Jan Cox Talk 3138

Just Mind Your Own Business (a Secret as Good as Any)


The following recordings are from Jan’s final years, when his voice was diminished and he spoke in a low whisper. Some listeners may find these tapes hard to listen to, or difficult to understand. Thus, as another option, transcripts are being made and will be posted.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy! Those who carefully listened to Jan during this period consider that he spoke plainly and directly to the matter at hand, “pulling out all the stops,” as he understood that these were to be his last messages to his groups, and to posterity.

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Notes by TK

You couldn’t be in the arms of ignorance, of slumber, if you minded only your own business!  Everybody is constantly minding each other’s business.  It is to life’s benefit that people take the general concerns of life to be their own.  E.g., fretting over the plight of people halfway around the globe–worrying over what has no impact on your own immediate coping w/ life.  (32:06) #3138

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3138       You can’t go to sleep if you mind your own business.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Dispatches For Despisers Of Leftovers
APRIL 23, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Although by the very arrangements of things the Neural Revolution can never be
the majority power (and if it ever were, a new revolt would then have to arise under it), it is larger than its active constituency in that every human who has ever tried,
even for an instant to think independently (that is: outside the structure of
the thoughts native to their brain) was momentarily a rebel-in-civilian-clothing,
and indeed may have at least once, had a brief gulp of fresh air and glance at things
as they really are.
The momentum of the arrangement however is sufficient to keep such random, spasmodic sightings from disrupting the regular rolling of the mortal, mental wagon.
The man committed to getting to the bottom of things can only disturb himself,
not humanity’s status quo;
its vehicle must maintain its steady movement for the rebel to ever figure out
how he might jump therefrom.
The man who would awaken does not want the collective plane-to-go-down —
he’s just interested in fashioning himself a personal parachute.
The Revolution can’t start without you — nor with more than just you.
(All real parachutes & escape devices are just for one
[and ultimately, self-constructed-from-scratch.])
Fact: Everyone must start from somewhere.
Fact: Most people never leave that spot — thus:
one time, would-be rebels become part of the established inertia (the establishment).
Note: Everyone is and always will be part of the physical arrangement,
but in the invisible version: who knows what a few may be up to?!

Once you realize that it has become natural for many to find talking-about-things
a more interesting pastime than even sex, you have one less annoyance.
Sight, smell and touch are the adhesives that hold the human herd together physically: words, mentally.
(Tip: If you want to jump ship — keep your lips closed least you drown while
trying to swim away.)

Contraire a city truism: men do not continually: reinvent-themselves,
what they do is, by endless verbal self reference,
reinforce the self they were born with.

The man-who-knows has no role model —
he doesn’t need one —
he has no role.

The sign of the really rich is that they can hire someone else
to make mistakes for them.
(“Sounds to me also like the mark of the truly intelligent.”)
In the city they consider a man apologizing for a faux pas to be proof he is civilized,
while outside of town in rebel camp, not ever mentioning your past,
potentially questionable words and deeds is minimal evidence you belong there.

The sign of the secretly & especially rich is that they display no sign there of.

The man who knows what’s going on doesn’t promote himself —
he has no self to promote —
getting free from one is what he spent forty years doing.

At the landfill (as he was attempting to dump some apparent excesses)
one of the city ipsedixit philosophers said: “To be young is to be credulous:
to be mature here is to be possessed by credulity that is well wrinkled.”

This email from a reader:
“I’ve noticed that in your Daily News most of the stories are about people;
I guess people wouldn’t pay much attention to them if they weren’t.
Sincerely, Oh! — P.S. I was on the verge of realizing something significant
about the mind from this observation, but managed to turn away in time.
Sincerely Again,” etc.

Certain children, to ever have the special fun they seek,
must come out of the basement and do their playing upstairs.
One guy found it interesting that he saw no one trying to dump neurons at the landfill — only hormones;
would-be saints cannot dream of spiritually flying bearing the weight of their genitalia, and GI tract;
if there is one thing the rebel is clear about it is the area of his nervous system
from which there is an actual need to jettison.

If you have a self image that has no flaws — you don’t have a self image.

Fearing being overtaken by either death or mental density:
one man decided to begin walking around the planet endlessly,
stopping only when sleep demanded it.
As long as his muscles kept his hormones moving (he conjectured),
his neurons wouldn’t let him down.
The certain man discovers how to directly keep the muscles of his consciousness
in motion and can thus lie down whenever he pleases.

Attempting to keep himself on his toes,
one man periodically announces to himself in a quite serious sounding voice:
“I have made a momentous decision…..”
(And to up the ante he sometimes follows this with the comment:
“And of course it goes-without-saying that…..”)

Words referring to physical matters can be properly serious;
if they seem so concerning anything else, their source is a nitwit, a cow, a dunce,
an ordinary man (take your pick of descriptions).
“Pardon: but were those words just then meant to be serious?”
You tell us: did you take them seriously?
“That’s not what I asked — don’t shift this around on to me.”

The city dump not only receives — it also gives.

Human thought is the only thing in the whole universe that can never
reach its destination.

A son so said of his father:
“Being constantly around someone who understands what’s going on
is like being continually beaten up by a subtle smile.”

When he heard it said that if you become rich you don’t change
but everyone around you does, a man mused:
“If you wake-up does everyone else become dimmer?”
Note: only a man with no idea what it would be to be awake would so wonder.

Men engage in two activities: rearranging physical matter,
and attempting to rearrange other men’s words & ideas.
Q: How does one who is enlightened help his fellow man?

The man who understands what’s going on doesn’t advertise —
he has nothing to sell —
what’s-going-on needs no promotion —
everyone on the planet but him is already engaged full time in its support.

“No matter of what they can be accused, at least neurons never kill people
like do hormones.”
“You’re sure of that?”

Neurons that know what is going on are a threat to no one;
those that don’t compose the city dump.

If you can sleep without nightmares — you don’t really sleep.

People who can think without talking do better thinking than those who do.
Proverb Update.
Only with ordinary men does the noisy wheel get the grease;
what right thinking person wants to be covered in grease.

Recipe For Success In The City.
Says one chap: “I came into this life with nothing, but a natural willingness to submit.”

If you can tell good stories — you don’t need a purpose in life.

If victory in war is the outcome of a series of blunders,
then is being awake the culmination of a life time of failures to sleep properly?
Kings do not get killed in battle, nor do a man’s natural born thoughts
ever have to suffer the actual consequences of their condition.
The real-deal-man has no ruler to laud, nor defend;
the consciousness of such a man would make the standard definition of democracy pull out its hair.

For the real warrior:
a good kick to the verbal plexus is better than any pugilistic theory.
“Never mind the hormones, boys — aim for their little neurons!”

Success is in the trenches — of the brain.