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Listening to the Words Is No Help In Understanding Conversations


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Notes by TK

Consciousness is programmed to follow “the words”—the subject matter of the case. This is a limitation on the order of the slavery of the eye, in the darkness, to follow any source of light rather than explore the fertile darkness. Or like the eye follows the tennis ball in a tennis match, missing the action of the crowd and arena of competition.

It is impossible to understand what people are talking about by listening to the words. Ditto: listening to your thoughts. (35:10) #3093

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Unnaturally Stable Schedule For The Outriders
January 9, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

Realizing what is actually going on is like being aware that all of life is in
this gigantic airplane — forever in transit;
after this there are no more metaphysical questions about anything;
you can then while away the rest of the journey following your curiosity about
any of the endless smaller matters occurring-in and pertinent-to the plane.

There is no mystery about man’s instincts — no perplexing behavior to be understood,
neither is there anything about man’s thoughts to be understood — literally —
there is nothing there to be grasped.
What pastime can surpass one that is never depleted:
ordinary people’s discussions-of, and ostensible investigations-into
man’s mental/verbal behavior is a game with no end;
most humans have nothing better to do — a few do.
Still the trick is: not to chase ghosts:
not to waste your life trying to get to the bottom of an apparition;
when nothing is there — there is nothing to BE uncovered.
The awakened man may not be any smarter than everyone else,
but at least he’s not as dumb.
( “And THAT is supposed to entice me out of my seat and off on some fantastic adventure?! HAH! — I don’t think so!”)

A father said to a son:
“From one view: wanting-to-wake-up could be seen as the mind’s desire to concentrate on something when there is nothing survival-relevant available;
a few men’s nervous systems are wired so that their conscious part seeks a
problem to ponder when physical circumstances present none to their instincts.”
“You mean that’s all wanting-to-wake-up is?!”
for the few, there is no more forceful tool in opening up the appearance of things
to find their essence than the approach:
‘From one view: what seems to be going on could-be-seen-as…’
Without discovering, developing your own personal version of this my boy,
you will remained as fixed to your seat and confused about the flight
as any of the other passengers on this prodigious, phenomenal plane.”

Once a man realizes what is going on he need be judicious in his laughing at others — since he will have to do the same at himself also.
Fair is fair — but men asleep in their seat feel not the slightest hint of what
fairness really is.
“Yeah — it’s all pretty funny all right — until you suddenly get the full picture.”
“And you mean it’s not funny then?!”
“I didn’t say that.”

By legend, one people believe that the true name of Hell is: “What’d you say?”

In city park,
just about dark,
a reflective speaker declared to the crowd:
“We’re all expatriates here!” and a man up front replied:
“Not me — I came in on a bus.”
Thought confined to city streets sees its origin and destination hidden in darkness;
thought that can cause the brain to look at thought from an unconventional perspective will suddenly turn on every light that every city has ever imagined it had.
The challenge comes not from ghosts-hiding-in-shadows, but from shadows doing so;
how is a blinded eye/I to ever realize that it cannot see? —
how can a creature born on the plane ever understand it is on a plane
without doing some wing-walking?
In the brain of the anomalously born few is a place outside the normal city limits
of the collective’s mind —
for them it is like an undeveloped urban area, which
(if they can find out how to do it for their self) can be lit up and activated —
resulting in them gaining everything they’ve always wanted.
(“And you mean that’s all you get out of waking-up?! HAH!”)

From the class outline for the freshman course: “Obviousness 101”:
“Man cannot be compared to anything else because — He is incomparable.”
(Blatantness 202 has been indefinitely suspended due to lack of student interest.)
An unstated (but guiding) principle in the city is:
“If they poke out one of your eyes you should give serious consideration to
trying to keep them from getting your other one…………………(you know: like if you want to.”)

Said a father to a son:
“What weighs you down in your seat is not simply having the same thoughts
over and over, but having ones which cause your nervous system to act as though
it feels passion thereabout;
it wouldn’t much matter if say, your mind experienced the repetitive thought:
‘Conservatives are ruining society’ if it stirred no feeling in you;
it only counts when the words you hear in your head
produce an emotional sensation in your chest.
The simply put approach to this: Prepare yourself in advance to ignore all thoughts
that appear in your mind which cause you emotion that is not directly related to
food or sex (survival, in other words).”
“Just that’ll do it?”
“What could be simpler.”
(The boy always got a good in-chest private chuckle whenever the simplicity of doing all this
was brought into the conversation.)

“Dear Dr. Exacto: OKAY! — I give up!
Why am I unable to stay in my usual state of consciousness while I am laughing —
— even though I’m faking it?”

Science News.
The closer hormones get to the eyes — the harder it is not to stare.
Instinct in all animals directs them to always be looking nearest to home —
on such (most effectively) does survival depend;
the uncommon secondary instinct of the few to try to see to the bottom of things involves employing mental sight in a different manner,
“Like this me lad: It’s okay to stare at your dick — but not your politics.”
The components of man’s cultural/spiritual/philosophical world
are only fit to be viewed while glassy-eyed;
they are so fragile that otherwise they will disintegrate.

The collective does not like to hear itself described or talked about by
unauthorized personnel;
herds have no interest in how anyone but cows see them.
(If there is anything life is more than fair, it is: safety-conscious.)
“Yes, young snipper whapper: You can always learn from life,
which happens every time you stand up and see something about the plane
that you never did while sitting down.”
“So: whatever life does — I can always learn from?”
“Roger, Flight 04 — you may land now.”

Psychology News (Made Aerodynamic).
Once you realize on your own that life is always in agreement with itself —
what do you imagine can then be left about you with which you will dissent?
“Are you saying that all being Enlightened is, is: getting away with your shirt?!
(Come to think of it: it is strange that you never see an awakened man at the laundromat.)”

Ordinary passengers; sitting semi comatose in the seats;
twist their hair and chew on their nails,
while the rebel is up and about, tugging on the plane’s hydraulic lines,
and gnawing on its wings.
One man’s motto: “Why torture/annoy yourself when you can do so others?!”
“Others, like in: the-thoughts-natural-to-your-mind?!”

As a joke one Saint Buford’s Day, local conditions in one place
threatened to send a telegram to all the inhabitants that would say:
“Everyone Believes They Are Full Of Knowledge;
Everyone Is Actually Full Of Opinions, Stop
Everyone Is Full Of Shit — Now You Can REALLY Stop”
A joke revealed is air without any balloon around it —
the very kind unique to the certain man.
Corollary: If you think you know what it is that you are laughing about —
the joke’s on you;
you’re still in the back of the plane, sitting in the dark.
(Which, by the way, is where all the hostile snickering is coming from.)

Proverb Update.
Humor is in the eye of the I.

(And for anyone interested:
the realized rebel knows how to arrange a nervous system lap dance at his seat.)


P.S. Beaming over your wit is the sign of witlessness.