Jan Cox Talk 3101

Words Are Made to “Wear Out,” but Don’t


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Notes by TK

Life is attempting to grow/evolve thru man. Via the narrative, Life constantly complains about itself thru man. But aside from technology and civilization, Life (man) has not improved/changed in 5000 years. Why is this? How interesting! At a critical time in their life children accept the narrative, it becomes active and all-important. (48:52) #3101

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Helping Bring The Blood To A Boil For Those Already Simmering
January 28, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

A producer asked a director:
“What is the most important part of doing a romantic-comedy: romance or comedy?”
to which came the reply: “Which would be of primary significance in living one?”
(a comment that caused the producer’s brain to momentarily consider another profession).

Being able to out think your own original thoughts is like being able to
execute flawless onside kicks.
You can discuss politics — and pretend you’re serious;
you can discuss movies — and pretend you’re entertained,
or with yourself, you can unravel what is really going on,
and no longer have to pretend about anything.

“Dear Dr. Exacto: Here’s a question for you:
If you were diagnosed with the onset of a fatal ill for which there is no treatment,
but whose unpredictable advancement can, through certain tests, be tracked —
would you take the tests?”
“My Dear Sir: What is the difference between the ill you mention and death itself —
or better yet: terminal nervous system normalcy? — whose progress you don’t
have to test, but which is in fact an ongoing state of torpidity you each moment live.”
(You reckon that was a bit more than the chap had really asked for?)

The world’s divided into two groups: those who see the glass half empty,
and those who see it as half full,
and the certain man (off by himself) studying the internal art of glass blowing.

Politicists muse on life’s social inequalities;
religicists ruminate on the imbalance between good and evil,
and the certain man (off by himself) carefully watches the two,
without them aware that he is. (Okay, without much awareness of anything.)

As soon as one man would hear that collective humanity had declared a particular something (either spiritual or edible) beneficial,
he would lose (if he had ever had any) all interest in the thing.
(He says not knowing what to call this — he doesn’t call it anything.)

What alligators who don’t understand what’s going on bellow to the world:
“Cock a doodle twaddle!”

If you believe that having a serious sickness has made you wiser —
you’re sicker than you imagined.

Said a father to a son:
“In one view: being enlightened is not so much in what-you-know,
but in your attitude toward the things that everyone else says they know.”

This email incometh:
“If you are correct that everything men say that does not concern food is silly,
then the solution to everything that non physically bugs me would be to
simply remember this: is that not so?”
Okay — but do take note of your totally inappropriate inclusion of the word:
‘simply’ applied to being able to remember this.

Imaginary (thought-only) problems have only imaginary solutions —
real problems have none.
“Wait — how about…?”
Yes, there’s always that.

Angles Of Travel.
Things obvious to him in a plane,
won’t be so to those on a train.
Men are ready to believe that in sight (same as everything else from their perspective) things-are-relative — however:
there is nothing contingent about a pointblank fact or a slap in the mind’s face.

Degrees Of Dominio.
When one man became aware that when things got hairy and heavy
his systems wanted to shut down: he announced that this was how he wanted it —
(in an attempt to preserve the illusion of his authority.
What can you say to this other than: “Why not!”)

Shadings Of Sight.
One characteristic of a sleeping man is his inability to make good eye/I contact.

First voice said:
“Whatever IS — can be appreciated for: what-it-is,”
and a second voice replied:
“Si — and yet to an artist’s eye: a bad drawing is worse than no drawing at all.”
(And the first voice got all choked up.)

Sight Story Addendum.
A herd can never look you in the eye/I.
(“I assume you include the herd of synapses that came with your farm.”)

Words are made to wear out — but don’t.
(‘Course the reference is to ordinary men fronting everyday minds.)

A cosmopolitan hero of an otherwise crude and cowardly people
stood at the village’s pale line and proclaimed:
“I go forth armed with but my sword-of-steel and the resolve-of-my-spirit,”
an idea that just thinking about, scared the bejesus out of everyone else
(since they had never heard of a sword).
Fact: Everything is relative — when you have incomplete information.

One guy who, for quite a long time had tried to figure-his-life-out —
finally gave up!
(And his life said: “Speaking just for myself: I for one am relieved.”)

Perhaps the rhapsody of spring overcame him, but one chap says:
“Knowing what’s going on is almost like being in love.”

In a surprising combination, fast-food, mental-admission move,
one man announced: “I hereby proclaim my head official: Home Of The Whopper!”

Hearing ordinary men express their so-called personal ideas
is like witnessing the endless flow of connected links from a sausage machine.
Reminder: Waking up requires originality;
everyone begins by following the ideas of someone else,
but gaining the full reward depends on your own creativity.

Though difficult to prescribe:
For the few there are some ills whose best treatment is lack of medication.
(“Neglegêre ergo sum extendêre:
I ignore therefore I am — in an expanded condition.”)

When one man heard it said that people enter into relationships
to get from others what they lack themselves,
he decided to skip the intermediary step and offer them directly to his self.
(“Even being a dunce is no excuse not to operate efficiently.”
And upon hearing this, the International Dunce Society demanded:
“So why weren’t we told this earlier?”
Or as swivel headed truckers like to say:
“In retrospect: everything appears to be going away from you.”
[Which is why so few of them (or enlightened men) are invited by cosmologists to join them.])

One of city park’s free lance public philosophers
(the one often seen darting about in the tree tops)
recently dropped this note to the ground:
“Facing one’s eccentricities is not as easy as it sounds.”
Unplotted Neural Topography.
If the cerebral cortex was an insane asylum,
the rest of the nervous system wouldn’t even know it existed.
In times of war (which is all of the time that a man is alive and his physique is struggling to stay that way): communication is of supreme importance:
activity for which all of its systems are specifically programmed;
the messages coming from the thought-producing end of the nervous system however, are of particular interest to the rebel,
in that they are by man’s nature, taken to be of great significance —
but a notion that totally collapses upon the slightest inspection.
“How do I know I am confused, frightened and in the dark? —
because my own faithful thoughts have made me so aware.
(Buttressed by the agreement of those around me).”

A sage noted: “Of all the things I’ve ever said, what has disturbed the most people is: ‘You’re not asleep until you hear that you are’ —
which should not simply disturb — since it can’t be true (or better put):
if it is true — how could you know it? — there is no way, since you can’t know how you would be if you had never heard something that you have already heard,
but the intent of me saying this is much more than reflected in the literal words:
get behind the verbiage and any negative reaction you may feel thereto
and therein lurks the full exposé of what being asleep truly is.
(By the way you might care to note: hardly anyone, including those who would say they are actively engaged in trying to awaken from man’s state of sleep,
really wants to know what the state is; sounds improbable —
and those involved would deny it —
but if you have the ability to conduct the rebel’s special brand of investigation,
the reality of this, as witnessed by the deniers’ consistent behavior and words,
is as clear as can be.
[Chew on this if you still need something specific to do (to wit):
That people who insist they want to go to Camelot will accept almost
anyone else’s description of what it is rather than even try to give the matter
original thought on their own.
Protection of the status quo doesn’t get much better than that.])”

Though he won’t come if you call:
there is a reason for calling the man trying to get to the real bottom of things a rebel.