Jan Cox Talk 3123

There Can Be No History of Mystical Endeavors


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Notes by TK

There have been many attempts to trace the history of mystical endeavor. It is all made up. There is no history. There can be no history. Of all the historical investigations by man there has never been a real study of thought itself. There has never been recognition that the study of thought stops thought. Why this lack of recognition? Why is it never mentioned?

One reason: Of what use is it to anyone? Of what entertainment value is it to anyone? It is unnatural and counter-intuitive and only of use to the mutant Few. Enlightenment is not a cure for anything. It is not a completion or replacement: it is the space created within a cessation of your natural thinking. (43:42) #3123

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Private Trading Floor For Outliers
MARCH 19, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

A mother told a child on the day he was to finally move to the city:
“Double check that you are taking all of the tools you will need for
a minimal existence there:
be sure you have a clock;
something to make notes on;
seed money;
something to make notes on;
suitable clothing;
a list of relatives to call on for help;
something to make notes on;
a list of strangers to blame for any screw ups,
and something to make notes on,”
and the off spring interrupted her:
“Why do you keep mentioning something to make notes on, after all, I have my mind,” and his mother shook her head sadly and thought: “But will you later?”

There is but one thing with the potential for endless pliability,
and in most people it is pretty well brittled to death by adulthood.

The King’s Minister Of Residential Placement & Nervous System Resolution
presented his most recent findings:
“Dangerous people always come from another land,
while the merely stupid can come from just around the corner.”
His Grace thanked him for the report, then, sensing the onset of a migraine,
retired for a solo stroll in the garden.
Those in real estate love to say that the three most important things about a property are: “Location, location, location” — an idea whose roots lie in the significance of
where precisely in his mind sits a man’s seat of individual consciousness.
A father tried to make this even clearer to a son by this challenge:
“Think of any word you want to — any word, no matter how complicated, foreign,
or unknown to you — and you can look it up in the dictionary.
Is not this life — as lived in part: privately and intangibly inside of a man’s head —
one whale of a thing to be involved in!”

The mute, but more manifold message behind the repetition of such
cynical non sequiturs as: “Only when pigs learn to fly,” or: “Not ‘til hell freezes over,”
concerns not the perceived limitations of porkers and purgatory, but rather an unwitting noting of the restricted time for the observation of things available to ordinary minds.
(Which is why city consciousness needs to keep notes.)

Found in a discarded anti-fortune cookie.
“When you are trying to wake-up: you have no time for anyone but you;
after you do wake-up: you have no interest in anyone but you.”

One citizen refused absolutely — in any manner whatsoever —
to be placated regarding the: injustices-rampant-in-the-land —
but the King let him slide on this one — (since he never even noticed it anyway).

News Regarding True Determination.
One man holds the view that a person is not serious about suicide
if they only shoot their self once.

The Literary Life (So To Speak).
In men’s three dimensional biographies you are either: warding off fatigue;
anxious for bed time, or else laying therein, restlessly awaiting sunrise.
(Those demanding anything more soon leave the fiction section.)

In a city crowd a man raised a placard that proclaimed:
“The Extroverts, Busybodies and Materialists Will Rule The World,” and strangely: no one present countered the claim.

Solid City Motto.
If you don’t brag on you — no one will.

How Mind Works.
A guy who wrote a daily newspaper column would sometimes (let us say on March 10) replace the one he had originally written for that day with one he would write for
March 11, and publish it under that day’s dateline —
and not one of his readers ever suspected what he had done.
Now quickly — before you forget — examine the thoughts that passed through your brain when you read this — then re-read the headline to the story.

There is only one irony: that things are as they are and men don’t see it.

Often, first thing in the morning while at the sink cleaning up,
one man will glance at himself in the mirror and say (with a hint of threat in his voice): “So! — how do you like your job?”

Said a city big shot: “What’s the good in being rich and powerful
if you don’t crush those who oppose you,” an attitude invented by
the real-deal part of the certain man’s consciousness toward the remainder.

There was once a man who lurked and darted about amidst the city’s many intellectual, artistic and spiritual doings, who would periodically come to a sudden stop;
strike a dramatic pose (whilst touching his nose) and whisper: “Ah! — I smell a wall!”

For the real-deal-man there is but one category of city explanations for things:

Non acceptable.

In a far away land the people have abandoned the triadic
conception of time (that it exists as: past, present and future) and have condensed
their view into a division of two: “The present — and all that other shit.”
(Rumor tells of a man there who did something similar related to his own liver….that is surely a misprint….it must have meant to read: his golf score….no, not that….perhaps his thinking….no, that makes no sense either….hummm….)

Another Silent City Dictum.
In times of stress,
stress is best.
Salient (Though Unworthy Of Mention) Scientific Fact.
Not only is everything in the ocean wet — but also the ocean itself.
“You know: I know that’s true but….but (oh, I don’t know) —
it’s just that I can’t (you know) hardly grasp what it actually means (you know?!)”
Another all-revealing, freely-given, unacquainted comment by the city.

Regarding Words And Their Consumers.
The real-deal-reader always has but one question.

Mistaking entertainment for attempted information,
and thought for understanding:
that is the anti way of the certain man.