Jan Cox Talk 3147

You Never Question Your Own Rules


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

Rules and rituals. As soon as children are operationally conscious—acquire language—they invoke rules and rituals, proscriptions and procedures. Nobody questions their own societies’ rules, only the rules of foreign societies. All rituals and rules require the support of language, words and explanations, for one to participate truly in them. You can’t be a patriot by imitation.

Rules must be explicated to be valid and obeyed.

[The following is from the first few minutes of the 5/17 audio as colophon to the 5/14 audio.] The first ritual: Adam’s resolve not to eat of the apple of knowledge. Also the first broken rule! (43:06) #3147

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3147       Kids make up rituals and rules. There is something in the Nervous system that as soon as you become operationally conscious, you start making up rules and rituals and no one questions it. Humanity does not question rules and rituals other than individually. Why is it so natural? The rules and regulations must be described. You can’t see a ritual. Could a five year old look at anything that is not done by instinct and make any sense of it? The first ritual was ‘don’t piss off god’ i.e. ‘the voice in my head’. Rituals must be described. They cannot speak for themselves. Compare that to sex. It is literally impossible to be patriotic until someone describes to you what it is. And you can’t worship any god until somebody describes what he is verbally. Men didn’t make up what it means, words did.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Aligning The Door To Hit The Few Conclusively In Their Inner Ass
MAY 14, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

The Frontal Lobes Dual Proprietorship.
One man noted that someone (?) is always talking-to-him,
and his partner said: “Same thing used to happen to me;
I handled the situation by starting to do all of the talking myself.”
(“Funny how that works out,” mused his brain stem,
“one of them doing the talking — the other, the listening.”)
Heavy Earth Moving Equipment News.
The solution to everything you don’t want to hear in your head is to produce your own purposeful speech;
the counter to the meaningless narrative life broadcasts to the entire human species
is your own personally conceived story which you convey to yourself.
The view of man’s collective mind cannot be reshaped –
but what the few can do is relinquish it in favor of their own independently achieved perspective.

Authorities refer to prisoners only by their two (first and last) names,
for a man with three names can have three thoughts and thus be a flight risk.
Neural captivity is best effected by using the shortest chain possible.
(“Yeah — you ain’t gotta be that much smarter’an a chicken to keep one caged up.
It’s really great bein’ a human,
[and I mean in the total sense — not just the thinkin’ one.”])

If you don’t go ahead and pretend that the stuff popular in the city is exciting,
you’re left with just one other generally unappealing possibility.

People love to talk in their sleep.

Art is for the pleasure of the artist; everything else said about it is bullshit.

To stay ahead of the game — change your name.

Put simple: what the certain man wants is to not be in man’s natural state of mind.

Travel Pastimes.
On city streets, commonly are men’s most memorable trips made whilst tied to invisible irritants.

Men’s ordinary mind loves to hear: “We’re not out of the woods yet” —
about almost any matter.

One group of otherwise splintered citizens was at least on one occasion
able to muster sufficient community cohesiveness to collectively oppose the construction in their neighborhood of a neural dump (though as they later learned): a-lot-of-good-it-did-them, inasmuch as the ever present urban mental fog
eventually does its job on everyone who resides in that area of the mind.

There are two forms of entertainment: reports on the physical world (science),
and on people (gossip) —
neither contain what the certain man is looking for.

If you’re interested in what others consider to be good taste — you have no taste.

Ordinary men are fascinated by depictions of men being crushed by events —
while the rebel’s interest is in them being so by their own consciousness.

The Certain Man And The Past.
On the back of his frontal lobes is printed the warning that things behind him,
in his ordinary mind and memory, may appear larger than was their actual size.

One man named his old mind: “Who Cares?” and his newer self made one: “I Do.” (Truth is: they named themselves.)

Just as men can’t help being sexually attracted to women’s breasts
neither can the rebel control his attraction to the area of his mind not being used.

Sometimes one guy stops and points at himself in a mirror and taunts:
“Ha ha! — I’m still alive and you’re not!”

Earlier Item Revised.
To stay ahead of the game — have no name.

Ordinary people all eventually lose that which is most dear to them: their physical life;
the certain man — if he succeeds in his life —
loses that which is most distasteful to him before he dies.

If you don’t go ahead and pretend that the stuff they call knowledge in the city
IS actually informative,
you’re left with just the one other generally unencouraging possibility.
(All in all: the safest course concerning all city activities is to: pretend.
“Why do you think they call it the: City?! — a place no creature without thoughts
would put up with!”)

Man’s ordinary condition of consciousness makes the nervous system rebel stupid, dazed and secretly — mad as hell!

While routine men say that: “Living well is the best revenge,”
to the rebel: being awake is.

The Unstated Code Of The City.
If you can’t be independent — seem to be carefree,
and if you can’t be carefree — appear to be serious and insightful,
and if you can’t be serious — be frightened and confused
(same as everyone else in the city).

An awakened man’s mind is like an intangible virus that allows him to get into other people in a way absolutely indescribable to ordinary minds.

Sign found posted in the area between rebel camp and the city limits:
“Notice! If you are still living where you were born, we regret to tell you this — but! — you’re probably not going ANY WHERE!”-

Further Revision Of Supra Story.
To really stay ahead — be dead.

All inner prisons are serious affairs only to those who don’t know about their construction materials.

“Tell me: why did you marry me any way?”
“Well…I can’t rightly say….except at the time I guess it seemed like the thing to do,” and with mock sincerity and admiration came the response:
“Wow! — it’s a good thing you don’t run the rest of your life like that.”
Rear view mirrors in city vehicles can explain anything that occurs there.

One of hormones’ responsibilities is to age and decrease dreams of escape.
(“I’m old and tired — what the hell do I care any more!”)
Note: No prisoner is dead and without chance of parole until he agrees to it.
In the city however, they operate on the tacit assumption that you are
born already dead and a terminal captive;
only the few who somehow know instinctively of the rebel mental area outside the city are able to there against, effectively struggle.
When it comes to irritation: Captivity is its own reward.

When you have put your early stir time to good use,
a blank wall can eventually become a quite welcome — even stimulating sight.
Only prisoners still plotting escape are bothered by their confining surroundings.

In the rebel territory: being convinced, and: thinking are not the same thing.

A son asked a father:
“Is there anything you will not say to me?”
After thinking about this for one second, he replied:
“Being awake only means something to those asleep.”

Two things can’t be fooled: total darkness and complete light.
(“As in you’re either: in doors full time, or: gone from home for good, right?!”)

The thing about captivity is that it’s stagnant — while real life is active;
confinement is passive — only effort vital.

FYI Arty Update.
A certain urban poet who rhymed: pitiful with: city full
has been stripped of his title and demoted to: mere human.

Said a father to a son: “So: the whole thing can be put like this:
The way to avoid living in a dream is to not take any story seriously.”
“Except for one?”

Conversation Concerning: DoingTheThing.
“It’s not thinking or talking about it that counts.”

“Then what does?”
“REALLY thinking about it.”
“But that’s what I believe I do.”
“And you’re wrong.”
“How do you know?”
“Has what you’re doing worked?”


Being lost is of interest only to those still lost.