Jan Cox Talk 3087

Only Consciousness “Of”— Not Consciousness “In”


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Notes by TK

You can be conscious, but not aware of being so. Just as there is no basis for dissatisfaction arising from internal comparison and no room for two “I’s” in consciousness, there is only consciousness of, no consciousness in. There is the feeling of observing the observed, thinking the thought, but no such dichotomy exists in truth. Nevertheless the paradox lives, for what is aware of that? (33:21) #3087

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Directions For A Secret Employment Of The Senses
December 26, 2003 ©2003: JAN COX

Fact: The most pleasing non physical sport available to man is: Seeking answers.
Fact: Men still seeking answers only do so through a failure to
grasp the essence of questions.
(Sub Flooring Fact: Only septic tank workers wonder where the smell is coming from.)
“I regret having to tell you this sir,
but you will never get the wake-up-plane in the air from this field.”

How Mind Works.
One man with an illness would always feel better about his health whenever he could get the doctor to knock a few bucks off the price of his treatment.
“Yeah, I may be dead — but check out the roll I have in my pocket.”
“Is he talking about actual death and literal money?!?”

One man has written a manuscript he has titled: “We’re All Zombies.”
(So far he cannot get any publisher’s attention.)
“Does that strike you as the least bit strange, saying in conjunction with
something relating to zombies that: ‘He cannot get their attention’?!”

One man offers this tip: “You can get lots of new ideas,
while expanding your comprehension by intentionally mishearing things people say.”
(And his partner adds: “I’m prepared to pay whatever’s the price:
I’ll break out of this damn prison even if it kills you!”)
Truth: Thoughtfulness at someone else’s expense is never out of order.
“Mr. Chairman! Mr. Chairman! — would you please order me to sit down.”
“Hey! — I don’t lug you along with me everywhere just for the fun of it!”
Across the aisle unknowingly sits everyone’s most faithful ally.
“Yeah! — if you can’t mistrust yourself — what’s the use in going on!”

Collective Intelligence: Life’s largest floating crap game.
When you try to stamp it out in one place — you later find it’s stuck to your shoe.
Only when you realize the nature of thought can you strip truly naked
(and physically is not its only form).

“What’s more fun than being sick, and then getting well!?”
“Being asleep — then waking up?”
“Yeah — nice try.”
(Okay: how ‘bout: being sarcastic and then realizing what’s really going on. “No thank you.”)

One man told his kid that the older you get — the slower time passes,

(just so it would for him).

The human population consists of nomads and the settled;
as mankind becomes in toto more civilized, the number of nomads becomes less;
see! — and you being civilized you think this is referring to people physically.

“What’s more fun than being stuck in one place for a long time,
and then leaving and going somewhere new?!”
“Being asleep — then waking up?”
“I thought they were the same thing.”

One man told his kid that the more you understand — the less you know,
(just to prepare him for what’s coming).

The certain man lives in a place that can’t be surveyed.

One guy has a motto for every occasion —
which he makes up whenever an occasion occurs.

One man used to try to talk to others —
‘til he realized they were even dumber than him.

The certain man lives in a land that can only be mapped by him.

When he saw a list of seven words that purported to cover all human emotions,
one guy guffed: “I notice it doesn’t include: Fuck people who make lists.”

The certain man lives in a land that can’t be described to others.

Knowing-what’s going-on is like having a john-the-conqueroo that never fails.
“Oh — I’m not going back to Louisiana —
or any place else I’ve already been.”
With one ear, one man would listen to beethoven, and with the other, the blues;
and with one tongue: hail caeser, and with the other: the burning of rome.
“Oh — give me a home
that makes me want to roam.”

No greater claim do politicians and priests believe they can make than:
“I am consistent!”
(“How about everyone else?” Oh yeah, them too.)

Men who leave factual histories — never got-it.

One man ruled over a kingdom wherein lay people were given no responsibilities: paradise! — a place where nothing was expected of the incompetent.
(Are you again thinking this refers to something physical, and more than one person?)

Men who have heroes cannot rule themselves.

One man once told everyone he met that they had an extraordinary,
unexplored land within them —
he gave it up quickly enough.

Men who keep looking outside — never catch on.

At the physical level everybody accepts the fact that they are an inseparable member of a collective, but regarding the intellectual, will vehemently deny same —
even though it is clear that the mind is not independent of the body any more than
is an ant of the colony.
Even if you were free — but lived in house that was in prison, what?……..
as a mother said to a departing child:
“Life out there can seem quite dangerous and confusing, but always remember that:
four out of five doctors.”

A man who will help you if he can and you ask him,
and a man who wants to help you
are two entirely different matters and men.

Only zombies take themselves seriously.

One man notes that the drawback to not being religious is that
you can’t pray to be rich. “Rats!”

If you don’t ultimately have-your-own-way-of-doing-things — you ain’t got nuthin’.

Another guy says: “I think this trying-to-wake-up-thing you people talk about
is a sign of some sort of stroke you’ve had.”

There was once a planet covered in fog;
it was always there, and thus the inhabitants did not perceive it as a fog,
but rather as their world’s natural atmosphere.
Every once in a while a child was born there who recognized the fog as a fog:
no big deal — he could just do it, that’s all.

And one man notes that the drawback to not being ordinary is that
you don’t care if you’re not rich and have had a unnoticed stroke.

“Hey: what’s the difference between being awake and being dead?”
“I don’t know.”
“Of course you don’t.”

“Okay, wanna try another one?”
“Why isn’t poverty a concern of the dead?”
“Wait!………..I can almost get that one……….”

One man didn’t require the services of the pertinent proverb
since you couldn’t wake him til it’s over.

“Okay, I’ve thought some more about that question you asked
regarding the difference between being dead and being awake:
the dead don’t misspeak; misplace their keys or bump into things;
they don’t get angry; they don’t whine or complain, and they’re never critical;
they don’t care what people think of them, and they don’t have heroes,
or any interest in imaginary stuff…..oh yeah: and they don’t worry about the future,
but other than that……well……I thought for a minute there I might be onto something, but…..”

An email just in: “Your method of constantly laughing
as a means to keep from going to sleep is unnatural.”
No more so for the few than being asleep.

The certain man can talk about things that only a few can grasp.
“Hey — same as with life.”

As dvorak said when he woke up: “You call THIS a new world?!”

One chap had quite strong feelings about the death penalty —
— until he was sentenced to death.

The certain man talks about things to himself that only he will ever get.


No one wants to talk to a know-it-all — which is why the man-who-knows talks only to himself,
(about what he really knows).