Jan Cox Talk 3122

The Limits of Front Yard Daydreaming


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Notes by TK

Everybody thinks their own mental life would be so fascinating for another person to experience. The brain could be said to be living on a street connected to every other street in the universe, yet the mind never even goes around the block! The ordinary mind daydreams in its front yard, let alone gets out on the street. It thinks the same small cache of thoughts over and over when a whole universe of other thoughts exists for the exploring. (48:20) #3122

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Dispatches From The Oblique Sector
March 17, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX
There Is A Difference Between Drowning-In-Words,
And Doing So In Non Swimming Ones

The featured speaker at the convention opened his address thus:
“Although unannounced: immediately after everyone is born,
another person is sewn inside them,”
at which point a man in the audience stood and rejoined:
“You are using outdated data; my more recent research shows that
everyone has sewn inside them the belief that another person is sewn inside them.”
Referee’s Decision Upon Watching The Replay.
“Belief always takes precedence. Ball was in bounds — first down.”

Man’s spiritual realm truly began to blossom when for instance, almost miraculously,
all of the inspired, enlightened men who turned up in Hinduism started to be Hindus, and those in Shintoism, Shintos.
(Even if you’re not religiously inclined you must admit that this is extraordinary enough to make you reconsider the question of supernatural forces and events, no?!)

The Way Of Prison Life.
What could be more enthusing, edifying and thoroughly entertaining
than hearing someone repeat the words of another.
“No thank you, no food needed for me (for you see):
I got to meet a man who once watched someone eat (so of course I’m fine in that area.)”

The Head of The Order said to a neophyte:
“Leave the Crown and the Crowds to debate the existence of free will;
the true knight knows that he has none — save to do that which he must.”

Only those not bothered by rain get enjoyment from discussing meteorology.

Another Unrecognized Plain Fact.
If you don’t care what people think about you — they won’t much think about you.

Not infrequently in his ongoing verbal intercourse with himself
one man would feel the propriety of saying: “No need to be insulting.”

How The Real Justice Of Things Works (As Per Man’s Mind).
None of the truly important people in the world live in places
with hard to pronounce names.

“There is only one pay off to trying to help other people — do you know what it is?”
“Hell! — everybody knows that!”

For a while: whenever making a first person reference, instead of saying: “I” —
one man substituted the phrase:
“That which I am (quote): ‘pleased to call myself ‘ (end quote)”
an act he says with visible benefits as questionable as any other alteration
a man attempts in his personal life awash in the omnipotence of humanity’s
standard behavior.
One man couldn’t find a way to stop the traffic that constantly roared through his yard, but did finally discover that it was meaningless —
which eventually brought him to the realization that it was not his —
a perhaps, childishly-simple-seeming recognition,
yet one unacknowledged by all but the point zero, zero, zero, zero percenters.
All of life is a big imitation — and man with the addition of insisting it’s not.
Latest Model Update.
Everyone is a fine example of what they are.

Written on a hidden spot in his front pocket, one man has these words:
“Anything I think once is brilliant;
anything I think twice is shit.”

One man limited his brain’s (meant to say: his son’s) conversations to two areas: farming and flat-out jokes.
(And: yes, he did grow up to be just the sort of man you were imagining he would.)

There is a certain part of the city in which everyone sincerely believes that
everything is coming-apart.
Question: How can a mechanical engine have awareness of
the working of its individual parts?
Answer: It can’t.
Note: Yet it does!
Son Of Note: Yet it seems to.
The Kind Of Question That, Pursued Far Enough By The Few,
Will Make One’s Current State Of Consciousness Uninhabitable.
What gives with life making man, through the use of a specific area of his brain, conceive of and construct eye glasses to correct common defects in his vision
rather than just physically improving it?
(Investigating such matters is much more efficient and less popular than
any course of metaphysical or spiritual study dedicated to acquiring
an uncommon understanding of things.)

Fact: You can stare at reality, the trick is: getting it to stare back at you.
(“Which I’m assuming, you are implying changes the functional nomenclature of
the word: stare.”)

The real-deal-knight has but one weapon: his mind;
the true knight has but one armor: his mind;
he has but one steed: his mind;
he has no operational manual save his own mind —
— and that pretty well covers it.

Portents Native To The Navel Of The City.
At street-level: everyone is their own omen.
(Don’t forget, boys & girls: Every person is a prime example of what they are.)
“Pa pa: is this connected to the fact that in the mythic knight’s Round Table room
are hung two portraits of each one off on The Great Quest,
and only one of those who completed it?”
“How much longer in your speech are you going to capitalize terms like:
‘the great quest?’”
“Knowing you, the answer to that probably is: As long as I still think about
this uncommon activity of ours in such a metaphysical manner.”
“Sometimes you make me proud to be thoughts in some man’s head.”
“Me too, Pop — me too.”


One apparently quite charitable chap notes: “I can certainly agree with much of what life has to say.”