Jan Cox Talk 3090

Nothing Worse–A Serial Thinker!


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Notes by TK

What would be worse than being a serial killer or rapist? A serial thinker! Serial thinking can never lead to awakening although it is responsible for all technology. One thought triggers the next in the normal linear dynamic of the mind: a continuous stream of reaction—approval-disapproval, rejection or embrace.

It is not real thinking. It is a form of tunnel vision. Its focus is the past or the future, precluding operation in real time, in the now. The ordinary mind sees only two possibilities at any given instant: true or false, yes or no. But there is always another possibility—a non-serial direction. (42:40) #3090

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Your Soul Source Of Reports From The Rebel Region
January 2, 2004 ©2004: JAN COX

A would-be refugee from one city has tattooed on the inside of his arm:
“Sticking with stuff that makes sense sure won’t tell you much.”
(Nervous system rebels have their own private measurement of what constitutes “much.”)

Your Culinary Guide.
You know you’re still in the city if all you’re being served is leftovers.

A man who could make a worthwhile comment on anything can afford to say nothing.
“Can he afford to think nothing?”
He won’t say.

Addendum To Culinary Guide.
City food is always excessive: pithiness is not on their menu.
Inner Urban Social Note.
Inelegance is the sign of an idea too long thought.
Just as muscles operate from memory, so also man’s mind the majority of the time;
what ordinary men call their thinking is no more than mostly
the rote recitation of neurally stored and meaningless memories.
Muscles always have something to do — mind must pretend it does.
Supreme grace is silence.

Most of what men say they find despicable,
they would not were it not talked about in detail;
no one feels personal animosity toward a tornado, and note:
about all ‘tis ever said about one is: “That was some tornado, huh?!” — “Yep.”
It is only human activity that humans find disgusting: interesting?
It is only things that humans do which humans insist are totally unacceptable: curious?
Men do live in the middle of an ongoing living code, and each, in a meaningless, half-ass way, try to break it (via such facilities as religion, booze and politics),
and what makes their activities impotent is their looking at the wrong facet of life:
they take the heart of the puzzle to be individual human behavior,
professing it to be exemplary of some individually unique life.
Eagles were once at a complete loss to understand the sky —
until one of them stopped staring at his feet.
“May I assume that feet is a stand-in word for something else altogether.”
Remember this: Metaphors don’t fly — they can point to the sky — but:
it is not any of man’s descriptions of things that ultimately matter —
only things — only reality flies.
“But are not man’s thoughts about reality also a part OF reality?!”
Indeed, and not possessing a permanent cognizance of this
is what clips the minds’ latent wings.
You can never escape Berlin while bemoaning the behavior of Berliners;
the walls which confine the thoughts of the ordinary are their own
meaningless evaluations of matters entirely without meaning.
You cannot break free from the inner stench ‘til you realize that your mind has made merde an internal part of your perceived reality.
An awake nose above all — smells nose.

“Is there any one question that you should definitely never answer?”
“Yes: ‘Are you happy?’”
“How about the one I just asked.”
“Well you rascal!”

A lot of what men find funny wouldn’t be so if not put in words.
(“Is this supposed to be more encouragement for not talking about yourself?”)

“Is there one specific thing you should never regret?”
“Yes: admitting that there is.”
“Okay — now we’re even.”

A lot of what men believe they think, they wouldn’t — if they didn’t say that they did.
“What’s the trick? — why’d you stick in: ‘a lot?’”

Social Tip For The Surreptitious CowTipper.
If they call your name — never answer.

Sports News (Of A Sort).
Realizing what’s really going on is for those who do: the World Series, Super Bowl,
and Stanley Cup rolled into juan — and you’re not even a fan of the games.

One fellow’s take: “Those who publicly display opinions are hiding something —
and I think I know what it is!”

One man says he is available for shipment to your house either as a pre cut kit,
or fully assembled.
“Does he mean the entire man, or just his opinions?”

Men had to hatch the idea of them having free-will
or else none of their other concoctions would fly.

Socially, the-man-who-knows is a: sincere phony.
(Public-Relations is strictly for the public.)

Art News (Of A Sort).
The difference between knowing-what’s-going-on and believing that you do
via the ideas life automatically provides your brain,
is the difference between mass produced goods and handmade custom items.

Quote Of The Day.
“The most important thing is to stall.”
(Another One.)
“Make no mistake, whatever it is (politics, religion, sports, movies, music, philosophy,
human behavior) the rule is: If it’s serious to you — it’s shit.”

The most important thing is to have the right voice whispering in your ear — and that voice is not the one you were born with and which ordinary men take to be their self.

Proverb Revision Regarding: “Killing the messenger”.
A man who frequently spoke on that matter of interest to the few,
when confronted with discombobulated listeners would often say to them:
“Don’t blame me: I just report the news,” until one day one of them asked:
“Really? — is that all you’re doing: reporting?” — which caused him to say:
“Well, no — actually I make it all up,” which caused the inquirer to say: “Thank god! —
I was frightened for a moment that you didn’t really know what you’re doing,”
which caused the man who frequently spoke to say:

“What a delight to find,
that I’m not totally wasting my time.”