Jan Cox Talk 3128

The Only True Passion of the Mind Is Curiosity


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Notes by TK

All useless speech/thought is successful to the extent it is stimulative of consciousness. Biology drives psychology. Hormones drive neurons. Temperament drives thinking. Passionate thought arises from the body. The only true passion of the mind is curiosity. The body is not curious. All technology derives from the mind’s curiosity. (34:41) #3128

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Hands-On-The-Levers Lay Outs For The Few
MARCH 3l, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

Sci-Fi (Via A Conversation).
“You ever considered that when two men converse it is life talking to itself?”
“Better still: when you think — it is life thinking.”
“Yeah-h-h, but if you start down that road….well…..
it kinda gives you the willies, wouldn’t you admit.”
“As a matter of fact: no — it gives life the willies,”
and upon these words entering his brain, the first man had a special sort of
mental seizure (a favorable one).

A father asked a son:
“Have you ever considered that every time you think of something that is true,
you also think of something that is false?”
“O stop it pa pa! — you know that sort of thing gives me headache.
(Praise be to Odin-in-an-overcoat).”

A man pondered:
“How can you (being born asleep) ever manage to make yourself wake up?!”
and the real-deal area of his consciousness injected:
“How is a man with no sense of smell yet aroused by the aroma of sex?”

Two Guys Game Play.
“How do you tell that men are thinking?”
“How do you know that fish are pissing in the ocean?”

“Pa pa: which should I prefer: to Achieve Enlightenment, or: to merge?”
“Didn’t you mean to say: or become hip to the mergence.”

Only after he died would one man admit that anything was wrong,
and his brother, only after waking up, would admit he was asleep.
(P.S. If you get this one — you ain’t in a terminal snooze.)

In the city context: everyone’s personal story sucks — yet everyone must tell theirs,
or all of man’s cultural structures would collapse.

Whenever you say what kind of person you are,
a little piece of what you really are dies.

Ordinary men find ordinary events funny — the certain man, something else entirely.

“The most important thing in life is to have some pills to take when you’re sick.”
“And things to think about when you’re starting to drift and doze.”

Curiously, a boy noted to an older relative:
“It seems like the less I care whether other people are impressed by me,
the more I like me?!”
“Aw! — It’s just your imagination.”

Ordinary men find words to be a most serious matter —
the real-deal-man knows better.

One chap decided that he would only buy a mattress that was made by men asleep,
and his cousin held a similar view concerning from whom he would take
spiritual instruction.
(“Yes, yes! — I understand that everything is connected,
but this is taking the matter way too far!”)

Cows never find a man insightful who does not, bovines assail.
(“If that wasn’t so highly annoying on its face,
I could probably find some metaphorical significance in that.”)

The best thing about sports is they offer men the collectively acceptable impression that they don’t know what’s going to happen next.

One man’s view: “If you ain’t laughing — it ain’t culture.”

How Hormones Work When Neurons Aren’t Sufficiently Vigilant.
When asked why he took up rhinoceros raising a man replied: “To meet women.”

The world’s most smartest writer (that’s what he calls himself) says:
“People write for one reason: so they can complain;
and they write fiction so they can hide the fact that it is them complaining.”

The Fame Is Not Entirely Out Of Reach Society notes that even an average person can be: “an anonymous donor.” (The Humility Foundation had no comment.)

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Recently parts of a list were printed here which consisted of names
apparently once considered for the certain uncommon activity reported on here daily
(and labeled at sundry times and locales as : The Struggle To Awaken;
To Achieve Enlightenment; To Accomplish The Great Liberation, et. al.);
below is the remainder of that list, a deep consideration of which might afford the
alert and anxious to get on with it person, practical hints how to proceed.


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(Or At Least, Shouldn’t….okay: Don’t Have To).

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