Jan Cox Talk 3119

You Can Be Amazed by Consciousness Even Not Knowing What It Is


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Notes by TK

The amazement of being conscious = the awakening of enlightenment. We cannot know what consciousness is or anything about it, but we can be amazed by it. What is taken to be original thinking is merely a reworking of previous material having emotional resonance in the brain. An example: the song ‘Hillbilly Heaven’ which after the original line of ‘I dreamed I died and went to hillbilly heaven’ is just the review of past artists and their hit songs. (66:13) #3119

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Taking The Few Where They Really Want To Go
March 10, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Everyone is full of words; some informative — most merely amusing,
and for the purpose of drawing attention to oneself;
not distinguishing between the two is the condition normal to man’s consciousness.

Mind: Imperfect eye glasses through which ordinary men attempt to think.
A boy asked the mayor:
“Which is the greater impairment to intellectual clarity: drugs or mental plagiarism?”
and His Honor replied:
“I am obliged by civilization and the city to say: drugs.”

Although labeled by the ordinary as an act of creativity,
the writing of fiction is actually one of desperation.

One man practices this private health principle:
To laugh at all anti immune systems.
(“Is he talking about the goings on in the city?”)

“Pa pa: what is the most humorous thing you hear ordinary people say?”
“That a certain human art form or intellectual activity should be more popular
than it is.”
“Oh, did I say the most futile thing?”

One man’s one word proposal as the T.O.E.H. (The Theory Of Everything Human): Expansion!

How Mind Works.
One guy’s approach to handling a certain type of unwanted mail:
“You don’t have bills until you open the bills.”
(Or maybe he’s really saying something about consciousness and thoughts.)

One man says he is emphatically in favor of a: drug-free-environment,
(especially he notes [cutting his eyes upward] of a certain sort.)

A tyrant lies in the heart of many wolves and sheep;
the city part of men’s minds requires a mayor — and one with a firm hand,
(how do you think sanity there is defined?!)

One man says:
“The only thing a cell phone is good for is to announce a spontaneous party!
(Also true for a certain area of the mind for a certain type of secretive celebration).”

Life finally took one man aside who had long been trying to: wake-up,
achieve-enlightenment (and like that) and said to him:
“Just exactly what IS your problem?”

Egging a drinker on by complimenting him on how impressively he can throw back sequential straight shots is not unknown in another guise amongst teetotalers.

Said one wolf to another: “Does it not truly touch your heart to see our leader with tears in his eyes when he speaks to us on an important matter.”
“Wow! — I didn’t know your pack is led by a crocodile.”

A common though unstated sentiment regarding the entertainment value
of city comments: “If it don’t raise my blood pressure — it don’t do it for me.”

“One man can switch back to his old, regular state of consciousness
any time he wants.”
“Boy! — that’s a good one: any time he wants to!”
“Yeah, that was pretty funny.”

Some Things You Can Remember (If You Want To).
Man is in captivity — not exile.
There is no me outside of me.
Talk is energy (so is memory), but neither of necessary consequence.
Efficient force is complex in planning, simple in execution.
The other voice in your inner dialogue is life’s.
There is no such creature as: partial responsibility.
The pretense of a thing IS the thing.
No one here is in charge.
There is no out there; there are no circumstances.
Condemnation of the past proves no commitment to the future.
What a thing is may not be its ideal state.
Forces can’t be bribed (even by prayer).
In some places if you think about something more than once, it’s yours (and vice versa).
Life has its own agenda.
The complex consumes the simple.
Some success is no success.
Things are arranged as they are so they’ll work as they do.
Every story has two endings; every story has three endings;
every story has four… (you get the idea — oh yeah, another thing):
Life is big enough to hold everybody — every idea, every feeling.
(And P.S.): WE are in life’s best interest.

Said a father to a son:
“Trying to enlarge your consciousness to the size that can get to the bottom of things
is like a fish not only attempting to escape the school into which he was born,
but also the net of its collective perceptions,
and ultimately to give himself over completely to the water.”
“But isn’t the latter his natural state to begin with?”
“Yes, but he must unravel the first two matters to fully realize it.”
“Which is what always makes the difference?!”

The difference between a nervous-system-rebel and a crazy person
is that a crazy person is crazy.

If you want to get to the bottom of something that is a category (like religion, or politics) you have to think about outside that category.
The difference between a man who really wants to know and everyone else
(who will say they do — if they are asked)
is that he wants to know badly enough to use his mind in ways (certainly non standard) that lead to such, (in other words):
he will actually think about the things he wants to know about,
after having fumbled around and discovered on his own,
mental activity that alone (comparably speaking) deserves to be called thinking,
when it comes to the scrutiny of man’s many intangible affairs.

The consciousness of the man-who-knows is not where you think it is.