Jan Cox Talk 3097

Disapproval Is the Mother of Invention


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Notes by TK

The brain/mind is the only organ that disapproves of itself. Mind = original sin. Extremely attractive people have no real interest in enlightenment. All thought-process is unlearned. Temperament is the basis of all thinking.

Disapproval is the mother of all invention/technology/civilization. All disapproval of external things is ultimately mind disapproving of itself since there is no disappointment w/o the mind. (42:01) #3097

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Reporting On The Clear Skies Visible To But A Few
January 19, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

Says a guy: “What is behind some people’s attraction to the idea that
man is asleep but that through certain efforts can awaken,
is the same as that underlying religion’s appeal: the way a person feels —
not how they think — but how they feel,
and let us assume that through his struggle to awaken a man eventually
comes to accept as fact that he cannot change the ways he feels — but —
he can and must try to change his thinking,
for only thereby can he possibly succeed (albeit achieved indirectly).

No matter its sincerity, knowledge, or charm, a pig cannot teach itself to fly,
but it can (though individual ploys, indescribable in rational terms)
stop the stuff that goes on in its head from making it believe it should be able to,
and condemning it for not doing so.
“So the best you can say is that waking-up gets you out of a pig sty — no! — wait! — you didn’t even say that: you’re saying that it only gets you out of an imaginary one. Yeah — that’s really fabulous: something I’d sure wanna spend my time on!!”

Chit Chat.
”The only reason ordinary people sing and write is in hopes that someday
they’ll sing and write about their self.”
“But isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?”

Monologue Arising From Previous Conversation.
“Why do you bother to mention what turns out to be the obvious and expected?”

The same force that puts thoughts in men’s minds puts words in their mouths.

Offers one man:
“One of the best things about trying to get-to-the-bottom-of-things
is the absence of support groups.”
“See! — even the roughest of activities (like mountain climbing, say)
has its own special rewards (like getting dizzy from oxygen deprivation).”

When a king really knows what he’s doing, he doesn’t need anyone’s approval;
what the hell’s the use in being king if you’re in any way dependent on
forces outside yourself?!

To himself one man constantly said: “The pressure is on” — (to be accurate):
his hormones constantly felt that the pressure is on,
and his neurons would say any number of things,
but they all unwittingly represented the same thing: “The pressure is on.”
(“Ain’t love and the brain’s yammer grand!”)
And of course it is the duty of everyone who’s not stupid
to frequently mention the fact: “I’m not stupid!”
(Remember boys & girls: life is depending on YOU!)

Mused one chap: “Another nice thing about waking-up is that
it has no impact on the environment (except my private one of course).”

When you learn how to have your own ideas,
you learn to go with your first one —
it is always the cheapest date —
and the one most likely to get you laid.

Says another guy: “The world is divided into twenty seven groups, no, two:
those who want to change the environment outside of them,
and those who are only interested in the one inside of them.”
(“Yes sir! — God bless ‘em! — my kinda guys! — all twenty seven bundles of them!”)

Note: the environment outside of you is serious,
while the one inside is so only by default, permission, laziness and stupidity.
Those who say that men make their own environment are half right, only trouble is:
the half who know this are not the ones who say it,
or have an interest in hearing it said.
(“Hey! — me and my oxygen tank don’t get it!”)

Life wants it known how much it truly appreciates those who will take the time to publicly say that they are an: eternal optimist……(in spite of all the constant crap …..
……for which they certainly aren’t responsible).

Whenever this one famous guy in the city would be interviewed his publicist would stand near by and no matter what question the reporter would ask his client,
the P.R. guy would interrupt by saying: “Just what are you trying to infer?”
(It surprises some to discover how many different professions operate
in the urban area of their brain/mind.)

Accepting the mental life that appears in your head as your complete one,
is like trying to barter with the dead. (“What if? What if? What if?” — hell!)
The commerce that takes place in the upper reaches of the ordinary man’s
nervous system, when seen aright, belies all concepts of profit.
(Another reason the certain man tends to only do business with himself on the black market!)
Only at a deep discount is a fool a bargain.

Said a father to a son:
“The only way you would ever know what the certain man is like
is if someone other than him told you.”
“And I take it you’re not saying that what they might tell you would
accurately represent what such a person is,
and that what you’re really talking about anyway is something that would occur in
a certain man’s own mind regarding him not even trying to tell himself
what he is like, now that he has seen what is actually going on with life?!”
“Bingoamundo! on both counts, my little no-account.”

Pursuing a standard mental life assures one of an early death.

Conversation In C Sharp, Opus Three.
“More people sail away than ever return.”
“But if you were on the other shore it would seem just the reverse.”
Men’s city myth tells only of the voice Adam heard in his head directing him to leave the previously quiet Garden, and nothing about what our progenitor-of-consciousness may have later realized on his own about his early, pre-audio/verbal days,
and how it might have affected his after the fact affection for the place & condition.
Only hogs with retroactive amnesia want to go back to Chicago.
The stock yards outlier understands: “My future lies in me — if only I can find it.”

Another Round Of: Questions & Answers.
Question: What is the easiest act possible for the mind.
Answer: Attacking the mind.
Question: Why is this?
Answer: There is no verbal answer to this.
Question: Well, thank you for your time and assistance.

The old man said:
“Everyone sleeps-over when they’re out of town,” and the kid inquired:
“Do you by any chance refer to talk rather than sleep?”
and the elder wrote down on a slip of paper:
“Even if you weren’t a child of mine — you’d still be a child of mine.
The future begats its own.”

Those with the shakiest vegetables erect the strongest fences around their garden.
(Even spit glands and the rectum have the right of self defense.)
Trying to make sense of standard thinking is a fruitless task.

One man proffers:
“When I hear someone say they believe that by swearing allegiance to
some set of religious rules, after they die they will receive a great reward ,
and I look at the life they lead, I wonder exactly what they picture this reward to be?!”

Practical Neuro Info For The Few.
The brain cells in each individual that make up mankind’s collective mind
don’t get old — they were born old.
Related Medical Ponderer.
Is there anything worse than being stillborn?
“Never realizing it?”
See — right there is probably the biggest incentive to being ordinary,
and not realizing stuff —
‘cause not-realizing keeps you from realizing you don’t.
(You may say that life is overweight, but you can’t say it’s not upright.)

One man, charged with having incestuous relations with his own mind
plea bargained to a lesser offense: Being a human.

“Yeah! I’m breaking outta here, see!
Just as soon as I figure out where here is! Yeah!”


When alone, one man sometimes says to himself: “So! —
how do you like being dead?”