Jan Cox Talk 3112

For the Few, Reminiscing Is Ruinous to Awakening


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Notes by TK

All animals require an immediate physiological input to experience fear. Humans can fear w/o a sensory input via memory of frightening experiences. It is the basis of human stress syndromes. Remembered-fear has survival value; it guides future behavior in similar conditions. Animals too have this faculty but it is instinctual recall, not intellectual remembrance.

Human remembered-fear can have adverse physical affect. “Reminiscing is the ruination of life”. Whereas, remembrance of ideas is fine, it is the recall of feeling-emotion that is detrimental. Of what value to Life is the non-sensory fear reaction in man? Is it to evaluate if there are any kinds of such remembrance that have any redeeming use for survival? Still, for the Few, reminiscing is ruinous to awakening. (31:38) #3112

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Putting For The Few, The “In” Back In: “Intangible Environment.”
February 23, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Life wants everyone to soon settle-down and play their appropriate role,
and with hippos for instance: there is no problem: they are born being hippos,
and that is the end of that — but with man! — ah yes: But with man! — WELL! —
we all know what comes into play in his case, huh?!

Time, Space, Man And Reality.
The mind’s natural domain is the temporal.
“Is this why most people’s thoughts have so little maneuvering room?”
That is one way of looking at it.
“Hold it! — I don’t want: ‘one’ way of looking at anything — I want THE — real,
and only correct way of looking at everything!”
Thus is man’s natural mind, and by so being, does it never see things as they
wholly are since (in the mental realm): no matter what you naturally believe you see — there is always another a view of it; it is always possible to see one more facet
of whatever it is you are mentally handling.
To be (as ‘tis sometimes called): asleep —
is having your consciousness confined to a world of time:
a place where your thoughts see all things existing and working serially;
waking-up (as is often labeled)
is having your consciousness freed from this normal confinement.

One man asked: “Which is the most grinding to hear:
an elected official speak, who must be constantly courting favor with his listeners,
or a dynastic ruler, who is accountable to no one?!” and his mind warned:
“I’ve about had enough of your lame-ass jabs at me!”

Rabbits attempt to puff themselves up by being messengers of news,
frightening to other timid creatures.
Only the man-who-knows is full of good news,
but of a sort he can only keep to himself.

Words are neurons;
words are hormones speaking through proxy;
neurons are words;
hormones are actions;
all neurons can do is talk;
all hormones can do is feel and act.
(“Will all of you please take your seats so we can get this bus on the road.” )

The two sides face off across the line of scrimmage:
one side holding that the mind is too tightly connected to the body,
the other believing that it is too loosely tied to the rest of the physique.

Question: Will a lion cry if you strike him with a gazelle;
Question Two: What sound will an intellectual make if you peek under his mind?

One man re reads his incoming mail numerous times,
but never once looks over his outgoing
(and his mind growled: “I just warned you about that shit!”)

One man offers:
“If you see you in the future saying: ‘I’m sorry’ —
go ahead now and sign the: I’m-Surely-Never-Going-To-Wake-Up pledge.”

News Concerning Matters Of Sexual Legality & Mental Originality.
Anyone who speaks the words of another is a whore.

Due to the ever increasing encroachment of humans & civilization,
it is becoming de rêgle for mallards to discuss the pressures of being a duck.

All men flow from Adam:
some fed more from his head — others more from his loins;
what a team they make — even when in apparent contest.

Taciturnity is natural to the man who is awake —
and the best course for those not sure whether they are or not.

Life In Mirror Land.
The nice thing about being a reflection is you can’t be proven to exist or not.
(And self growls: “Are you people attempting to discuss me again?!”)

Someone you feel you must defend — you envy and despise;
look after your own reputation — if you’re asleep and concerned about yours.
(And, oh yeah — if you’re concerned — you are asleep.)

The ordinary are finished when their body dies —
the certain man when his mind does.

The way to the rebel’s inner safety is through his not embracing
the ideas the collective accepts as sureties.

The real name of a real sage is: Anonymous.
(Check with those special rebellious synapses in your own brain.)
Being identified is the way a nervous-system-knight is slain.

More City Info.
One chap known to have frequented that collectively based area of the mind poses:
“Tell me what in man’s intangible, second reality is not in need of explanation!”
(“It’s becoming clear to me why mountains do not have a publicist.”)
The substantial speaks for itself — even though silent,
while all things in man’s mental-only realm must be verbally detailed,
hawked & humped.

On another world: their tradition of trying-to-wake-up goes by the name:
Educating Trees.

A Reminder Quiz For Those Given To Intermittent Bouts Of Blindness.
What is the most obvious thing in the world? — That life itself is alive;
what is the most difficult thing in the world to remember? — That life itself is alive.
(“Okay — I’ve got another question for you:
Why does life obviously not want men to realize and remember this?”)

In Re Residency.
One man lived so high up, that it was difficult for him to come down — oops! —
an update to this story just in: He has no interest in coming down.

A pig who left the woods and moved into town
would never wear his business clothes when he went back for family reunions.

Closing Tip.
An awake man never goes back home — not entirely.


P.S. Where a man goes — is where he belongs.