Jan Cox Talk 3102

The Mental Narrative Buffers Against Cultural Shocks


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Notes by TK

We are born into consciousness as if into a house and cannot know anything outside of the house. The narrative buffers against instant reactions to cultural departures from the norm. Yet instant reaction is tantamount to enlightened action. It is scary that the ignorant are closer, in a sense, to enlightenment than are the sophisticated narrative-dominated. (41:42) #3102

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Uncovering For The Few What Is Constructively Not There For Everyone Else
January 30, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Frequently do men balefully wail:
“Are we doomed to endlessly repeat our previous mistakes!” —
pronounced as a rhetorical question carrying the tacit assertion
that humanity collectively can avoid doing same —
with the speaker acting blithely blind to the fact that he himself cannot.
“So what exactly is that supposed to tell me about man?”
If you must ask — nothing.

While the ordinary deem it detrimental, the few (in regard to routine affairs)
find the attention-deficiency-syndrome useful.
In the many intangible matters of such magnitude to everyday people,
the nervous-system-rebel (metaphorically speaking)
will treat what he judges to be for him a particular ill by applying to it
a super form of its own illness.
(Perhaps it is the difficulty of putting into words a prescription for such
that accounts for its absence in physicians’ manuals…………[then again, perhaps not.])

At a recent city party (after some Chardonnay and congenial schmoozing)
the culture critic for the local paper (with a feigned insouciant smile,
and sophisticated gesture) admitted that the very best part of his job was in:
“Always having the last word,” then taking another sip added:
“At least for as long as artists don’t start carrying guns.”
Man’s neurons know exactly what is wrong in human affairs;
all problems come from the actions of hormones — (only trouble is):
no one dares tell them to their face………………okay: no one seems able to;
the brokers of civilization have forever attempted to — but the fact is:
neurons end up talking to themselves……and the neurons of other people…..
…..which in a way is the operational definition of being civilized and citified.
(“If I can’t be awake to what is really going on in life — at least let me appear hip —
is that too much to ask?!”

Understanding life is not the same as editorializing it.

To save you the effort: life has had the collective already define you.

Metaphysical News Update.
The dead have everything down-pat.

An oft uttered adage is:
“All that is needed for evil & lies to triumph is for good men to do nothing,”
when what men really mean is:
“For good men (like myself) to say nothing.”
Fictional-based, ordinary minds perceive the downfall of The Giant to come through the words of Jack — not the exercise of his muscles.
Concepts such as evil are much more appealing targets than physical tyrants
(who could be armed).
Only the awakened man will take on everybody and everything.

Wanting others to be as interested in you as you are
is the splendorous sign of a man with an incomplete you.
Only butterflies can be self centered — not cocoons.

From the handbook: “Profitable Neural Actions For The Rebel.”
Don’t think about other people’s hormonally driven actions.
The Mariner with an upright head gives no notice to the Albatross necklace.
“We all have our individual burdens to bear — and mine is:
my natural born impression of me.”
(Ergo might you expand the item from the handbook to include):
“Don’t think about your own hormonal inspired impressions
that make it to your neurons.”
“You’re right — I can do that…..if I want to…..right?…..”)

(A Post Script to the above manual:
Any view you apply to others — you may also apply to yourself .
[Surely that was not necessary — but there it is anyway.])

Perhaps the way men are able to tolerate the insults they receive regarding their humanity is by being able to talk & whine about them.
(“Seems like a fair trade off to me,” says life.)

Graffito found in a notorious city restroom over a neuronal urinal:
“Sex is a one way street — running in all directions.”
(Though it could be applied to all hormonal activity.)

Imagining you have something important do in life
is how most people other than farmers find something to do in life.

The thinking of the collective will benefit the rebel when fleas suddenly say:
“We now understand the origin of dogs.”

Theater Update.
The grand drama as seen from the perspective of the man-who-knows
is the continual: setting-of-the-scene;
to a realized mind, the final-act is just an unrecognized manifestation of
having an ordinary mind.

The religious like to sing about letting the: church-roll-on,
while the awakened relish in watching the roll-on — roll on.