Jan Cox Talk 3156

Preaching: Your Brain Trying to Overcome Its Own Impotence


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

What bothers the cerebral cortex (the CPB that is you) is the knowledge that it has no life of its own. Consequently, why do men preach to each other (e.g., “you know you shouldn’t smoke”)? Why seek to convert each other to alternative behavior more in accord with the preference of the converter when there is no chance whatever that it will have any effect on the convertee?

Answer: the cortex, having verbal, appropriate scientific knowledge, is trying to see if it can induce some other cortex to have an affect on its brain, because then maybe it can ‘go to school’ on that to have some direct affect on its own brain. Maybe it can, given its evident, technological knowledge, have a direct beneficial influence on its own bodily operations and health that it is innately incompetent at. Preaching to others is a kind of shot-in-the-dark, wishful thinking by the cortex, hoping for a lucky cure to the manifest impotence in its own purview. (54:12) #3156

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3156       Everything that bothers people non-physically is caused by the known conscious part of the brain. The cortex is the conscious part of the brain-not you. Realizing that is realizing it has no life of its own. It’s incapable of initiating anything. It’s reactionary to something you heard, thought, or read. Why do men preach to each other even in conversation or public service announcements? But there is no successful scared-straight in drinking or smoking. It doesn’t work. It’s the conscious part of someone’s brain trying to see if the conscious part of another person’s brain has any affect on the rest of their brain.

It’s the conscious part knowing that under all ordinary conditions it is a totally mechanical reactionary operation with no life of its own and is unable to initiate anything, except when making some extraordinary effort. The conscious part of the brain knows stuff that would be beneficial and it is trying to get the rest of the nervous system to listen and act on it. Look at medicine. So the conscious part of the brain has an instinct to preach to tell things that that person knows is accepted every where: don’t smoke, don’t drink too much. But do people listen? Why do people do it? People preach to see if the conscious part of another’s brain can do what their own can’t, i.e. act on something that the conscious part of the brain knows would be good for it.

Try to remind yourself that unless you’re trying to do some extraordinary effort like ‘remember yourself’ then the conscious part of the brain is doing nothing but reacting to something heard or read. It’s returning a pong for some other ping.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Outlier’s Guide To Profitably Roughing It
JUNE 4, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

As perverse as it sounds: men receive pleasure from the horrific events
that occur in their lives — for the unrealized reason that it affords them a brief respite from their familiar emotions and thoughts — something they would not normally experience if it were left to them to willfully provide,
(such being an activity pursued exclusively by the nervous-system-rebel
trying to get-to-the-bottom-of-things);
ergo ordinary humanity’s historical taste for emotionally and mentally disturbing stories from their fairy tales to their religions and contemporary news reporting;
in addition to man (same as other life forms) being programmed to live a
physical life of habit, he also has a non physical desire for the new,
though not strong enough in routine men to cause them to individually pursue same;
they ordinarily satisfy their limited need via public distractions that they call entertainment and education (which is watching someone else athletically do
what you cannot, or giving voice to ideas you would never have had),
but they are not instilled individually with a sufficient hunger to escape the confines
of the emotions and thoughts with which they find themselves automatically filled;
only a few people are born with an unconventional wiring and programming which motivates and makes possible a private, quite personal pursuit of the internal, intangible new & different adequately intense to override the inner status quo
normal to your genetic temperament.
The certain man’s special, singular pleasure comes from his one specific effort:
not to be simply the emotions and their dictated thoughts that are natural to him,
(which in rebel talk is to say): imprisoning and stupefying.
Such an uncommon person knows of but one horrific event in their life:

to remain as they naturally are.

On an ancient, far away field, said to have been the scene of colossal rebel battles,
in the sand — writ in blood are the words:
“To only mine enemies do my true nature I reveal.”
He-who-knows understands that it cannot be otherwise;
in the ordinary areas of mind and emotions: friends are fatal, the familiar, lethal;
few ever fully grasp that the real rebellion is only against one’s own nature;
it is in fact the model for the proverbial notion of being hoisted by one’s own petard — but in this instance, being blown up & destroyed in a positive albeit uncommon sense.

Only a man who knows will point out that all of the so called great ones
(men who supposedly got it) got it on their own;
no teacher; no one they quote or refer to; without anyone’s help — they got it!
And the inference being…………..well, now that’s obvious —
which is why the fakers never mention this,
but instead insist on your need for assistance (such as theirs).
“Tell me straight: is all of that true for everybody?”
Can you really think that anything is true for everybody?
“Uhh….well….I guess not.”
Except for one thing.

Once upon a planet far away, the creatures created the concept of religion,
and moral right & wrong just as a joke,
but as time went by, humor began to frighten them, and they…..well,
you can surely piece together what happened from there.
(Perhaps in a retaliatory move their local deity later claimed the same thing had occurred concerning his setting up of their ability to think,
[a comment which was promptly denounced by some as sour grapes on his part,
and a transparent attempt to distract from the flaws of his creation.])

Ordinary thought can see it all — or: put it all together — but not both at once.

A rebel’s inner friends are his worst enemies;
all emotions and thoughts that support the ways you naturally feel and think
could not be more damaging;
relying on what you know to be true will keep you from The Truth;
passively accepting the ideas and emotions that reflexively issue from your
nervous system not only supports the stability & authority of your sense of a self,
but for the certain man it also has a downside (to wit):
doing so supports the stability & authority of your normal sense of a self.

Since they are not explainable through standard medical means,
one man attributes his many mental anomalies to imperceptible stress fractures
in the conscious part of his brain.
And in sports news: The ranking of The Gooey Glob team was radically altered
upon them becoming The Rigid Rockets.

In city show biz lingo: A bit of irony always helps a second rate act get by.

One man notes: “All you can do when the guy sitting next to you on a plane, bus or train says that he’s: on-a-mission — is hope he’s joking.”

Just as a happily married person would never take a: Are You Happily Married quiz,
so too does an actually awakened man never ask himself if he is awake.

Taking a cue from one of opera’s features he particularly enjoys:
a man started requiring that his ordinary mind think & speak to him in a
foreign language which he doesn’t understand.
(“Makes sense to me,” muttered Minneapolis Meaty.)

One chap with an apparent affinity for popular music was heard singing to himself:
“I’m so vain,
I bet I think these thoughts are about me…”

Another installment of: Do You Get It?
One man periodically examines every square inch of his property in minute detail;
he has no land; no possessions, not even a permanent place of residence — yet:
such matters do not deter his endeavor.

Something you never hear in the minds or mouths of ordinary men is:
“The illusion of fun is still fun.”
(Probably because that statement is too close to, you know — that other one.)

One city does not allow anything you must ask for,
and one human system will not produce anything you must seek;
(wanner waste your time guessing where this city is and what system is referred to?)
Overlook life’s omnipresent forms of self protection and insure yourself of
blindness & confusion.

Irony: A two eyed view of a 3-D world.

A Tip: Both Krispy And Kreamy.
If you donut keep track, you donut have to count — and make a fool of yourself.

For the aspiring rebel: If you donut talk about what has happened to you —
more new stuff can.


Do not overlook the benefits of anti gravity scalp & hair products.