Jan Cox Talk 3164

There Are no External Illusions—Only a Big, Internal One


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

What purpose does talk serve? Can you be conscious w/o talk? There is no technology w/o speech; i.e., there is a collective need for speech. Note that w/o talk there could be no awareness of, because no word for, the fact that consciousness operates 24/7 (e.g., “I dreamed last night that…”). Of what advantage is speech, if consciousness exists w/o it?

Primitive brain does two things: regulate the body and observe the environment. Talk, too, is a form of observing the environment, but with little need today for survival-based observations (e.g., watching for predators), talk is an endless yammer of gossip and complaint; of banal cultural experience vs. the memory-sustaining, re-presentation in thought of, say, ‘Lion! Beware! Lion! Beware!’ should the lion disappear behind bushes after being seen briefly in its stalking activity (when primitive brain would have relaxed the flight-response at the lion’s seeming disappearance).

There are no external illusions, only one giant internal illusion: ‘I’ (vs. the fact of “hello, this is the brain speaking…”). (49:23) #3164

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3164       Since it’s all about consciousness did you ever consider the relationship between talk and consciousness? Could you have consciousness without talk? What purpose does talk serve? It has worked for the collective development of man. Try and picture that you couldn’t talk and then describe the wheel.

What would be the advantage of speech if you lived alone? Or at a time before speech and it was just the talk in your brain? What role does consciousness play in the brain? You hear talk in your brain, what does the talk do? What does the brain do? It regulates and monitors even without speech. What is the consciousness doing in its speech? It’s continually monitoring the environment. How do we know? It’s what it is talking about and it’s irrelevant and the brain won’t look at it.

We don’t live in a world of illusions, we have one internal illusion-that there’s something other than the conscious part of the brain that’s in you thinking, caring, hoping.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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So Too The Few’s Plans For Escape
JUNE 23, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

If you allow your thoughts to accept or debate other people’s thoughts,
the conscious part of your brain is being held hostage;
plain and simple: you have no mind, no personal you of your own;
you’re in total captivity with ne’er a cell door in sight.

Proverb Correction.
Men can only preach to the choir.

A kid advised his kid brother:
“If you engage in self congratulations, they will always be announcing
the end of the sale just as you’re about to come up with the money.”

For the person who wants to awaken: the less you share with others about yourself
the more of you there is to go around for yourself.

“If it weren’t for gravity trying to hold us down we wouldn’t have to aim high in life.”
“But if it wasn’t for life we wouldn’t have to aim at all.”

Life’s Metaphysics (Via A Dialogue Between Two Kids).
“Why do people believe that when someone dies they somehow then have the ability to hear what you say to them in your mind?”
“I always assumed it had to do with wireless phone service being cheaper
on the weekend.”
(“Pardon the intrusion, I know I’m not part of this conversation, but I just have to say: You call this Metaphysics!”)

A messenger said to the king: “Sad to report Sire:
but not everyone who threatens never-to-return – does so.”
(“Sad indeed,” mused the ole fart [sorry] ole royal fart.
“Is it really necessary to constantly talk about the mind in such a
disrespectful manner!” Obviously another of the king’s lackeys.)
“Okay boys and girls, let’s all pull up our skirts and sing:
‘We’re ALL the king’s lackeys – minions at best’” — which is inherently true –
but a caged animal is in a different position
if he understands he’s in a zoo…
A falcon who doesn’t see that the falconer owns the skies it normally flies
can never those flee and soar secret ones of his own.
Once you get the full overview of the amusement park in which man lives,
you might still ride some of the toy trains for fun but you understand they go nowhere, and you give no serious notice to their paid conductor’s scripted and meaningless
faux travel commentary.
(“And this is actually about a man’s consciousness and not some disneyland, right?!”)

Conversation II.
“If it weren’t for our thoughts trying to hold us down we wouldn’t have to
struggle so hard to get ahead in life.”
“But if it wasn’t FOR our thoughts we wouldn’t be struggling to GET ahead in life
to begin with.”
(Personal question: Of the two conversations reported on today:
which one do you like best?)

It was not the king of any ordinary man’s land, nor the warden of any civilized prison who coined the phrase: “Get a life!” – no! – not an individual life of your own:
the natural scheme of things calls for you to submit to the ideas expressed by the conscious part of your brain, which life (in line with your particular genetic makeup)
has placed there:
thinking of yourself and of life as per this inherent neural voice IS your life
(if you are normally wired), and it is only the unconventionally so who have the possibility of pursuing anything remotely resembling their own life;
the injunction: “Get a life!” (understood to mean: “Get a life of your own!”)
thus has no practical significance save to the anomalous few.

A father said to a son:
“Beyond the many things I have ever told you are some that I have never mentioned, and it is those to which you should ultimately give your most aggressive attention.”
“But how will I know when this time has come?”
“How does a bucket know that from it, the slop has been removed?
How does a previously cluttered room know that it has been cleaned out?”
(Of perhaps collateral interest: After experiencing a mini stroke,
one man’s central interest became the question: “How do minds know anything?”)

While captivity can be subtle – freedom is IN YOUR FACE!

Often when he needed to direct his mind to the solving of a problem,
one man would begin by pressing his fingertips against both sides of his forehead
and intoning: “Once again ladies and gents:
it’s The Bad News Bears Vs. World Championship Wrestling:
a showdown between those who truly want to play and the poseurs.”
(“And I take it this is still about what goes on in a man’s consciousness,
and not in a sports arena, correct?!”)

A chap so ponders: “The efficiently operated doctor’s office does not open
in the morning until someone is ready to die,
nor a church’s confessional booths until there’s a line of men with sticky hands,
so how come our thoughts run day and night — and at times when there is no actual need for them?” – and just then mister greengenesmouse called out: “All aboard!”
for the next fun train ride around the park.
Commonly a voice is heard to mutter: “I’m gettin’ out of here!” –
but no one knows where it comes from – within them –
no ordinary men do – so! – they are forced to ignore it;
only the few have the pragmatic capacity not to;
they in essence get off the kiddymickytrain which (as it must do to remain in the park) runs in circles, and get aboard one of their own manufacture which steams straight
out of the park and never looks back.
(“You know what I like best about metaphorical scenes,” said the investment banker
who had backed the park, “they don’t cost anything.”
[And you surely know who the banker really is.])

The Practical Side Of Life’s Metaphysics.
The best thing about the electricity going off is that things in your refrigerator won’t spoil if it’s prayer fueled.
(“Excuse the interruption – It’s me again and I feel compelled to ask again:
just how this is in any way linked to metaphysics?”)

A Chit Chat.
“You know, there would be one good feature to learning that you’re dying:
you could then eat anything you wanted without worrying about putting on weight,
and how you look.”
“Except for the fact that when you are dying you lose your appetite.”
“Well damn! – us conscious creatures can’t catch a break even when the deal’s about to close down for good! Well damn it all! — just damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!

(Say — are you hungry? — wanna grab a bite?”)


This email just in:
“Why do you write so much about prison; what does such a thing have to do with an ordinary person’s life?”
‘Tis a sad word that has only one meaning.