Jan Cox Talk 3116

Men Cannot Know Who They Are, But They Can Sure Say They Know


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Notes by TK

To be conscious is to have allowed a stranger to invade and take over your mental household. Everybody feels like they have an “I” entity or feeling of selfness inside, which controls their life. This is a total fiction. When did you decide to become you? How did you decide to be you? It’s even impossible to think about that! One characterization of the process of awakening is: ‘separation from illusion’; but there is no way to know that; you could be separating from reality!!

Ordinary consciousness believes it is in charge because it is who it is. But how can you know you’re you? There is no way to know because there is no alternative for comparison; moreover you can’t even think about it!! Therefore separation from illusion is separation of what from what!?

Men cannot know who they are, but all men can SAY that they know who they are. That is the norm—the ordinary condition of a man’s consciousness; in this sense, separation from it is separation from reality, consensual reality. (43:42) #3116

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3116       As waking up becomes enlightenment its all separation from illusion except there’s the joke: there’s no way to know that. You could be separating from reality, not from into another illusion.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Acting As Clock For The Real Tick-Tock
March 3, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX
Ask Yourself: How Can You Find Fault With Life:
Something So Interesting And Constantly Comical

If Neurons AND Hormones Could Talk.
Again the two lovers quarreled:
“Life is too short for us to make each other suffer like this.”
“No — life is too long for us to do this.”
“Too short!”
“Too long!”
“Too short!”
“Too long!” — do you get the point? — do you by feel recognize it as being in you,
and pragmatically far beyond mere notions of irony?!

Hormones rob the bank; neurons write the hold-up note — after the fact.

One man says: “The best thing about what ordinary men call: the news
is that every day’s can be summed in thirty minutes.”
Graffito found in the bathroom between the Physics and Philosophy departments
at city college:
“The mastermind of things sublime,
is he who knows the space of time — no my dear: the real space.”
Fact: The size of one’s consciousness is the sense of one’s time:
constricted C = hurried T.

The reason that sheep are everyone’s personal hero is obvious.

Snarls one guy’s mind: “I should sue all those other people for their
unauthorized appropriation of the term for I am truly: The Me Generation!”

Clichés are like old mental friends — rebel consciousness hates old friends.

With words do neurons attack, and by them in neurons are men hurt;
with fists do hormones attack, and by them are men in both hormones & neurons hurt,
and neurons cry: “UNFAIR!”
Question: Why do not hormones cry foul over the fact that
there are only martyrs to neural activity?
Ferrets know when to stay holed —
even as mathematicians continue to irrationally wander about the landscape.

Clichés are like close city allies — rebel consciousness eschews close allies.

How Mind Works When It’s Too Mechanically Given.
When it was suggested to one man that he use the: Word Correct on his computer
to automatically type oft used, long terms by putting into: Replace the acronym for
the term and then the full phrase in: With — he shook his head:
“Oh no — that would never work: the computer would know that it was not a real word, and recognize what I was trying to pull.”

Smack dab in the middle of everybody, one man stood and declared his desires:
“I will not be satisfied with my life until I find:
a religion that will make me feel guilty for just being alive;
a government that will make me believe that I owe it;
a hobby that I must defend,
and personal relationships so deep, strong and meaningful
that I will have mixed feelings about them.”
(Perhaps his listeners weren’t quite themselves that day — for no one had any response to his comment?!)

The Unnoticed Relationship Between Brain & Consciousness And Fashion & Fashion.
You can either wear clothing made of naturally wrinkled materials,
and thus never have to press them — or:
move to a place where the background of life itself is wrinkled,
and ergo you never seem out of style.

“In the city: Those who pretend the most — may win the most.”
“And that is only true in the city?”
“No — but I didn’t think you were up for the bigger version.”

A guy grumped to a sage:
“You once said that: thinking-is-fun, and I’d like to say: Maybe the way you do it!”
(Note: Only those who take crap seriously take criticism of crap seriously.)

No system is better or worse than the people running it,
which is why (men knowing this) all systems have rules written for them which describe in detail how they should be operated so as to remove the capriciousness of, The-human-element — and as with all things mental, civilized and city rational:
this sounds fine — until you really think about it for more than three seconds.
A real knight on the true magical quest is always his own system and rules —
anything less leaves him fighting dragons —
and everyone knows that dragons do not actually exist.

A man with an ever hovering feeling that he should be improving-himself
one day thought:
“If I don’t finally do something about this, the stress and guilt will be the death of me,” and his stomach chuckled and said:
“Ah, don’t sweat it — cancer’ll get you first” —— and the man felt a lot better.

More News Regarding Neurons & Hormones.
Even a man on a mission-from-god will stop what he’s doing to go to the bathroom.

“If there is something deeply embarrassing I have done —
can I not tell you about it?”
“If there is something terribly sad that happened to me —
can I not tell you about that too?”
“If you prefer.”
“Can I not tell you anything about me?”

Words! — what a marvelous concept;
words & the potential for ever enlarging consciousness:
what a compass & timepiece man alone possesses.


Just for the just of it one kid typed in a web search for:Doing The Thing.