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The Narrative Tells You Everything You Need to Know to Be You


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Notes by TK

There are only two things going on at any moment: physical action/feeling and the narrative about that or some other object of thought. The narrative is amorphous, but is the essence of self-familiarity. It is not a distinct, direct story about you but it contains all the pertinent info about your life—tells you all you need to know to be you.

The narrative is not a king; it is like a shadow government, the real controlling power behind the throne but unknown and vaporous in its machinations. The part of the narrative that a man cannot live is the motivation behind novels; the main character possesses the traits of the author’s narrative that he cannot be in life.

The narrative is Life itself and manifests like Life itself. Life does the impossible: it survives by self-cannibalism. It is unstable yet enduring—unspecific, pervasive, adaptive and intrusive.

The narrative is like a voice over in a travelogue repeating the same things over and over and unbelievably boring! When you begin talking, the narrative stops. If you keep talking to it (telling your own story) it is powerless. (48:51) #3105

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Verbal Vaccination For The Very Few
February 6, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

One man in the city proffers this advice:
“If you can’t write — edit;
if you can’t sing — coach;
if you can’t paint — teach,
and if you can’t think………..well — I don’t want to think about it.”
Upon hearing this, the Police Chief’s physique nudged him and said:
“See! — that’s the good thing about me: I don’t have to be fooled in ways like that,” and the physically inclined one huffed and replied: “Ah, shut up and eat something.”
Fact: On the menu of primary reality, substitutions are neither needed, nor in order.
The athlete enjoys simply running with the ball;
the intellectual’s pleasure is in searching for a metaphorical significance of the running to keep his mind distracted from the fact that he himself is not doing so.
Long (though quite selectively) men have said: “Those who can’t – teach,”
but a more precise telling of this reality would be: “Those who can’t — think about it,” which (as opposed to being merely a smart-ass critique) is a reasonably expansive picture of what makes civilization (on the outside) & city life (on man’s inside) viable.
All doing and no thinking would not merely make Jack a dull boy,
but a behind the times one.

As he paced in front of a reviewing line composed of his doctor, lawyer and priest,
a man said: “In spite of your best efforts I am: still alive — free — and fairly sane! — thanks for nothing! ” — and the lawyer whispered:
“You forgot to include your own mind in this.”

How Literature Is Judged, Contrasted With Thinking As Practiced By The Ordinary.
The difference between fiction and non-fiction is that with fiction,
men go ahead and call it what it is.

Said one well aged man: “Looking back over my life I am astounded that so many men say they are astounded by the life they now believe they lead, when they look back.
Letting men have mental memories is surely one way life makes their lives
more tolerable and affordable.”

Conspiracy Update.
All conspiracies are an attempt to cover up some previous conspiracy.

A law officer said: “The best thing about being a cop is that you can
legally break the law in the persecution of your job.”
“Not unlike,” notes another guy, “how an awakened man is
amidst sleeping humanity.”

Finances 101 (Vis A Vis One’s Perception Of Things).
See broke — be broke;
see sleep — take a nap.
Better than hearing a pig squeal do men like to hear a rabbi cry out:
“God have mercy on me!”
“True, I may not yet be fully enlightened myself, but at least I have the enjoyment of
watching all these other clowns stumble around in the dark.”
Fact: If life didn’t make it so easy for every man to have his own form of
private fun, being alive would be even more expensive than it is now.

One man (who by reputation, knows how to have himself some serious
second-reality fun) says the motto he’s taught his son to live by in the city is:
“Drop your drawers first — ask questions later…………………………………..(maybe.)”

The primary art of twits is: Twiticisms!
And speaking on your behalf, shan’t we proclaim that we will
not take that personally………………………..(now will we……twit, twit!)

On one world, no criticism is allowed of a species by its own kind.
(‘Tis rumored someone once suggested Earth adopt this policy
and was nearly laughed off the planet.)

Advanced Finances
If you relieved a man’s memory of the debts he believes are owed him,
you would relieve him of memory.

One guy’s tip: “If you don’t say what you are, no one can say what you’re not.”

Even an atheist (if he believes in conspiracies) believes in god.
The ultimate controller would be the ultimate conspirator — for which,
men look in every place but the profitable one.

For the rebel heavyweight: the one-two punch is: tight attention — loose mind.

One of the city’s street corner sages is currently promoting a mystical system he calls: “Full Tilt Non Enlightenment,” wherein you’re enlightened — and
you never for a moment forget it.
(He says its specific benefits are too subtle to describe.)

One man treats the emotions that show up in his thoughts
as a used car salesmen does the junkers on his lot.

Agricultural News.
The kind of thinking needed by the nervous-system-rebel could be compared to
an unconventional seed: one you can both consume and plant.
The benefit of the individual matters that the certain man understands along his way, has nothing to do with the matters themselves — but with the certain man’s mind:
each separate understanding loosens his mind just a little bit more.

The nervous-system-rebel, in the very middle of all that ordinary men call their intellectual, artistic and spiritual life — lives a private one, grounded in the
hard reality on which these mental-only concepts are unwittingly based;
(aka: whilst everyone else’s attention is captured by cloud figures in the sky,
the certain man has been studying meteorology).

“But pa pa: what could be more boring than just seeing things as they are?!”