Jan Cox Talk 3109

Meaningless Diversity: Purposeful and Inscrutable


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Notes by TK

That Life is pursuing human cloning and stem-cell research is not surprising. What is interesting and surprising is the debate by men about whether it is morally allowable, as if the advance could be terminated. There is no possibility that cloning research won’t continue and thrive. Life has a vested interest in increasing individual men’s lifespan.

Why does Life make men have doubts about this and engage in the spurious debate over cloning issues? The same dichotomy, ambivalence and debate exist in your own mind in the same way. It is a kind of meaningless diversity that Life employs purposefully but inscrutably. (52:32) #3109

Notes by DR

Jan Cox Talk 3109       Having a second doubt to whether cloning will happen is ridiculous. Life pretends the gross heaviness. It’s inevitable. It’s not a question or debate, but our consciousness is of two minds-which is being asleep-but its Life being of two minds. The only thing life is interested in is survival. Life is of two minds inside our minds. That’s what we’re contending with. All diversity regarding the intangible is meaningless.

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Reporting On What’s To Be Said About Things There’s Nothing To Be Said About
February 16, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

The adventures of primary, physical-reality-men are physical;
those of second, cultural-reality-men are mythical,
while the adventures of the real-deal-man are all mental —
and fully recognized by him to be such;
realizing the nature of the playing field alters entirely your understanding
of the game really in progress.

While ordinary men define the word: myth as being:
“The link between the human and the divine” the exceptionally keen-of-eye/I
see it as the link between consciousness and its struggle to comprehend itself,
(that is): the vital step to realizing — what is going on with being a human.

Even though we must eat to live, and have sex to be satisfied with being alive,
the supreme desire in all humans is for — Freedom! — and yet —
ordinary minds do not really understand what the concept represents.

Myths are dreams the mind has when man is out of bed;
and religions are myths man uses as blankets since he came to the city.

If you are most impressed by the collective metaphors & symbols created by others, you have yet to get it.

The paramount benefit of being infinitely rich is that you don’t have to ask anybody
for anything,
and the benefit of being awake is that you don’t have to ask anyone anything.

Looking at himself a man thought:
“It’s safe to say that after you’re gone — I‘ll never see your likes again.”
(Is this his attempt to find something nice to say about himself —
or perhaps it is a satire of ordinary men’s ostensible feelings about themselves?!)

Upon hearing of a religious cult who only allowed followers beds so narrow
as to prohibit sexual activity therein, one chap mused:
“Man’s collective attitude toward the mind runs that same game.”

One day this thought came to a man:
“The notion that parents will die for their young comes from the young……hummm,
this is also an attitude the natural born part of my consciousness tries to pawn off
on my rebellious part……hummm, and now that I see it —
‘It won’t work any longer, guys!’”

Said a father to a son: “If you have to ask what the moral is to a story I tell —
you have missed the whole purpose of all my stories.
Men live the life they physically live — and also a life composed of story telling;
both are necessary to be human;
understanding their discreteness is necessary to outspread your consciousness,
and make it more useful and agreeable to the aims of the certain man.”

Just as the ache of sexual desire can only be cured by sex,
so too is the mental craving for understanding cured only by itself.
For the nervous-system-rebel there literally is no substitute for understanding —
the type that comes only from an expansion of one’s natural sized consciousness.

Being awake comes from leading your own life —
as opposed to the life of the collective — as do ordinary men.

The religious idea of hell being a condition wherein man loses his connection to god, translated into rebel terms would be: A man loses his mind.

Every normal, reasonably reflective human finds life a mystery,
but a man who wakes up to what is going on enjoys an even grander one.

“Pa pa: what is the strangest thing you’ve ever heard?”
“Some people believing that what I talk to you about is an attempted exposé of
the very matter I talk to you about.”

When it comes to liberating-ideas, the rebel practices: hospitality-overload.

Everyone is aware there is a mysterious/unknown motion and motivation behind everything we think, feel, and do;
ordinary minds insist on giving it a name, an awakened one doesn’t,
and that is their radical difference.
Not letting your mind be as conscious as it can be is what keeps you from
the direct awareness of the unknown force/energy/thing.
Wanting to awaken/be enlightened is simply the urge to let/to make
your consciousness be as large as is physically possible —
which is not man’s ordinary state;
partisan thoughts and mechanical reflections of feelings normally constrict it
by being way too busy and distracted.

One Piece Of Evidence.
If anyone else’s ideas can entertain you more than your own —
you still haven’t gotten there.

Lesson Prep.
A man who can think for himself has always (as they say) — done-his-homework.

Since the word sex has arisen:
The certain man knows but one form of deviancy:
a cessation in his struggle to awaken.

Only men of standard consciousness will let others talk to them about
what kind of person they are;
the certain man will not even allow his own mind to do such a thing.

Ordinary minds & men think that things are about what they are about,
(religion is about religion; politics about politics and so on),
while to the certain man: everything is about the same one thing.

Just as everyone knows that exposure to the sun will cure skin cancer,
so too will exposure to ordinary people’s ideas cure overly expansive consciousness.

What everyone else calls: their-life
is (to the certain man) simply what happens while he’s trying to wake up.


(One more thing): to ordinary people, all matters are either serious, or humorous,
while the man-who-knows finds it all funny.