Jan Cox Talk 3129

The Mind’s Curiosity Is Ultimately About Itself


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Notes by TK

The nervous system input to the brain must reach the conscious threshold to engender curiosity. Most NS input stimulates only sub-conscious response and regulation from the brain. The brain is mostly a register and reporting mechanism of NS inputs.

The physiological hormonal input excitement wanes with age. So does the brain passion of curiosity. Nothing can be done about the former but can be done to interfere w/ the decline of curiosity and joy of living. The mind’s curiosity is ultimately curiosity about itself—its own working. (42:52) #3129

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3129       Advancing the curiosity of the brain

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Putting For The Musical Few: The Hum Into Humidity
APRIL 2, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

The mind can be excited over three things: the universe (science);
what other men do (sports), and what other men create (arts);
the one thing it does not naturally get excited over is itself:
this occurs only in those few trying to escape the present size of their consciousness so as to get to the bottom of all things.

Life makes men’s minds want to tell —
but since most of them have nothing in them interesting to tell —
the men tell about what has happened to them (and collaterally):
life has made men’s attention such that they are able to not notice that
they have been listening to the same handful of events being told about
for the last five thousand years.

Getting-to-the-bottom-of-things requires that there be mentally conceivable things,
and for there to be mentally conceivable things requires that the mind create them:
does anybody catch-on to what is going-on here?

The terms: local and universal are used herein thus:
The local is matters in which your consciousness has a natural born interest;
these affairs are always of a binary based preference:
your consciousness either likes, approves of or believes in the idea or does not;
ergo it is local to you (and to every other consciousness which has an interest therein);
the universal is all of the locals combined — and something more;
no amount or style of study of local matters will lead to any more understanding of things than you have now;
no combination of what your consciousness seems to know about various local affairs will produce a comprehensive grasp of life;
only by pushing your consciousness past all local ideas and into the
indescribable realm of the universal can a man turn that certain corner,
and finally realize what is really going on.

One man who had always been a sorehead, after learning he was dying,
began to speak most favorably about life — which greatly surprised life.
(Who later confessed to just a mite of sarcastic dramatics.)

Those who ask: “Am I all right?” are not all right —
and will shortly resort to heroes and plagiarism.

One man pondered:
“Is the freedom the few itch for physical? — mental? — emotional?
or something else?”

One feature to performing a magic trick is to verbally act as though
you’re not entirely sure of what you’re doing.

Everyone can laugh when things are going well, but when they’re not,
the only ones laughing are the deranged and the enlightened
(and only the former out loud).

Amongst the verbal/mental life of ordinary men is played a variation of the:
Bigger Confusion Theory which silently says that it is all right if your own thoughts confuse you — as long as somewhere down the road you can tell them to
someone else who will be even more confused by them than you.

To be important you must seem important,
and to seem important you either have to have wealth that other people want,
or appear to know things that they want to know;
both are based on an illusion,
but one of them sure seems real to ordinary men.

None but the extraordinarily dense have an extraordinarily high opinion of their self,
and none but the routinely dense have any opinion of their self.

One man offers: “Life could not seem less interested in men understanding what it is doing — which immediately raises two distinct possibilities:
either it also is not interested in understanding what it is doing, or else it can’t —
which would be why it has a few unconventional men always trying to.”

More Regarding Stage Magic.
The more complicated the trick — the more boring it is.

As a new endeavor: one man began searching the world’s literature for a writing of purported important, enlightening thought whose opening sentence does not include the word, “I”.

News That Comes As News Only To The Deeply Dense.
Only nitwits respond to attacks by nitwits.

How REAL Progress Can Move In Directions That Elude Ordinary Sight.
Life told Reality:
“If you think that you’re something — just wait ‘til you see Local Conditions,”
then told Local Conditions:
“If you think that you’re something — just wait ‘til you see Man,”
then told Man:
“If you think that you’re something — just wait ‘til you see More Conscious Man — which requires that you move your eyes from Local Conditions,
and on to the Universal.”

Question: What have you heard Life say to you?


“But that seems unfair: what if Life does not say interesting, important things to you —
what in the world can you do about it?!”

A man to-this-task-born will force Life to talk to him in the manner he needs —
he will force it to — force it to.


Things are always looking up — for those who control their sight.