Jan Cox Talk 3126

Dissatisfaction = Flourishing Vitality


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Notes by TK

Mind, when not problem solving is a date/accounts book. The book is founded on audio input w/ memory. The power of sound: the said fills the content of the date/acct book. It is bothersome, irksome, driving. This is Life maintaining its internal vitality. Therefore do men continually comment on what has no physical practical import/purpose for their lives.

Consciousness aids in the survival and growth of Life Itself. This is evident in the constant, pervasive audio chatter of all men including that in the brain. Thought/speech written and uttered is life-instigated for its own benefit—not for an individual’s benefit. The driving principle: dissatisfaction of consciousness w/ its own content, thereby keeping itself roiling and participating in Life’s larger flourishing vitality. (40:57) #3126

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3126       People talking-they are dissatisfied with their consciousness and will say almost anything-say anything-but it’s life keeping a very specific part of its virtual innards-man’s consciousness- active and viable.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Meaty Stories Sans Fat
MARCH 26, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

One guy proffers: “You may be making some progress if you’ve reached the place where no amount or type of advertising will make you want something you didn’t.”
(“Sure glad this applies only to deodorant and gum.”)

One old sorehead finally became really pissed when it fully struck him that
since you know you are going to die — pessimism is a complete waste of time.
(Boy! — was he mad!)

On some planets they still say: “Just getting started is the hardest part,”
these words however, are just the start of it.

When you understand what is going on you can hear other people talk,
and know what is behind what they say even though they do not.

Words (The Big Three): It’s all trivia.

The Most Recent Results Of One Man’s Investigation Of The Elusive Link Between Man’s Invented Verbal World And The Natural Silent One (summarizes he):
“If you will prop the letter ‘H’ up against a wall; turn it at just the right angle;
then step back: it will look just like a roach.”
(This could be why men worship mountains and never mountains, men.)

One City’s Survival Slogan.
The humble, honest and honorable man will prevail,
but no more often than the arrogant, deceitful and disreputable.
Prison Health News.
A sick man’s a happy man.
And a horse doctor asked himself: “Where would man’s world of entertainment be without his attraction to perversion and the crippled?!”

In the land of the real-deal there is no counterfeit humor:
what is funny is funny because of reality not being seen through the words
being employed to describe it.
There is enjoyment in man’s First, survival pertinent reality (eating and sex),
but no humor;
in his Second (spiritual/artistic/intellectual) reality
the ever present, unappreciated humor is in men not seeing it for what it is.
Being sick is not funny: knowing the name of your illness is.
(“Certainly good that this applies only to one physically.”)

Although he had casually heard the words of the song before,
when one man finally witnessed the tune: “I Did It My Way” performed live —
and discovered it was sung seriously! —
he became so alarmed that he traded his CD player for a digital wok.

One chap notes: “I could never see metaphor as being an acceptable substitute for clear understanding;
my older brother says he can’t see metaphor as being an acceptable substitute for anything,
and my younger brother says he can’t see life as being anything but a metaphor.”
Either to a party, or a test: the invitation each man is handed at birth.
“Don’t you mean: ‘seems handed?!’”
Certainly — but what does a new born bambino know.
“Don’t you mean: ‘what does anybody know?!’”
Certainly — but what would saying that accomplish.
Where the real-deal-man hangs out:
verbal symbolism is indistinguishable from silent reality.
(A condition which you bed huggers might like to be warned makes dreaming impossible.)

“Adjectives are for children.”
“What kind of children?”
“Extremely young and foolish children.”
The Fact.
In a far corner of every universe is a Silence Factory.
(In some however, they are running short shifts).

“Oh! — I get it,” said a guy with city-fried hair:
“What you call man’s ‘second reality’ is just the first one, made meaningless.”
(It’s nice to see people get-it — even when they don’t — really.)

You could picture the evolution of civilization thus:
from beast to man;
from man’s beastly deities to his human ones,
and ultimately from deities to a familiarity with his consciousness.
Your eyes are not completely open as long as you are in a closet with your
apparent self without recognizing that it is the closet.
(“Well no wonder so many before me have groaned that: ‘There is no way out!’”)

Who would’ve thunk it?! — certainly not the thunker.

_ _ _

Several days ago a list was reported on that apparently contained names which
were once considered as operating titles for that certain unconventional inner activity reported on here daily (and known variously throughout history as:
The Struggle To Awaken; Achieve Enlightenment;
Gain The Great Liberation, et. al.);
below is more of that list
(which the very names themselves suggest to an alert reader
practical ways of pursuing that CertainGoal.)


Human Life: An Outsider’s Perspective.

The Intelligence Accelerator.

Okay — Answer This:

Info For The Sake Of Info.

The Surprising Interruption.

The Intelligence Smorgasbord.

The Perceiving Of Cognition.

Secret Brain Sweat.

All Closets Stink.

Audacious Recognitions.

A New Awareness.

Stuff You Would Never Think Of.

An Alternative To The Slower Sequential Method.

Come Out Of Your Room!

The Thought Super Collider.

It’s Not Necessary To Cope.

We Don’t Want To Remodel: We Want To Move.

Friends Of The Future.

Truth: The Supreme Sarcasm For The Non Sarcastic.

Neuro Surgery On Life’s Mind — (Okay: On Your Own).

An Intellectual Drive-By-Shooting.

The Non Fancy Explanation Of Life.

Cerebral Poison Control Center.

It’s Simpler Than Anyone Thinks.

It’s Just Around The Bend.

Process With No End.

Action Without An Object.

Reality: The Ultimate Irony.

Beyond Maniacal.

Bidet For The Mind.

The Key To The Unknown Lock.

It’s Simpler Than Anyone CAN Think.

Hey! — What’d You Expect!