Jan Cox Talk 3151

With Every Self-reference, Every ‘I Think’, You Are Selling Yourself


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

The Media is the only commercial activity that freely allows employees to ridicule and criticize it. Such activity can at times actually support the enterprise, adding to its efficacy in selling advertising. The only other comparable activity: human consciousness. With every self-reference, every ‘I think’, you are selling yourself to others, yet often with self-deprecation and confession in the extreme. Under the right conditions self-effacement can sell advertising. This is a prime purpose of consciousness. (37:19) #3151

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3151       The media is the only place where its employees can criticize the parent company. They’re divided into two operations: 1. editorials entertain, 2. business selling ads. Is not human consciousness selling ads every time you say what kind of guy you are? Self-effacement is one of the most popular kinds of advertising. “I’m no Einstein myself”… Can you imagine two male tigers engaging in self-effacement? You can’t have a personality if you can’t talk about you. You’ve got to talk about you or you don’t have a personality. The media and human consciousness are the only two human activities that allow it’s spokesmen to ridicule and criticize their employer.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Insider’s Secret Short Cut To Everyplace
MAY 24, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

A chap who identifies himself as a collector of common denominators says that
the more he pursues in his own mind, the normally perceived reality-of-things,
the more curious this realm turns out to be — which is ever further curiouser in that
all things end up proving to be just what they clearly were before you & other humans began to think and talk about them.

As children: everyone starts out thinking along a certain line — then —
they lose the thread.
The real-deal-man later learns to produce his own thread.

In trying to extract some disruptive burrs from his mind one man suddenly said:
“The difference for instance between Buddhism and Islam is that
Islam is an Arabic word,” and as always realized that he was speaking in Symbolese.
In any area outside the purely material one wherein men believe that reality exists, other than for the sound of the words used to describe it — they are misguided.
Those who deem religion a blemish on man have no understanding of his
intangible dermatology, nor special need of his inner skin to breathe.

Life As Performed In The City.
An army should be suspect in which medals for valor are awarded to men for simply not committing suicide when they find themselves in harm’s apparent way,
but do note that thus do the forces that defend man’s incorporeal institutions
operate successfully.
Part of normal human existence is to feel put upon —
not necessarily at the instant moment for any identifiable reason, just put upon
for simply being alive and conscious.

In pursuing his own personal course of clarity and preciseness,
after every thought that passes through his mind one man says: “Sic.”
Trafficking with others can make you wealthy;
doing so with yourself can make you glad.
Concern over intangible enemies (people who you perceive dislike you
for no physical reason) will nourish an even nastier one in you.
(“My neighbors in the city have roaches and in-laws — I have ideas.”)

Regardless their professed religion, everyone’s secret spiritual pleasure is in
the secret worship of Saint WhatTheHell’sWrongWithEveryoneElse.
The unstated purpose of man’s collective thinking is to keep man collective.
There is the danger that an individual cow might start thinking
independently of the herd — which cannot do any good for the herd,
whose importance clearly outweighs any individual’s
(except of course to any individual struggling to get mentally free of the herd).
“Aren’t we glad we don’t have any cells in our individual bodies
with such rebellious ideas!”
Ah! — but the few do.

One man says that a fuller recognition of the inner rebel’s activity came upon him
when he suddenly realized that no matter who you are, where you came from,
what you believe, or who you appear to be,
everybody is bar mitzvahed in a suit that Life provided;
“We are all pledged to Life–
each individual’s life is committed and dedicated to Life —
you become a normal adult only when your mental world is in line with Life’s,
(as manifested in man’s collective thinking).

Here’s to you Life — and in so doing, also: Here’s to me!”

One man had a hangnail to keep his mind off his fever blister —
which he had to stop him from thinking about his hemorrhoids —
which he had to distract him from his cancer (and he had a car that frequently
wouldn’t start to help him forget about all the other stuff).
Statement Of Pure Fact: If what works with the mind
would work on the rest of man’s life he’d have it the fuck made.

Prisons are held together not by mortar, but repetition.
(Same as mental herds.)

All gradually sink and eventually drown, but sheep holding hands,
do so in an unnecessarily messy fashion (leastwise from a certain minority Ovis Bovidae view).

One man’s proposal: “Off drugs: anybody can feel bad.”

The difference between ordinary men’s thinking, and the certain man’s is greater than any differences between the many ideas about which men think.
This is another way of looking at the fact that what an awakened man knows
is not of as much significance to him as how he knows things.
(“So it’s not actually the gum balls — it’s the way you chew them?!”)

In Re The Architecture For Human Institutions.
Man’s spiritual, political, intellectual, and artistic activities need impressive
physical structures to compensate.
(Aka: Swords can do what poetry and discussions can’t.)
On one world you can be fined up to one hundred dollars for: Stating The Obvious.

Another distinction between the routine and the real-deal-man is that everyone else sees death as the ultimate form of confinement.

The collective spiritual/intellectual world of man is so short of significance
that their individual personal problems assume highly exaggerated proportions.
Inmates’ unspoken awareness of the prison’s frailty causes them to focus attention
on their own cell.
(Passengers would have survived the Titanic’s mishap had they
stayed in their cabins.)

As they get old: people pout — ideas petrify.

The problem an ordinary partisan mind has in seeing things as they are
is that its sight is that of a cross eyed man.
(“So the struggle to awaken could be seen as a search for corrective glasses?!”)
In the herd there are as many intangible realities as there are cows;
in the certain man’s consciousness there is but one.
The strange case of: Being nourished by being deprived.
(Two legs are better than one — if you’re in a sack race.)

The Silence Of The Non Sheep.
He who won’t let on,

can get on.
(Also called: The Secret Potency Of The Nothingness
When Consciously And Purposefully Applied).

A father said to a son:
“You would eventually see the nature of man’s special second reality,
and receive the liberating benefit thereof,
if you but remembered and considered relentlessly my comment that in everyone’s primary reality: ‘Materials precede measurements’ (that is):
Facts follow acts — but when facts trail in the wake of facts — then you have entered the other reality wherein nothing can be measured and objectively determined:
it is a realm of entertainment to all (even solace to some),
but one which completely befuddles a mind intent on understanding it,
and thus escaping it.

If intelligence is not strictly a personal matter with you
then you have none — not in the wakened man’s sense.
Once you turn that corner, and suddenly have your own private,
open-eyed, head-on view of: civilization; the city part of man’s mind;
and that entire intangible realm he collectively shares,
you no longer have any interest in your I.Q. score, or intellectual credentials.
The intelligence of a man-who-knows is his alone and cannot be shared
or made known to others.
( Here again you might note does life conserve the cohesion of the herd.)
“Be a wild hair,” said the brain to a synapse, “on your own time” —
which is exactly what it did — seeing that only a non partisan neural operation
has its own time (everyone else being on the clock full time for life.)

One man reputedly upon reading this decided that what he wanted
was to ultimately be done with it and be bald.