Jan Cox Talk 3094

Petitioning of God Is Plea for Neurons to Control Hormones


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Notes by TK

The central hero throughout human history: god. Yet God is intangible, i.e., exists in the mind only. All other heroes are physical and must be seen, to be the object of hero-worship. When the mind thinks about, petitions and invokes god, it is addressing itself.

The mind is its own hero, but doesn’t know it! All petitioning of god is the plea for neurons to somehow direct and control hormones, to effect physical and/or psychological cures. So-called ‘miracles cures’ are abundantly documented, so such a facility certainly exists. (43:37) #3094

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Chronicling The Choking Of Superfluous Chickens Since 1644
January 12, 2004 © 2004: JAN COX

There are four places you can feel excited: in your crotch, stomach, chest and head:
the first three, all pursue (save the celibate);
the fourth, do most (intellectuals and movie goers),
but there are two places in the fourth, one of which hardly anyone ever knows about,
but for those who do pursue its pleasures, the term: excited
does not at all adequately describe their state.
In face of extensive lobbying by the funeral and religion industries to suppress it,
the report was released today, confirming that there is but one way to beat death —
and that it can’t be talked about — only done — and not visibly — or in groups.
Additional Cinemagraphic News.
You will never get the long, big picture ‘til you think in short cuts.
Cosmic Battle News.
In another galaxy was once a great struggle between:
Brevity & Repetition.
(Known on some worlds also by the names: The Individual & The Collective
[also: Head Place Number Two & The Chest.])

Sometimes late at night, one man will softly croon to himself:
“You’re a s-m-o-o-t-h operator” — but never falls for it.

Proverb Update (With Bows To The Blind & Semi Sighted).
Even in the land of slugs a one legged snake will say:
“Damn! — where’d all these slugs come from!”
(Not unlike the certain man’s special synapses’ attitude toward the others).

One chap advises: “Even things you can get free may not be worth the effort —
excepting of course: air and wild berries.”

Even the non religious (after surviving a catastrophic event)
will commonly give thanks to: “the Lord” —
inasmuch as no one has any better notion of who (if anybody)
actually has any control over what goes on.
Credo Update.
Having no idea of what is going on stops neither rain, sleet, snow, doctors or rabbis from making their appointed rounds.

“If you took everything an awakened man ever said and mooshed it all together,
you’d have full instructions on how to wake up & achieve enlightenment.”
“But isn’t that also true regarding what ordinary men say?”

In Re City Standards.
Anyone who doesn’t know what is going on (and has a graduate degree)
needs a study to back them up.
“Cows need much reassurance from the herd.”
“But the herd is made up of nothing BUT…”
“Don’t start that shit again!”

Remedial Is As It Says You Should Do.
Remodelers in any specific area always say that not upgrading your system
will cost you more in the long run.
(“Are we talking politicos, psychologists and their ilk here?”)

“How can anybody actually give themselves over to religion!”
“The same way they will give their money to a financial advisor.”

Everyone perceives themselves as having a body and a thing they call a self
inside the body;
the man-who-knows also has one more thing.

“Hormones can suddenly spoil a beautiful day,”
“But they can also make a miserable one pleasant.”
“Hummmm…….so: where do we go from here?!”

Ball In Play!
In dealing with his self — one man frequently employs the old squeeze-play.

Said a father to his son:
“Since you’re now so close (and it is your birthday)
I’m going to make you a photograph.
Now the question is: Do you want to gradually fade away — or be torn up all at once?”
(Note: Ultimately such a choice may befall every nervous system rebel.)

When you realize fully what is going on,
you then have access to all the tools needed to be like any type of person.
“I don’t shop at Bloomingdale’s — I am a Bloomingdale’s.”

An alien visitor asked a human:
“Isn’t it difficult being a ventriloquist’s dummy and keeping up the full time pretense that you aren’t aware of what’s going on?!”
The earthling pondered this for a bit; closed his eyes; furrowed his brow;
scratched his forehead and finally replied:
“Well — I guess you just gotta experience it for yourself.”
(“Yeah!” thought another guy: ”The sun does also rise, but — so what!”)

“If your ideas are having no widespread impact, speak often of how intensely you are under attack by those who oppose you.”
“Or if you have no taste for doing so — write about those who do, huh?!”
“……………..Well…….yeah……..I guess.”

A man of sixty said to one of twenty: “The things that start happening to you physically when you get old — you don’t wanna hear about,”
and the younger mused: “Man! — what it must be like mentally.”
“I heard that!” snapped the older: “I only mentioned the body.”

Anything that one man’s mind can make up —
some other man will say he can vouch for.

Said Dr. Exacto in response to a question: “The only way that man’s cultural, intangible world survives is by being subject to criticism that is absolutely meaningless — in that the world it critiques is without any meaning.”

Everyone knows that they don’t know what is going on —
which is why they so desperately want to believe that someone else does.

One man mused: “Even though you seem to wake-up in the head,
the experience must involve much more of a man.”

Everyone knows what’s wrong, but no one will say anything about it.

If it isn’t about things you can touch — words mean nothing —
which is why men must so passionately pretend otherwise.

Oz Fest.
“The day must come when everyone’s wizard is exposed.”
“There is no such inevitable day.”
“You’re right of course — I was just hoping.”
“And on all our behalf, I might add.”
“That’s not true — hardly anyone else feels this way.”
“You’re right of course — I was just hoping.”
Fact: The time could come when you expose the wizard —
all you have to do is pull back the curtain — once you realize what the curtain is.

When it comes to hobbies: being interested in other people’s lives is cheaper than
golf and philately.

If life was not a problem — then most people would have a problem:
what to do during all the time in their life when nothing is going on.

One man says the most bountiful, metaphorical maxim he has ever found
is the one he came up with:
“If you can be happy while hung over — you’re still drunk.”
(He says its applications are endless.)

In the cultural struggles: all of the facts that men make up and then marshal,
are simply to support the cultural ideas they make up.
(Can you spell: “I’m dizzy and don’t even realize it.”)

One man says: “Here are a couple examples of super-sweet success
at getting others to do your work: magazines’ Letters To The Editor section,
and news organizations’ pollings —
(how I wish I could somehow work these into my own personal life).”

Regardless of their claims: people want to be entertained — not helped,
so no future awaits non charismatic psychiatrists, or preachers who can’t
tell a good joke.

One man refuses to have any thought that begins: “Back in nineteen hundred and…..”

Conditions in one place were talking and one of them said:
“What I like best about working for Fate is that the customer is always wrong.”

Once he reached the legal age of majority
(and had a pretty good hunch of what was going on)
one man agreed to live only if he received a rebate.

“What a joy to be in the midst of a gigantic crowd,” said one man,
by way of encouragement to some of his reluctant neurons.

One man says the biggest joy of seeing your parents off on a spiritual quest is that

they may never return.

If you’re not having fun: life is a continual ad — for itself.