Jan Cox Talk 3133

Only Listen to the Talk in Your Brain When It Is Problem Solving


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Notes by TK

A method for enlightenment: don’t listen to the talk in your head, all non-problem-solving chatter in the brain. Nobody is capable of this. Nobody even deems it possible or desirable or meaningful. (39:03) #3133

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Devout Escapee’s Guide
APRIL 12, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

Those held prisoner always resort to verbally abusing their captor;
just check your own private verbal attitude toward life.
Men created prayer in an attempt to squelch this by bringing it out into the overt open.
What fool is going to flip off the King to his face (and by the way:
what’s the deal with parts of your mind doing it to you?! —
ask your thoughts, nay — demand of them: “Just where do you get off?!”)

Why bother to abuse your superior; take it out on one who deserves it: your lesser,
(that is) your natural born thinking (assuming you’re one of the nervous system few).
The trick to using the unique power of hormonal energy to expand neural operations
is in being able to be pissed without getting personally upset;
yes, it is tricky — impossible even — but so what?! —
such has never stopped the few true knights who have passed this way;
just because the thoughts native to your head declare a particular matter impossible,
or irrational proves nothing permanent to a man with the potential of
getting to the bottom of things.

Though over the heads of those normally passing through: routes leading nowhere always provide their own signs announcing the road ahead to be “Out!”
In this universe: life not only circles-the-wagons and protects itself by
holding its tail in its mouth,
but as reinforcement, makes men verbally deny they’re on the path they’re on.
Who but something as extraordinary as life can seemingly strengthen itself by apparently remaining willfully blind to certain segments of its own operation!

NOW let’s talk: the impossible and irrational.


“You can’t be an actor unless you’re willing to make a public fool of yourself.”
“I thought you said: politician?!?”
Conclusion: What the hell’s the moral to this?

Note to all Junior Erasmuses:
By the time you criticize something — it’s already too late.
“But pa pa: isn’t it always too late?!”
“Ja! — but you can’t tell the ordinary mind this in advance, thus……well,
the thus is obvious (is it not?!)”
“Thus Ja.”

At a convention held recently in the city by the
Society For The Full Development And Appreciation Of The Human Potential,
the final speaker concluded his remarks with these words:
“What I have noted this evening are but a few of the highly beneficial features of
the brevity of human life.
Thank you for your attention, and: good evening.”

Additional Study Of The Mind’s Surveying Techniques.
A retrospective is almost as good as no spective at all.
City art seen in the rear view mirror serves the same end as that touted: avant garde.
(Aka: All routine thoughts can be reversed without damage.)

After becoming famous, a man was surprised to discover that he had begun to
even impress himself! —
but as soon as the initial wonder had subsided he said to himself:
“Well, wasn’t that the objective all along?!”

The son of a more alert man one day said to him:
“My foot hurts,” and the father asked: “Where?”
the boy pointed and said: “Right here,” and the elder said:
“Then that is precisely the spot you should walk on — no! — make that: run on.”
Note: For the benefits you receive by being more alert than ordinary minds:
you pay a price. No you don’t.

The More Conscious Man’s Creedo.
A mind not Tefloned is not fit having.
Disposal Fact For The Few.
Flying shit on the dead won’t stick.

There is no substitute for spiritual determination.
(Well, there is one — but most states have outlawed semi automatic weapons.)

While many of his fellow citizens have unpublished telephone numbers,
one man keeps his real address secret even from himself,
(well, from the city section of his mind).

The Relative Views Of Celebratory Icons.
“Remember,” said the axon to the synapse, “it’s the ornaments — not the tree.”
One eye’s/I’s view is as good as another one’s — if you only have two.
“Well, I have the current, and I have the wiring?!”
Yes, that’s two all right.
“But if I’m not mistaken, you’re implying that two aren’t enough.”
All a question of what you’re after.
“Well –duh!”
In man’s intangible, second reality: it is always the ornaments — never the tree;
never Cinderella, but the question:
“What the hell am I doing debating the cut of her gown?”
“Indeed,” conceded one species-cum-neural-bundle, “we are by nature
deludable creatures — but why not recognize it and thereby disable the situation.”
Dodos and the dumb always deny they are same;
only the man-who-knows, knows to be quiet.
(“Does he actually, know to be — or does he have to be?”
Motto of one planet: “Slavery to the Sun redefines: captivity.”)

Standard cows are slaughtered at Hormel’s discretion;
the certain few take their own so-called life at the time advantageous to them.
Said the knife: “Only I know exactly where my throat is.”