Jan Cox Talk 3082

Religion Is Entertainment, to Keep the Mind From Having to Think


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Notes by TK

There is something men have never thought of about religion and the mind: the purpose of religion (as well as politics and all other such cultural dynamics save science) is to keep the mind from having to think! When the mind is not dealing directly with information—problems to solve—it defaults to the entertainment mode. The mind dislikes having to think: it prefers entertainment.

Why would Life arrange for the mind, whose greatest pleasure is problem solving, to nevertheless avoid it on any pretext—even when it is to Life’s benefit for men to think, to develop technology? Moreover, the default activity is commonly taken by men to be thinking—said to be thinking. Why so? To buffer men against the bald fact of what is going on. If men thought too much or too clearly they could discover their true position in life: agents for the benefit of Life and not the reverse. (46:01) #3082

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Filter For The Few
December 15, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Science News From The Areas Of Cosmology & Sub Partisan Physics.
Some experts believe the external world exists
apart from man’s mental perception thereof,
while others insist it exists only therein,
and yet a third group of gypsy mirror grinders want all weekends
declared national holidays.
In a gross communication mix up in one city ballroom,
after the orchestra leader counted off the song,
instead of the band then playing, mission control launched them into space.
(“Yee ha!” cried the first chair trumpet as he soared.)

When you meet him, this one man introduces himself thus:
“Babcock Co-Op is the name — gave it to me myself —
to best reflect my deep desire to freely share the brilliance of my mind —
and: Share with whom? (you might wonder) –
why with myself old man, with myself,”
and with a broad smile and pump of the hand, he turns and is off to the next sucker.
“Say…..I believe I have met that chap myself somewhere…..humm…..
now where was it?…..Oops! — forget I mentioned it.”
The idea of communism did not originate in Russia in the eighteen hundreds,
but in neural networks in Adam’s salad days.
Knowledge for the few — distraction for EVERYBODY!

Fact: You have to understand what is going on in the physical world outside of you, this indeed is of such importance that you are born knowing;
you have to believe that you understand what is going on in the world of ideas
inside of you, or this important feature of humanity would collapse (do note):
nothing is said about the need to actually understand what this realm is about,
all that is necessary to be a normal human being is to say and pretend that you do, and that most other people do not;
potassium is potassium whether you agree with it or not,
not so with spiritual, political, philosophical beliefs.
Some say the physical universe outside of man exists apart from his
mental perception thereof, while others insist that its only existence is in his mind;
there is a third group never heard by the first two who see what is really going on;
they grasp the matter of scale — scale, magnitude and capacity, and understand that
the essence of the ocean cannot be described to a shrimp (i.e.):
“The constant rolling of the water first pushes you this way — then that;
and it seems to be everywhere at once — all the time,
allowing for no escape — even momentarily”;
to a lion the situation would seem: “It is the air in my lungs, the sight in my eyes,
the aroma of prey in my nostrils; from which of these would I want escape?!” —
and a human hearing this thinks:
“What does such fabled folderol have to do with anything real in my life?!” — scale! — and magnitude that literally overwhelms the grasping capacity of
normally wired mortal brains;
the consciousness man’s nervous system needs to operate successfully
is far below this level.
“What a great deal! — the metaphysical rebel rebels against forces that
present no threat, and if he prevails, his victory is nothing anyone can see.
Is this a neat universe or what!”
(Note: you have yet to hear from life directly regarding that last comment.)

A Reconsideration Of Laws Concerning The Conservation Of Energy.
In man’s inner world of ideas, an interest has become institutionalized
once its participants have not only started accepting their own propaganda
regarding their creation,
but have in fact, somehow started nourishing themselves therewith.
That is the brilliance of the city: that natural born part of every person’s brain
whose operations are completely controlled in real time
by the mechanical forces of life.
Man’s Unwitting Motto.
“We live to serve — and are able to do so by being unaware thereof.”
(“Thank you so much! — my deepest appreciation I’m sure.”)

The maps of transcendental places, practices and philosophies
which men have historically accepted, must always seem to them to have a much greater importance than they know any map deserves.
When you’re on a journey to Valhalla — hold tight the direction —
’cause that’s all you’ll ever have.

Many of history’s great figures had brain tumors
(which wasn’t realized until it was too late……until they were already great, that is.)
“Pa pa: when I grow up can I have a tumor?”
“The rate you’re going you’ll BE one.”
There are a billion stories in the city: all of them boring;
all of them going nowhere.
“But they’re all we have!”
True — scratch my previous comment.

“Question: What do you get if you fill a pig with mystical ideas? Sausage!”
“That’s not funny.”
“Wasn’t listed as a joke.”

Art And Social News.
The reason there are other people in the city
is so the untalented will have someone else’s ideas to satirize and steal.

The certain man’s attitude toward his natural born mind is like a fan’s to
professional wrestling: they know it’s not for real — just to be enjoyed.

One man had his people issue a statement denying he’d had any cosmetic surgery done on his mind.

When he heard the tag line from an ad for some medication that said:
“Be your old self again,” one guy thought: “I hope to hell they mean physically.”