Jan Cox Talk 3132

Only the Mind Has the Ability to Live in a Dream


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Notes by TK

The body does not live in a dream. The mind does. Example of a soldier interviewed about battle and death saying he understands why there is conflict and his purpose in it when he really has no clue. (38:46) #3132

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3132       How many fist fights have there been in bars over chemistry? None. The only thing that people get passionate about are things that do not exist, and the only thing that men passionately argue about do not exist.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Keeping Track Of The Special Silence For The Rebels
APRIL 9, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

The less civilized find life to simply be something to be physically enjoyed:
this keeps them in conflict with the more cultured;
there exists a similar set up in men’s thoughts which ordinary minds find unsettling, but which the real-deal-man investigates, faces — then forgets:
The Way Of Understanding.
“Forgetting about something, you’re saying?!”
That is the outcome.
The unique world of man’s mind is the sole home of his singular psychological,
and personal problems, but also there alone reside their cures (for instance):
there is only one cure for amnesia: forget that you have it, or:
the sole solution to being of an angry nature is to scare yourself out of it.
All said: there is no cure for a dirty sock other than to turn it inside out.
“And that’s what waking-up, being enlightened, and achieving liberation is?”
By the by: the way to identify a reversed sock is that it has no more questions.

You can’t begin to catch on without clearly and impartially realizing that
man’s and your reality consists of two quite distinct divisions:
the physical world of your body and everything it can touch and measure,
and the intangible world of your mind and everything that is in it
(which no one can touch or measure), and that’s it:
everything known to man falls unmistakably into one of those two categories;
this makes no judgment of the two; merely states the facts;
not seeing this, not accepting this, not remembering this is man’s natural
mental condition and also the sly annoyance that drives the nervous-system-rebel.

If you’re a stew bone you’ll always end up in the stew.
“But what if you are born one?”
You’re out of luck — same as other people born something else.
“So where’s the logic in trying to DoTheThing?”
There is none there — only something else: an unreasonable possibility.

Practice Makes Perfect: The Perfect Don’t Practice.
One man meditated while moving;
chanted while silent;
danced while still; fasted while eating,
and prayed while cursing;
he may not yet be perfect — but at least he’s not routine.

On the unauthorized station the DJ announced:
“Coming up next is that all time hit: ‘Time Is On My Side,’
which will be followed by the pick-of-the-week: ‘Space Is On My Side,’
after which we will open up the phone lines and play: Listener’s Call-In Quiz:
the question of the day being: ‘What comes after these two?’”

In one of the city’s exclusive clubs was found scribbled on a restroom wall
this epigram: “Poverty is the poetry of the poor.”
(Note to neural based, urban anthropologists:
private clubs exist both out in the world where you can see them —
and also someplace else.)

An ordinary man has extreme difficulty in grasping allegorically presented information employing the idea of one’s place of residence — if you use HIS house as the example.
(“I find things more agreeably explained if you talk about stuff that’s
way over there.”)
Yet another reason that the certain man doesn’t live anywhere in particular.
Sociology News.
If man’s ordinary mind is middle class
then expanded consciousness would be the world’s richest hobo.
Troubadour’s Tip.
Rest wherever you like, but don’t stay anywhere —
it costs more than anyone can afford.

Fun is to be enjoyed on the run.

“Dear Dr. Exacto: Should a man be continually struggling against habit?”
“Dear Sir: Haven’t you written to me about this before?”
“Dear Dr.: Thanks.”
Truth In Mental Publication.
The Doctor writes all of the letters he receives — same as you.

The Ruler of a newly developed area of one neural kingdom
said to his Minister Of Civilization & Culture:
“When it comes to religion: I don’t care who the people worship:
they can worship a chicken for all I care,
just as long as it is not one of my opponents’ chickens.”
Once the Arts become public property rather than royal — the real art goes out of them.
(“So what you just said is really about stuff that goes on inside a man’s brain —
am I getting this correctly?”)

No matter what another person may say,
if you suspect the slightest possibility that life may be eavesdropping
your response should always be: “I know what you mean.”
(Life for some reason really likes this.)

The reason man is so fascinated by the lives of others is that he knows and accepts
the fact that he didn’t even imaginarily have anything to do
with making them what they are.

Hypochondriacs simply adore well people.

Whenever he received an unexpected telephone call from a female
(after she identified herself for instance as a telemarketer, or what not)
one man would often say: “Well, hello, beautiful,”
and some would respond: “How can you say that — you’ve never seen me?!”
He got this from his constant looking for another view of all things
whose appearance ordinary men have already defined.

Two of the most memorable moments in an ordinary man’s life are
the time he takes credit for his talents,
and the time he takes responsibility for his weaknesses.
(“Wow! — two thrills in a single lifetime: it’s almost more than I can bear!”)

The Song Of The Non-Wild, Stay-At-Home Goose.
“Feeling happy and content makes me edgy!”

On one world they celebrate: Life Appreciation Day at which time all the
citizen creatures form a gigantic parade and march around singing:
“We Are In Life — We Are Welded TO Life” — all except a few who
refuse to get in any line or to join in any mass activity and group sing
….(and about whom nothing else need be said…..at this time).

Marketplace Management.
if you’re a’ sellin’ –
hoping they’re a’buyin’ –
keep actin’ real sincere — ya hear!

The reason man is so taken with the notion of: “Telling the future”
is because he can’t tell the present.

A Notion Still Pushed In Prison.
Those who feel life is just to be enjoyed — will not get into heaven.
(“They don’t have to.”)


Just as in the physical world a real bust out dude won’t stop partyin’ ’til either his resources run out or he passes out,
so too internally, the man struggling to awaken.