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Notes by TK

Large-scale human conflict based on religious/political differences is necessary to Life in the same way speech between individual men is necessary. (48:15) #3127

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3127       Once there’s a reasonable supply of food man becomes filled with intangible activities that make up man’s minds. It’s life keeping its innards vital. This is the primary food of civilized consciousness. It keeps it active and without that there could not be a technical scientific pursuit.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Outlier’s Key
MARCH 29, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

One day a father talked to a son about it:
“Everybody knows about it, and everyone knows it’s true —
people don’t talk about it directly, but it is always in their mind,
and permeating every cranny of their life.

There is nothing similar to it
(which is why it needs only the short, but fully distinctive name);
it is the earliest thing in every person’s memory (though in undercover guise)
and it is what everyone senses being forever over the next horizon.

Ordinary humans by their nature are unable to look at it face on,
or to think and speak of it candidly,
and not being aware of this they are of course, unaware that they do not;
they instead have a collection of pseudonyms available by which to refer to it:
one suitable for every taste and need.
From this perspective, the discrete difference between standard humanity and the likes of us is that we for some reason are born with the capacity to see it directly —
with no disguises, misdirections, or noms de plume.

Most people will tolerate hearing it talked about —
as long as it’s done indirectly and not rubbed in their face,
while the few, early in life, lose interest in such;
sensing (even before they understand what is going on) that some unspoken
form exists of the thing men publicly speak of (namely) it.
Seeing its pristine version becomes their great quest.

When they begin, no one knows what it is,
but these few instinctively know what it is not;
thus they discard the chaff in the words and ideas of their peers;
finally finding them all to be husks;
having winnowed their field of inquiry down to zero,
whatever they then discover must be — will be it.

Since all the normal, public tellings of it are superficial and fraudulent,
no one actually knows what it is in advance to seeing it their self;
ergo anyone’s ostensible pointing to it is of no use to you — and indeed squanders your time should you heed them (a fact which itself takes quite some time to grasp).

So inner anomalies like us are in a position of feeling at our very cellular level that there is some unknown it we must find, which we also are instinctively certain will
tell us everything we have always wanted to know
(and which everyone else says they do — but clearly do not).
We (consisting of some extremely small number) are each thus — alone;
as far back as you can remember you have been looking for it;
even after you found that your own family, friends and adult advisers
claimed they didn’t know what you were talking about when you sought information
from them about it — you still could not shake your hunger for it.

Ordinary men’s consciousness is of a standard size,
regardless of all social, cultural or intellectual factors,
and it has clear boundaries: seen by routine men as a positive,
for such defines truth from falsehood; good from evil, and reality from imagination — from the standard perspective —
but for the needs of the few: natural born consciousness is too constricted,
and the more constricted be a man’s consciousness the more must he think and speak of it indirectly and in disguised form;
indeed, if presented with talk/pictures of it in a non ambiguous form,
ordinary men are forced to denounce the descriptions, and if pushed far enough:
even deny its existence.
Literally my boy: the common size/scope of human consciousness is physically
too restricted to grasp in a single, direct gulp — it;
that is how things are, and no amount of palaver to the contrary matters.

It exists or we would not by nature be seeking it,
nor everyone else dreaming of it;
there is nothing like it;
there is no substitute for it;
there is no describing it to others;
there is no way to prove that it exists;
but for one in a billion men there is only one important thing in life — and that’s IT.”

_ _ _

The most important things in conveying great metaphysical truth are:
a sincere tone of voice and good hand gestures.

A strong hint that a man may know something is if he doesn’t get more serious,
the older he gets.

Health News.
Every time you criticize something — a brain cell dies.

Farm News.
Cows get disturbed; sheep get frightened;
a real deal man gets understanding.

Temp-Psy News.
Ordinary consciousness can’t operate in real time:
this is one of its prime, though overlooked features.

Queries one man: “What could be more fun than being sick:
you can feel bad without feeling bad about it.”

One man always wanted to live where philosophers are more important than athletes;
he finally got there and starved to death. (Or maybe he died for lack of medical care?!?)

The more sheepish you are the more you enjoy being part of mass movements.
“Are you speaking mentally, or just physically?”
Any way you like it.

In the real deal GreatQuest,
there is no such creature as a fully civilized knight;
sheep cannot find the grail, nor cows, it;
only the natural born it-people can turn internally in a certain way;
focus their eyes/I’s just so — and see it.