Jan Cox Talk 3100

Mind Criticizes Lower Nervous System in Order to Civilize It


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Notes by TK

The internal civilizing narrative is unlearned—like how children pick up language.  The narrative’s purpose is to support culture, NOT basic instinct.  The narrative can inform or entertain; mostly entertains in modern man.  Criticism is the first form of entertainment:  criticizing the lower parts of the nervous system to civilize it, to smooth the rough edges of the beast.  How or why is the narrative considered to be superior to basic instinct? (40:04) #3100

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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January 26, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

Privately in his mind, one man always begins to fade away whenever anyone starts using the word, god: the reason says he is: “They admit the existence of the great mystery, but then won’t admit they don’t know what it is.
(Sort of like saying you’re aware you’re ugly but have no idea why you are.)”
“I don’t get it?!”
“God! — you’re beautiful when you’re flummoxed.”
“Well…….as long as you didn’t say: dumboxed.”

Said the diagnostician to the patient:
“If learning that you’re dying is what finally drives you to being reflective —
your mercury backing is defective.”
Non breathers can afford to be ruminative — since now it can’t hurt them.
(“You mean like in: causing them to open their eyes?!”)
One man has a book in mind which he plans to title:
“How Being Partially An Idiot Aided Me In Awakening.”

What is said to be of supreme importance in a bakery (quick hands & good recipes)
also applies to the rebel’s thinking.

No question: religions serve as hospitals for men’s emotions (thing is)
from an outlier’s view: none therein are well enough to be leading the services —
but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for how things are in ordinary men’s lives.

Adding nuts to a cake recipe will keep the dish from being wussy —
so too the addition of nutty ideas to your thinking.

The way to definitively spot the writings of an enlightened man
is by their expression of his deep personal anguish.
(Note: some people can compose a joke and some can’t.
[Plus there’s the fact that sarcasm is a questionable trait for an awakened man, is it not?!])

Way Too Simple!
If you can fully wake up to words — you’ll be hip to everything.
(Way too simple to be, what chu call it?…………….oh yeah: true.)

One man reveals his secret method:
“If you can’t be original — steal other people’s ideas!
Huh?! — is that great or what?!
What? — someone else has already thought of that?!
Damn! — is there no justice for us creative folks!”

Anyone who will say: “Why me?” —
has told you everything about them you need to know.

One nouveau riche chap wondered:
“Should my suddenly made wealth make me want to buy expensive antiques,
or should I pretend that my sudden desire for expensive antiques is what drives me
to make money?”
(A quandary common-to, though unrealized-by all would-be intellectuals,
and enlightenment poseurs.)

“One trucker could not understand his fellow drivers’ fascination with the word: Peterbilt (and drove off the road while engrossed in fretting about it).
…..And don’t waste even a bit of your breath saying that you don’t get it.”
“Why not? — I waste it on everything else?!”
“Well — god damn.”
“Thank you.”

Fully defying the principle concerning the conservation of energy:
there is one human pastime whose payoff always far exceeds the effort put into it: criticizing.

In private: one man acts totally foolish.
(Question: Is not everyone aware that the one place for complete privacy
is in your own head?!)

If you can’t make your point without referring to the ideas of others —
you don’t have a point — that you understand.

‘Tis noted that in watching movies and reading novels
men vicariously live the lives of the heroes therein;
but unnoted is that in thinking about their own lives do they likewise live them.

The king is the one to whom everybody bows as he approaches,
and laughs at after he passes.
(“Sounds like my attitude toward the thoughts & feelings life has sent to rule me.”)

Everyone has two selves: the one you were born,
and the one you can make yourself into;
the latter appears as an impossible task from the view of the first —
thus if you remain the first, the second possibility is not possible.
(“See how everything works out,” noted life, “if you wait long enough.”
“I guess,” thought one man, “that is the difference between life and man:
infinite patience.”)

Women’s feelings about men resemble men’s toward women about as much as
man’s collective thinking about the certain man resembles his of them.

Earth eyes see dirt; sky eyes see into forever.

Everyone in prison, hospital, church or elected office is there for one reason:
their luck ran out.

One man proclaimed himself god in a move to avoid the execution order
he had issued for himself as merely a king.
What a thing what a thing! — mind’s ability to take any movement as a step forward.
“And that’s a big problem for man?!”

Over some silly misunderstanding: one man didn’t speak to himself for seven years.
(Another guy did the same but not for the same reason.)

At his residence: one chap has a Suicide Plant:
every time he tries to feed it — it tries to kill itself.

And a final man says: “If, on a regular basis, while alone,
you do not laugh aloud for no particular reason,
(yet by any ordinary standard you appear a perfectly normal person)
you still don’t fully get it.”