Jan Cox Talk 3088

Life Eats Its Own Tail for Nourishment


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Notes by TK

You can never see what’s going on in life w/o first seeing what’s going on in your mind. Life is “wrapped up around itself”; it eats its own tail for nourishment. The primitive exists alongside the civilized. Men see life either as a punishment exacted for transgression or a trial of passage to determine worthiness for entrance into an afterlife. But both obtain: they wrap around each other. The human view of separateness and opposition is the imperfect perception of what is all connected fore and aft, top to bottom and side to side. (39:44) #3088

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Stories That Only A Stone Outsider Could Love
December 29, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

“Remember old friend: In life’s city affairs there is no such thing as cheating:
only what works and what doesn’t.”
“But that’s true in all of life’s affairs?!”
“Yes…….certainly…….that’s what I meant to say.”
On one world, what you meant to say counts just as much as what you actually said.
“But that’s true on this world?!”

Many legends speak of there being a magical enlightening-food,
but what only one mentions is that it affects memory,
so that everyone who finds and consumes it, forgets to tell anyone else.
(Okay — not exactly forgets — but that’s close enough.)

One of the philosophers in city park said to a young lad who momentarily stopped:
“In the vast universe of reality:
verbal knowledge thereabout is like a blind man trying to sing” –
then elbowed the youngster knowingly and vigorously in his ribs so hard
that he coughed up several inchoate theories that had been in him incubating.
“Gee, thanks mister,” the philosopher liked to imagine the boy said as he walked away.

One guy’s nervous system stared at him defiantly and snarled:
“Anything less than an elephant gun and you can forget it!”

With a threatening grimace and reaching ominously into his pocket, one man growled: “Don’t fuck with me! — I have a mirror!”

Even when fresh thinking seems to still present only two possible conclusions,
at least they will be two new possibilities.

Another: “Sad But True” story (for those who relish anything with the word, sad attached):
There is usually little to be gained by trying to help hogs in ways not clearly porcine.

As special cosmologists continue to discover at unexpected times:
there is a roar in the heavens that generally goes unnoticed on earth.
He with his ear to the ground will surely become well acquainted with ground.
A man’s expertise is determined by two factors:
his genetics, and his natural interests.
“But aren’t the two…” Shut up porky!

Under the normal atmospheric conditions of the city:
Most people’s ideas get old right along with them.

Trying to make a person of ordinary consciousness appreciate the possibility of
a different state of mind is like trying to turn someone with no natural taste for
things cultural into an art lover.
Even regarding human-invented, city affairs: you either get ’em or you don’t;
multiply this by a thousand and you have the situation concerning the idea of

One thing for sure: a man-on-a-schedule always has time to be behind.

If you self-reflect
on any basis other than your self
you might as well not reflect.
Fact: The purpose of every book men have ever written (other than technical ones)
is to provide what is proposed to be a reliable standard by which
men can judge themselves.
“If it is something that exists outside of me, and that I am in no way responsible for — then it must be okay.”
(Hell! — frequently it is taken to be much more than merely okay —
often as supernaturally sourced.)
Here indeed is one of the features that makes man superior to all other creatures:
his capacity to proclaim something as superior solely on the basis that:
humans aren’t the ones who thought of it.
(If we lived in a better universe there would be some who could appreciate the humorous beauty of this…….but — Alas! — Monsieur Degas.)

Believing in the wisdom of the herd certainly saves a cow a lot of grief.

On one planet the motto of one of their leading families is purported to be:

“Air Out The Bloomers Of Your Mind.”

A self ground mirror is an example within arts & crafts where a personal talent is not only unappreciated, but is in fact an impediment.
The city’s organ of culture is kept healthy by its immune system’s constant struggle
to suppress any sign of abrupt creativity.
In the herd: all artistic and philosophical progress is measured in terms of: shoulder-standing.
“If I didn’t steal it — it wasn’t worth my creating.”
(Another term for: being-awake-is: being-abrupt.)

One fellow says: “I have definitely decided that I have a mind at least as large as
a pigeon,” to which his partner added:
“Then we best pray I turn out to have one big as a cat.”

What accounts for the intellectual popularity of many things the collective embraces
is that they see no alternative.
If there is a secret talent of the independent minded, nervous system rebel
it is his ability to: see in the light: to lay eyes directly on what is there.
“Okay folks — stand back and give reality room to breathe!” —
an unnecessary admonition if there ever was one.
(“And humorous too.” Touché-mundo!)

How Things Would Work If We Lived In A Better Universe.
Skin cancer could be cured by a good tan.

Food News.
Every thing ever said fed someone for a moment.
Question: Are endless activities to be judged successful merely on the basis that
they never come to an end?
If so: how to correctly determine the satisfactory conclusion of
ignorance and distraction?

How Things Would Work If We Lived In A Better Universe.
An exploding lung would permanently clear up nasal congestion.
(News From Rebel Camp: Here it does! “Ah choo! — Lao Tzu.”)

On one young planet their: “New And Improved” models actually are —
…..well, their claims are……which by the way: works —
….and where by the way: is where you live.

If we lived in a better universe you wouldn’t have to have your attention directed at stuff like this.

Men who will offer you directions on how you should live your life
will gladly step on your foot —
without the additional aggravation of apologizing for it.

One neuron warrior noted regarding competing ideas:
“We are wasting far too much energy on foes who would have died anyway.”
If we lived in a better lit universe:
people would cease to mistake shadows of themselves as adversaries.
One guy observes: “Being unreasonably is sure not what it used to be.”

Intellectually: the collective will always cut-themselves-some-slack —
— since that’s all they have.

After having experienced a taste of non partisan thinking, a man mused:
“It’s like watching nude mud wrestling in the mind” —
then after pausing long enough to rub his chin added: “Naw! —
it’s even better than that.”

The sign of truly civilized cattle is that they insist on having their leather jackets professionally cleaned.
Hormones & Neurons Again:
The hide of a creature determines its thoughts.
(As regards that last comment: there continue to be reports of certain creatures who are somehow able to skin-themselves —
in some manner they apparently find agreeable and profitable.)
And before we conclude, city life asks for the final word:
“Okay guys, enough kidding around — you’ve got to get serious about this!”