Jan Cox Talk 3161

Big Stick to Carry–“This Is My Brain Thinking (Not, “Me Thinking”)


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

The primal effective perception/observation (in one seeking awakening) of something being wrong with ordinary consciousness is: “my mind is out of control!” And that that lack of control is the reason for one’s inability to engage consistently, willfully, in consciousness-raising activity (i.e., self-remembering, etc.) The focus then becomes to struggle with the mind, to bend it to the task of awakening.

But this is just the brain saying ‘my mind is out of control’—how can this be? The kitten chases its tail: it is impossible for your brain to be out of control! The CPU never identifies itself as the speaker when it speaks to ‘you’ (itself)! All Revolutionary awareness of the activity of thought should be prefaced with ‘this is brain speaking’…and not ‘this is me thinking’ or ‘this is my brain thinking’. There is an absolute difference between “my mind is out of control” and “this is brain speaking, and I’m totally out of control!” (53:52) #3161

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Words For The Few With The Capacity To Do
JUNE 16, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Mere deeds are too simplistic for a fully civilized, snoozing existence:
this is where words come in.
Acts alone are okay for orangutans, but men! –
men require facts to fulfill their destiny (and since there be none naturally),
one of their premier intangible acts is to produce them.
What an arrangement —
what a curious position play these creatures on the team of things alive;
his fellow players can only move as their non verbal instinct directs them,
but Homo sapiens can call plays and run patterns unimaginable to all the other
living creatures.
(“Almost makes you proud to be a human,” said a gorilla in a tux,
attempting to pass for a Nobel nominee,
“A ploy that did not fool me for a moment,” later claimed the well known,
always-on-the-run teutonic physicist: Dr. Baulder Dash.)

Acts & Facts.
Once upon a time there were only acts:
naught but the actions of atoms, stars and slugs filling the universe;
then came man – then his consciousness – and after that: facts.
The facts he developed enabled man to engage in acts never before seen,
or conceived of which made him king of survival;
but one thing the species as a whole has never pursued via facts
is the facts about the nature of facts.
(Not to be concerned: a mutant sub group appeared who took on this challenge.)

Shopper’s Tip.
The luxury of the excessive is always a limited time offer;
not only must you strike while the iron is hot regarding acts — but facts as well:
when a particular one appears in your head, if you do not over do it —
think more about the matter than is naturally necessary in the case of your mind –
the opportunity can be lost forever.
A tardy schoolboy who does not awaken in the morning in time to ride the bus
will first have his toes cut off — and next time, his feet.
Feet are a luxury when it comes to facts, so keep in mind the above tip.

One man (even though commonly complimented for his insightful thinking)
says he must stop listening to himself least he become even more like himself
than he is already.
(“Gad zooks!” exclaimed the Collector Of Excise Taxes.)

The Explanation.
Imported intelligence always costs more.
“Does that mean it is worth it?”
Men just enjoy having an exotic seeming reason for jacked up prices.
(Aka: If you were born in France for instance, it will cost you more
[one way or the other] to seek enlightenment in India.)
“Is it worth the extra cost?”
Men gladly pay for their distractions.
“Is that why there are always competing facts about the same subject?”
Imported intelligence always costs more –
even if it only came as far as from another person to you.
The person untouchably committed to achieving enlightenment
(even before he understands what it actually is)
will ultimately narrow down his search to just one location – (okay: one person.
“Almost makes me proud to be me,” said a man no longer dressed like anyone.)

Among the herd of the prison population: all attempts to explain man fail:
a fact in fact employed by some as an explanation.
(Let’s all stand and give cheer for: The Ordinary Minded!
Just think what they would know if they actually knew what they were talking about.)
Out of the mouths of mechanical cows come (well, you know the rest.)

The old timer told the kid:
“If you don’t know, it’s nice to know that someone does.”

One chap wore a T-shirt with a photograph of himself on it;
he says it makes everything “easier.”

The ole timer picked the matter back up:
“If you don’t know, it’s important to know that someone knows –
and to know that the someone is not in a far away place.”

The chap with the T-shirt has progressed now to wearing one with a photograph
of himself from the back on it;
he says this shot has really: “cleared up a lot of things.”

In the ordinary realm: almost any explanation is at least as good as cyanide.

Civilization and the world of facts was the original Promised Land to everybody –
but why stop there;
if there was one – there must be another.

In the routine prison world of facts: any excuse to stop – even for a moment –
is almost as good as having your feet permanently nailed to the floor.
What else after all IS living in a dream mind
but confusing the ephemeral and the eternal: mistaking a cough and a coffin.
Acts are always – facts, just for the moment –
so don’t let ‘em trip you up and cause you to unnecessarily hang around in the hall.

On one man’s mental computer screen the ad for: “Lose Weight While You Sleep”
has been superseded by one in which the word: Weight has been replaced by: Confusion (in other words): Lose Sleep While You Sleep, and if you find that insane, you just haven’t been exposed to enough of the jail house methods to awaken,
and get out of the place.
The way wardens get to BE wardens is by their ability to make prisoners believe
they are on their side –
what else are they going to do – what else can they do –
they’re locked up in there same as everyone else.
(“I continue to be utterly smitten by the subtle, yet brutal chicanery
by which men are kept in line.”
As well you should be sir.)

“Dear Dr. Exacto:
Does having your body shipped somewhere for burial count as travel?
Sincerely,” etc.

The Inescapable Math Of It.
The less you understand, the more serious you are.

Prisoners who don’t actually want to be free will commonly seem the most excited when escape plans are discussed;
captives who are able to convince themselves that they are smarter than their master are far too mentally torpid to present any security risk.
As every good guard and warden knows: “Keep ‘em entangled in facts,
and acts that might actually lead to freedom will never cross their mind.”
(P.S. The consciousness you came with is your warden and guards.)


Psst! — what prisoners take as thinking is actually mail call.