Jan Cox Talk 3157

True Stoicism Results From Seeing All Brain Function as Reactionary


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

There is a reason for man’s fascination with the stoic hero, or attitude, or its appearance. Awakening to the totally reactionary nature of the CPB changes everything: true stoicism results. Non-physical suffering becomes impossible.

All psycho/emotional travail disappears like the illusion of slight-of-hand magic seen through. The frightening snake in the tool shed becomes the coil of rope it actually is. (34:11) #3157

Note by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3157       There’s no such thing as a !!…(good) reaction. When you see that you’re no longer fooled by anything the conscious part of the brain comes up with. No thought that it produces has any significance. The things that have an emotional aspect to them can no longer have their way. The surest way to wake up is to try to go to sleep. Make a list of what constitutes being asleep. (frightened/upset, incorrectly confused, unnecessarily upset, …That you have a thought is foolish/untrue.

The source of all words, ideas comes from the conscious part of the brain, without it we would have none of those and it’s : ! automatic, mechanical. The other organs, like the heart, beat, but the CPB (conscious part of the brain) is wholly reacting. It only operates in reaction to something else and the only something else is always traceable to something extrinsic and something is always triggering it, day in day out. It’s not you. It’s a piece of reactionary machinery. Seeing that, you live the life of stoicism because nothing can bother you.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Chronicle For The Cortically Cold Blooded
JUNE 7, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Mystics’ Most Disliked Story.
After four thousand years of various metaphysical schools professing that you can learn or otherwise achieve an understanding and tolerance of life,
yesterday a man announced the opening of the ultimate, final word system,
its name saying it all: You’re Either Born With The Capacity Or You’re Not.
(Its success a predictable certainty, wouldn’t you say!?
[Which is why this idea has always been so popular and well received.])

In one city’s annual: This Will Never Be OUR Official Motto contest
this year’s winner is: “A mind that keeps bankers hours will soon be rolling in dough.”
(‘Tis good, wouldn’t you agree, for hoi polloi to have available some feeling of certainty, even if it is of the negative mode [such as for instance]:
“Have no fear good people — do not uselessly trouble yourselves:
You will never be able to understand what is going on with life.”
Why not let ‘em have something like this, after all: the mind has and asks for so little!
“Is this your idea of humor!”)
From our Science Desk.
All really hip magazines write the Letters To The Editor they print.
(“Is this supposed to convey some metaphorical message?”)
From our Sports Desk.
You can always punt: that’s why your mind is wearing that heavy shoe.
Only things with no ordinarily apparent purpose
might have any purpose worthy a rebel’s attention.
Self pity is always helpful — to those with a partial or crippled self.
One man says: “In the city, no matter how often or conscientiously
you peel away the mist from the fog you always find more fog.
Thank god for the certainties available to those living in the city.”
(“…part of the mind,” he failed to add.)

Life keeps a close rein on those it likes,
and life likes most everybody (at least in one quite pragmatic sense).
Says one chap: “I am so happy when on drugs that I am darn near happy.”
(And several of his synapses wondered what type he was talking about.)
“Some neurons sure can be nosey!”
But not enough naturally to suit a nervous-system-rebel.

True blue, natural born prisoners always think locally,
while escape is in the universal realm.

Civilization’s institutions are man’s intellect and words made concrete.

From our Dialogue Desk.
“Other than being called a low down cheating, lying dog
what name do men most hate being hung on them?”
“You win the trip to Cancun.”
“A lot of use I’ll get out of it.”
“Tune in tomorrow for another thrill packed thirty minutes of: Let’s Make An Irony!”
“Or: Stick Out Our Tongues In Disgust.”
“If you like.”

One man says: “Although I know my opinions don’t count for much,”
the key word from his perspective being: although.
(He is surely a leading contender for the City’s Supreme Poster Boy.)
From our Legal Desk.
Without a built in escape clause, the ordinary, so-called city part of man’s mind
could not operate with its present efficiency;
if routine human thinking could have its feet actually held to the fire,
men’s minds would have no feet left.
“Yes, Your Honor: we have checked, double checked, tripled checked,
and will continue this ad infinitum, just as you ordered.”
“And just as is necessary (or else this whole Lego world will blow up on us.)”

Conversation between one part of a man’s brain and the other parts:
“We may have wasted a sizable portion of our life by you not listening to me.”
“When we could have wasted it on other things!?”
“Now we’ll never know”

Separating illusion from fraud accomplishes nothing in the routine
mental/spiritual world of man.
“Well, it entertains him.”
Yes, ordinary minds it does.

As the kid headed off toward the city playing field the ole man coached him:
“Don’t worry about the score — they ain’t even got the rules settled yet.”
(“And they’ve only had five thousand years,”
silently mused their faithful dog Mordancity.)

Before he would get out of bed every morning,
one man made his mental images take off all their clothes.
“Between the endless sound bites and film clips in my head,
why I hardly have enough time left to actually live my life,” added a man
with a suspicious resemblance to the supra mentioned canine.
While not listed in any of the travel brochures, being enlightened could be described as: stripped consciousness (compared to the standard variety.)
From our Employment Desk.
“In the city: Everyone labors under illusion!”
“But at least they have a job.”
In a rebel camp was found a hand written pocket dictionary in which ordinary thinking was defined as: “The inability to think of more than two things at a time.”
(FYI: The Junior Edition lists it as: “…more than one thing.”)
And from a distant mesa an unseen choir began to sing:
it’s funny,
it never laughs at its own self…”
From our Travel Desk.
The way to tell with iron drawers certainty that you are in The city is if the place
where you are finds nothing whatsoever humorous about you being there.
(“ ‘Tis nice for those in lifelong confused transit to have at least that one little thing
to depend on. [And ‘twas awfully thoughtful of you to highlight this for them.”])
If you stay in the city and live your inner life as you were born to do,
you are able to swallow frogs in a flood and spit back out profound spiritual insights.
All hail Urbania! — Commander & Caesar of all that is normal! All hail!
“Pa pa: when I die can I…” “Yes.”

Additional Definitions.
The civilized: Happy captives in a brand new land.
Adam wasn’t driven from the Garden, but to Consciousness.
(“I keep forgetting that!” said Words.)

Cautioned one ole timer to his brood:
“No matter what an exemplary, law abiding life you lead, remember:
We’re all goin’ up the river and do hard time.”

Some people can naturally swim in the sea of consciousness and thought,
while others must spend their life thrashing about therein,
constantly fearing they’re going to drown.
Hey! — come on — let’s play: That’s The Way It Is!
Enlightenment, Liberation & The Awakening can’t be taught:
if you are born with the potential, it can be encouraged and ultimately activated,

and that’s the way it is. Ta ta.