Jan Cox Talk 3083

To Awaken: To See That It Is Impossible to Be Dissatisfied


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Notes by TK

UFO sightings and the Flat-Earth Society notwithstanding, there are impossibilities occurring in everyday life that are never noticed: dissatisfaction. Animals have no ‘personal’ dissatisfaction; it requires consciousness to be dissatisfied. But dissatisfaction (in the non-physical realm) is impossible: there is nothing available for any comparison. Consciousness occasions the arising of dissatisfaction; therefore dissatisfaction is really dissatisfaction with consciousness. When consciousness is dissatisfied with itself there is no basis for comparison; it is like a bootstrap operation: no authentic movement. Everyone is born dissatisfied—the most intellectually-oriented being the most dissatisfied. It’s impossible but nevertheless exists! To see that it is impossible to be dissatisfied is to awaken. (35:05) #3083

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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December 17, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

The rebel mind, even in the heart of busy city synapses,
can still damn near starve to death.
Much of the herd’s health is due to cows being able to survive on
the droppings of other cows.
(“No doubt about it: the independent-of-mind can damn near starve to death around here.”)

Travel News From City Views.
Okay: so it may take a long time to get there — but:
it takes just as long not to.
One man had it fixed so that if you got too close to his alarm system,
his car would go off.

Ordinary cows not only accept their neighbors standing on their foot
as a natural state of affairs, but one essential in making them who they are
(“As an independent individual,” they like to add. Rather sad [in an unimportant way.])

Regarding The Matter Of Sponsorship.
Remember: whatever you’re watching is brought to you in part by life.

City men will say they want to be intellectually independent,
and will hold to the claim as long as they believe they will have to take a number
and stand in a line so long that they will probably die before ever reaching the front.

The cleaned up version says: There is safety in numbers;
the original says: in numbness.

The thinking of the rebel is like the receiving of radio broadcasts
from stations not yet on the air.

“Look here Mr. Butcher Man: there’s too much fat on this cut.”
“But it’s nothing but bone.”
“Then the bone’s too fat.”
The eyes through which the certain man sees
are like a stomach designed for food that is unknown to the ordinary.
(“No question: a man with a real appetite is out of luck among the normal.”)

Contrary to common wisdom: A herd does not travel on its stomach,
but on its ability to survive on pseudo food.
(“We’re talking: herds as in: collections-of-synapses — correct?”
A big 10-4 Moo, good buddy.

From The Department Of Upcoming Assistance.
Asphalt is to dirt as advertising is to actual information,
both, paving the way to progress;
one advancement real — one of entertainment value only.
(“Herbert: is distinguishing between the two what the rebel is up to?”
“Here now Helen: there must be more to it than that!”
“Now I don’t have anything else to say on the matter.”)

If worms and birds lived together the former would suspect the latter were enlightened.
“So pa pa: everything is a matter of perspective?”
“Everything but an eye’s view of an iris.”

City Definitions.
Repetition: The intellectual brand on a cow.
Predictability Of Speech: The Same.
Consistency Of Thought: Still more of the same.
Possessing the characteristics represented by these three words
is why cows can be broken and ridden, but not rhinoceroses.
(Holding onto two horns is much more probable than just one, huh?! )

To have thoughts is to have a choice:
you can choose this —
or you can choose that.
What a deal! What a choice!

The doctors reported to the man:
“We can either: take out your eye — or cut off your leg,”
and after a bit of reflection the man asked:
“How about: do nothing,”
and after a brief conference they replied:
“Well yes, that also.”
One guy’s principle:
“Always act like everything is more exciting than it really is………..(just in case it’s not at all.)”

Update On The I.Q. Standings.
Those as smart as their fellow man have little braggin’ rights.

The news reports generally delivered to those in the city
usually smell as though someone had pissed on the pages.
Bio Facto: Bark is brown every where in the woods.
(Also listed in the catalog under the title:
“No Matter What You Do — You’ll Never Get Away.”
[Subtitled: “Knowing This: What Kind Of Numskull Still Tries To: Get Away?!”])

Constantly circling around

near the outskirts of town
are the ersatz escapees
in their Futilemobiles.

Watch out for the backlash ——– it’s coming.

The essential responsibility of every affair in man’s mental only world
is to protect itself:
to deliver on its premise for being is of minor significance (if any).
In the cultural realm the motto is: “I exist — and that is my reason for being here.”
(Think about it —– [no one else does.])

The hobby of one man was taping fallen limbs back onto trees,
and when one city heard of this it asked him to take charge of
making up every day’s news,
(while another wants him to assume command of their spiritual affairs).

As long as you accept neighboring cows standing on your foot as natural —
— if not downright beneficial —
you will always have a dream! (Such as that someday they may get off your foot).

The way that most men determine they are thinking is by the fact they want to say: ”OW!”


Notice: If trying to grasp TheThing doesn’t set your nervous system on fire
and send you out of the bed every morning with a smile on your face,
you’re either not doing it right or else your nervous system isn’t suited for it.

The difference between a maniac and a man-who-knows is that you can tell if a man is a maniac