless. Their consciousness is tied directly to the collective.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Freeing The Few From The Interminable Big-House-Shuffle
JULY 28, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Literary News.
Those in prison read only revisions and re-writes – never new works.
“Is this why plagiarism is so important in man’s cultural reality.”
Indeed – it is its very life’s blood.
Just as newton’s-ordinance forbids fresh creation in the physical realm,
so too do life’s needs do so in men’s intangible one.
The city’s motto being: “If it’s really new – it just won’t do.”
(Only the undercover rebel can privately get away with that.)

Genealogy Update.
People interested in their family’s history have none worthwhile of their own.
(Nothing much comes before in the life of the man who awakens.
Aka: The collective’s memories are not the true individual’s thoughts.)

Concerning The Certain Man’s Symbolic Run On The Internal Orient Express.
One guy mused: “Does once seeing the brilliance of Istanbul forever ruin Paris?
(And was glad he didn’t know the answer.)

After one man suffered one serious illness after another yet continued to survive,
life finally said to him: “Can’t you take a hint!’ – to which he replied:
“Did I do so with your attempts to keep me asleep.”
(And another chap confided: “It’s fun to ponder whether life takes such comments
in a positive or negative manner.”)

Due to men’s routine trains having prison cars, an internal trompe l’oeil is created whereby those held therein feel they are going somewhere:
a sensation difficult to oppose, yet far from a clear statement of reality.
Maggots in a corpse on its way to the cemetery can be said to be on a journey,
but note: the great thing about talk is that anything that can be said
can be said to be anything else.

There’s a guy who’s been appointed to guard your brain:
he’s been given all the info required — but almost no powers to match.

News of Science And Culture.
There are two distinct classes of experiments:
those physically conducted in the physical world — and make believe ones.

“There is nothing as strong as consciousness’ ability to believe that what-is-so
is what it wants to be so.”
“And isn’t it surprising how many other applicable words besides strong
also begin with ‘S’.”
“Hey — don’t be a smart-ass.”

The reason a true artist never throws away any of his drawings is that
he knows he’d never draw one just like it ever again.
(That’s why he is a true artist.)

In Re The Commercial Side of Performing.
Once his inner audience became appropriately appreciative and sold on the show,
one man became totally self-sponsored.

One way you can tell you’re not awake is that when you think about other people,
you don’t believe that you’re at all like them.
(“Now that you mention it: How can I even imagine anyone being awake but me?!”)

While visiting a terminally ill acquaintance, a man involved in the struggle to awaken privately marveled to himself over the fact that his friend never mentioned his condition, and thus presumably did not think about it — then further reflected:
“When you’re dying – how can you not constantly think about death?!” –
which was instantly followed by the realization (couched as a question):
“But when you’re asleep – why don’t you constantly think about sleep?” –
and the man suddenly had an entirely new comprehension of what he for so long
had blithely believed he understood and referred to as: man’s state of sleep,
without realizing he was talking in his sleep.

On one young but growing planet, they decided to allow the creation of religions, (inasmuch as they had already let political parties form),
but concluded they would all have to share a common name: “Shut The Fuck Up!”

Hearing beavers in the basement is not the exact same thing as
hearing squirrels in the attic – but they can seriously commingle —
to the point of confused identity — if you want them to.
(“Pardon, but is that anything like: ‘if you allow them to’?”
Bravo! What a delight to discover a real contractor in the house.)

Universally Unknown Fact.
Everything you sneer at sneered at you first.
(Aka: “The Bronx cheer you hear — is an inversion of the original.”
And poising the hammer above the glass, the man declared:
“I am pleased today to have the honor of breaking this reflection — in my honor.”)

Pharmaceuticals And The Neural Highways Of The Journey.
The transcendent distinction between a man actually on an expedition of
his own nervous system and the weekend dreamers of such
is that the dreamers must have drugs in their drugs.

An economist at city college says he could never get interested in religion inasmuch
as there is no history of one ever setting up shop next to the established market of another one and thereby setting off a price war.
There is an equity inherent in every man’s genetic structure and synaptic connections which can be altered only in a few — by the most extraordinary of efforts.
(“Is it really that demanding?”
Oh, much worse.
“Good! – I enjoy a joke as well as the next man. Send in the next man.”)


Side Note: There is an unseen stock exchange unique to the nervous-system-rebel.