Jan Cox Talk 3115

Man’s Useless Ideas Serve as a Reserve for Life’s Risk Management


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Notes by TK

All of man’s external cultural artifacts and icons are a reflection of the activity in his consciousness. An example: risk management, specifically government catastrophic flood insurance. Originally government encouraged men to live close to water to facilitate commerce. Flood insurance is a mechanism to spread out the risk of inevitable floods over the citizenry. It’s like a gigantic lottery.

Whereas taxation for public works takes a little from everyone to benefit everyone, government insurance takes a little from everyone to benefit only a few. Life has funded in men’s’ minds a lottery of thoughts which can sustain a single man, should his own thinking become destitute, or that insures Life against its own misfortunes.

Thus are all the dumb and useless ideas that run thru all men’s minds constantly, serving as a reserve of mental resources for Life’s own risk management program. (47:47) #3115

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3115       Risk management: a lottery for the benefit of the people. It’s collected a penny from every possible synapse having a reserve of thoughts that you’ll probably never use. The stupid ideas: what’s working now sometime might not work. The dumb sleeping ideas are Life’s risk management.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Putting It Together For Those Not Satisfied With Being Apart
March 1, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

This Is Not About What Ideas You Should Have In Your Mind,
But Rather What You Can DO In Your Mind

Mused one man: “We may all be shills for the city,
but I’ll be damned if I’ll do more than I have to.”

“Men who use the word: inevitable in discussing strictly human affairs
couldn’t be of more ordinary intelligence if they took graduate classes therein.”
“Are you trying to say that they’re stupid?”
“What?! — I’ve got a speech impediment?”

What is taken for intelligence in the city is being smart enough to read books by
other men who there are taken to be intelligent.
Rats confined to the track remain safe.
(“And what in life could be more important than safe rats!”)

Noting The Obvious.
One man says: “Isn’t it coincidental that the more you are falling apart
the more you see life falling apart?!”

One guy says he sees no reason for manic depression to give all mania a bad name. (Though he admits he’s not entirely clear why he feels this way…..
…..and after getting a good look at you, it may be best not to pursue it.)

In poor lands, the dumbest like to be appointed messengers for the king,
for by delivering important intelligence they feel important and intelligent.
Note: Every synapse worthy its name understands this from day one —
and a mind ponders: “If I am being fooled by some of my cells —
how could I ever become aware there of?! — in that I AM my cells!”
(“Don’t listen to that shit,” injected a socially concerned neuron.)

The only things ordinary men know to think about
are whatever everyone else is thinking about.
(Quite another coincidence, huh?!)

The way one man found to deal with a problem of having only a limited amount of
a particular substance to be divided between X and Y containers,
and trying to decide how much each would receive,
was to spill most of it as he began pouring — thus solving the problem
by making it moot.
(And — Gawd! — how he embraced this protocol in a certain intangible and quite personal situation.)

One man labeled his mind’s beliefs & opinions: Fads & Fallacies.

Actors trying to describe what they do is hearing a wolf give a demonstration of howling — both being what occurs in the mind with what ordinary men call: thinking.
The indicativeness of four is clearly its fourness — what else the hell you lookin’ for?

A man who doesn’t know the answer will say to he who asked it:
“That is a very good question…”
(And one man’s mind reminded him:
“I warned you: don’t pay any attention to that kind of crap.”)

If you can tell that a man is on drugs — he’s on the wrong ones.
(One man’s slogan is: “Bring an unwrapped gift.”)

Women brush hair out of their eyes;
men, thoughts they don’t grasp.

Reporter interviewing author.
Reporter: “How do you write all of your stuff?”
Author: “You’ve never seen anyone work a computer?”
Reporter: “No – how do you mentally come up with all the things you write?”
Author: “How did you come up with that question?”
Reporter: “Well — I just thought about the kinds of things you would want to ask
an author — then decided to ask you that particular one.”
Author: “Okay, if you can accept that: then take it as my answer to your question.”
(Didn’t seem like the reporter got-it.)

Struggling to say-what-you-mean when you don’t mean nuthin’
is the sport-of-kings (city kings, to be precise).

“All heroic myths are in truth, fears,
and all human fears (save death and laming) are superstitions.”
“How the hell can you call fears, superstitions!”
“Yeah! — how the hell’d I do that?!”

Upgraded Health Update.
For the few: the “Big C” is: “Not big enough Consciousness.”

In the city: all predictions are as good as all others;
in the city: all predictions eventually come true;
in the city: all predictions are meaningless –
in the city things don’t become — they are: they all are but bits OF the city:
a fact completely unrecognizable to those living there.
Things cannot become better or worse in Atlantis;
Atlantis is the mind and once it’s sunk — always so.
The imagination giveth, but it cannot taketh away — not from city dwellers! —
once Beauty is Asleep — forget about it! — there is no awakening her.

The reason men prefer the radio to listening to their own CD’s
is that even the illusion of control is taken from them.

Plainly emblematic of areas of man’s ignorance is his historic choice of heroes.

Terrorists continue to scare the bejesus out of city-ites
via the dastardly weapon of mirrors.

In a creation landlord-tenant arrangement, said one to the other:
“When the matter of upkeep becomes unbearable —
you’re beginning to burn.”

Inspirational tales only inspire those who need inspiration.
Synapses who can ride — can ride themselves.