Jan Cox Talk 3141

Answer to Everything: Understand the Nature of Talk


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Notes by TK

Talk is what keeps men asleep. Anything w/ physical reality to it can be taught w/o words. Not so all non-physical pursuits of man. Cultural experts are driven to continually invoke and refer to previous authority. Intangible-realm experts must advertise their expertise: not so physically-based expertise.

Man would have no ontological questions w/o talk. Man would not be asleep w/o talk. The answer to everything is understanding the nature of talk. (25:35) #3141

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3141       Anything physical can be taught with no talk, such as farmers and cabinetmakers. But everything that makes up man’s unique world such as the social sciences and religion can’t be taught without words. These are two completely different categories. If men did not talk they would have no questions.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Rebel’s Guide To Standing Up In The Stream
APRIL 30, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

One man proffers this advice:
“When conversing: say you’re fine even if you’re not.”
“To whom?”
“To whomever insists on asking.”
“Does this include your own brain?”
“Does the weather include rain.”
Moral: Ain’t that just like life!
(And life responds: “Hey, ease up, remember: you didn’t pay to get in here.”)

The Prison’s Hold.
Don’t fret the possibility of being tortured into confessing:
you settling for your prisoner status is all the concession they seek.
Sub-message: If you will be of ordinary consciousness
life will cut you down no sooner than your time.

Whist chatting one chap said:
“Once you realize how things work spatially (three dimensions; two magnetic directions)
you can move on to more complex and satisfying matters.”
“Such as?”
“Those that take up no physical space.”
“Why do you call them: more complex and satisfying?”
“Okay: matters simpler and less meaningful.”

One man began seriously considering the notion of marrying himself…..
’til one day he suddenly took full notice of how ugly he was…..
then deeply regretted having made such an unseemly observation.
Moral: There are definite limits to everything man does.
Correction: Not so: there are limits to the physical things he does (which are built in),
but none to non spatial ones.
The reason the ordinary mind cannot defeat its demons is that they are vaporous clouds, forever filling its skies — which it attempts to drive away,
employing the same energy it used in putting them there.
Leopards don’t have clouds and problems due to a missing piece in their brain.
(“Pa pa: when I grow up can I be a missing piece?”)

The good feature of having your own son is that he does not try to analyze you.
Stones should keep their opinions of elephants to themselves,
(that is: if they ever expect to achieve enlightenment.)

Previous Penal Story Update.
Viewed from a different perspective:
If you will respond to any of their questions — you have confessed.

The Mental Evolution Of Man.
“Anything I don’t understand doesn’t exist” — to:
“Anything I don’t understand is evil” — then:
“Anything I don’t understand is incorrect” — and finally:
“Anything I don’t understand doesn’t exist.”

What some for centuries have described as the: hunger for transcendence:
the drive for enlightenment, et al,
are a few cells in a man’s nervous system wanting to get out of the herd,
the part of neural town in which they were born.

The bad news is:
Dead heroes are not honored by the size of their bullet holes.
If you admire others — you despise others.
Which came first: the chicken — or the egg in the face?

The idea of attributing individual-characteristics to men
was indeed a most clever ploy.
(The original, full text version of this story was:
The idea of attributing individual-characteristics to cows, I mean men, I mean prisoners, was indeed a clever ploy.)

To back up his demands: the king of one state threatened his neighboring principality with an age bomb which, when dropped would make everyone there get older:
the monarch so threatened pondered this — then declared the danger manageable,
and dismissed the warning,
whereupon the first ruler then claimed to have a new-&-improved version of his device that would not only cause all who suffered its fallout to become older,
but would moreover make them talk about it incessantly.
(Capitulation was almost instantaneous.)

There was once a man in prison who would make a mess just so
he wouldn’t clean it up.

A mind that cannot answer its own questions either has rotten questions,
or is a rotten mind.
(The priest of one urban area injects:
“There is no need for such bluntness amongst civilized men.”
No need indeed, but when the nervous system rebel tries to live off of just
what is needed — his lawn soon becomes highly over weeded.
Life allowed men to compose the song: “Don’t Fence Me In,” as a substitute for letting them out of their cells into the yard every day for exercise.
“Yes! — I may be easily fooled but thank god it doesn’t take much to do it!”)
Moral: Who wants to be beat up more than is absolutely necessary?

In Times Of Troubles.
The Hormel Brothers point out that if you don’t squeal! –
it’s difficult to distinguish pigs from cows.

The king mentioned to some of his more vociferous supporters:
“I have no interest in falling on my sword, but I have no objection to you doing so.”

The Ways Of The City.
Custom is logic to the dense — habit, safety to cattle.
(Perhaps that headline should have read: The Ways Of The City Stockyards.)
“Stating the obvious is not always necessary.”
You’re obviously not from around here.

You can have fun playing with your body,
and also by playing with your mind,
the latter drives some men crazy,
while the former just makes them blind.

Said a father to a son:
“If a plot is not subversive — it’s not much of a plot.
Life may be many things, but: ‘it’s-not-much-of’ is not one of them;
there is nothing more: more-of than that living entity life, in which we all exist.
In some normally unseen fashion:
human consciousness is the key subversive element in the great earthly plot.”
(The lad felt driven even further underground — to his great delight!)
None but the jet propelled goose understands the life of: The Jet Propelled Goose.

Whenever he had trouble clearing his consciousness,
one man would jar himself back to necessary reality by saying to himself: “Moo-o-o!”

One battle hardened rebel says that the best part to having problems
is not having any help available.
A man who finally understands this — is well on his way.


Note: It costs no more to be flabbergasted than it does to be just gasted.