Jan Cox Talk 3121

Only Think About What Your Mind Says About an Event Not the Event


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Notes by TK

An equally effective possible method of awakening: only think about what your mind says about the present external circumstance animating it, not the event itself. What is there to think about that which has no survival significance to your life? Only the physical-based has relevance to your life. (38:13) #3121

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3121       Method: it’s not to think about things, you think about what your mind has to say about the thing. You think about your brain thinking that thought.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Helping The Hot Remove Their Chestnuts From The Fire
March 15, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

If You Don’t Find Being Conscious Of The Fact That You Are Alive And Conscious The Most Interesting Thing In Life,
You Will Never Grasp What These Daily News Items Are About

Mind can objectively see what physical things do and determine how they work,
but not so itself;
this is what some, throughout the ages and a mite poetically have referred to
as a mental condition equivalent to a state of dreaming while one is out of bed,
and carrying on their everyday affairs;
as readily witnessed: the life of Homo sapiens nevertheless proceeds apace;
indeed: through the talent of thought, man continues to expand his life span
on this planet, and extend his reach into space;
via the mind and its invented technologies man can look into the depths of the oceans, and to the edge of the universe;
no man can definitively say that there is a limit to what the human mind can grasp —
— in the realm of physical stuff —
and ordinarily wired ones believe this also true regarding the non physical one
within man; they are programmed to so insist
in spite of there being not an iota of supporting evidence — nay! —
but rather four thousand years of clear history to the contrary;
and yet man is made to press on with what is (from an objective perspective)
a flagrant self duping.

While there may be no ultimate cut off point to what mind can understand
about the nature and operation of physical things,
there is not even the minutest starting point for its grasping of its own essence,
and enterprise;
but of more significance to an uncommon man committed to the investigation of
this situation is the fact that even the sharpest, best educated of normal human minds cannot see this most conspicuous and constitutional characteristic of itself;
(taking poetic wing ourselves, could say):
It is one thing to be blind — but quite a bit more to not know it —
whilst being subject to the restrictions of such a condition (or pushed a bit higher):
Being ignorant is not the same as being unaware that you are;
believing that you know what is going on when you do not is not even in the same reality as realizing that such is mankind’s natural mental condition.

The way of egress for the rambunctious few is: wrap-around-consciousness:
a mental configuration so expanded from its normal size as to be able to
wrap around and encompass itself:
an eye dilated to such an irrational dimension that it can perceive itself.
(Exercising no lyrical license): The normal genetic programming of man
does not give to the brain’s consciousness the ability to see and comprehend itself,
(religion, psychology, sociology, history, all of what he calls culture being
unwitting witness to both this incapacity and mind’s inability to recognize same).

The few (born with some non standard wiring in a certain spot) have the potential to (best description possible) push out the sides in all directions of the intangible but
quite real box that is the consciousness with which men are normally born;
these anomalistic individuals can literally (though in-corporeally) from the inside out — — stretch their consciousness — their mental awareness of being alive —
so far beyond everyone else’s size and configuration as to be incomparable
(though it be un provable and of no interest to everyone else).

Wrap-around consciousness.

* * *

One man’s favorite non medical pastime is having small, short seizures.

How Mind Works.
Just to embarrass recipients, one man writes all of his letters in the nude.

Men who make predictions are commonly known as prognosticators
(also among the secret cognoscenti as: nitwits.)

One guy says he’s not as worried about the particulates in the air as he is about
those in the ideas that have infiltrated his consciousness.

“Those born muscular take strength for granted,
while a puny person who works to become powerful feels pride thereabout.”
“So what does this have to do with people born with no more potential
in their consciousness than is standard for man?”
“Is that all you ordinary people can think about — you,
and man’s mundane mental mode?!”
Moral: House cats believe that the world revolves around hair balls.
Fact: All who make not extraordinary efforts to go outside are house cats.
(“And: ‘go-outside’ I assume, refers to something other than a physical structure.”)

Certain things go better if you’re desperate;
the nervous-system-rebel is born desperate.

How Mind Works: A Conversation.
“There is no such thing as infinity.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Because neither my mind nor anyone else’s can conceive of it.”
“So how was man able to come up with the concept?”
“Okay………maybe the headline to this should have been:
‘The Sort Of Thing That Happens If Mind Does Try To Think About Itself.’”

Not thinking more than you have to is like living on a street that is connected to
many others which go to an infinite number of new and perhaps interesting places
available for you to visit, but which you never do —
what kind of way is that to live?
(picture it): a man born with that certain anomalistic nervous system
has direct access to every mental locale ever conceived of by the human mind —
who passes up such an opportunity?