Jan Cox Talk 3080

Thinking Is Literal, Instant by Instant Creation of the Dream


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Notes by TK

All that can be done to awaken is in the brain. To be mindful gives the feeling of doing something, as say, doing a physical exercise, like meditation. Consider: is consciousness continuous, or, perhaps discontinuous like movie film—a series of stills—giving the illusion of continuity? What is the dream from which to awaken? It is the secondary reality, absolutely dependent on words; which would disappear w/o talking reinforcement.

Realization of this truth is to awaken: thinking/talking is the literal instant-by-instant creating of the dream. Cessation of talk = cessation of dream. The seeming uncanny power of religious creations (e.g., sacred music) resides in the fact that the mind creates the context w/in which things can be religious. (43:36) #3080

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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For Those Who Enjoy A Laugh Up Their Private Sleeve
December 10, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

How Mind Works (Along With Other Stuff).
A man who took up an exercise program (and dreaded it each and every day)
became ill in such a way as to prohibit physical exertion,
and now notably yearns for the previous regimen.
No, humans aren’t crazy — they’re just humans:
animals with thoughts —
which makes them unique —
and with some behavior with which there is none other to compare it —
which renders it liable to question and even ridicule — by itself, that is —
which (for a few) gives the situation a most interesting twist.
Though no creature enjoys being injured: how-the-body-works
is not the source of what troubles men about being alive,
but rather their thinking about how the body works.

Said a lad to a dad: “What’s another of the dumbest things you’ve ever heard?”
“Someone explaining to a man who says he has benefited from something
such as AA, religion, or psychoanalysis, why it won’t work,
although in truth, neither dumb nor any other term adequately fits here.”
Fact: What works, works (and doubly so in city affairs).

The world is always going to the dogs
in the eyes of those not at peace with man’s canine-ity.

Advertising line not yet heard:
“Train at home for a new career — or in your head for a new home.”

More: How Mind Works.
Men conjured up the concept of the ancient: Seven Wonders Of The World
just so individuals could later deem anything they were personally smitten by as:
The Eighth Wonder Of The World.
“I may not personally be able to construct the Sphinx,
but by god I can verbally compare my Aunt Sophie to it.”
It is always easier to get work as a commentator than an artist,
which accounts for the twin mortal realms of: culture and technology.

One man feels that we are on a special mission for life which can’t be explained (to us), but that thought is connected to it;
thus the part of us in charge of explaining things is doomed, regarding one subject, from the start.
(His look when he said this suggests he somehow finds it amusing. Weirdo!)

Graffiti in a hospital bathroom:
“Just as a man is a fool who will sit when he can lie down,
so too is a man who will have thoughts when he doesn’t have to.”
(FYI: it was not signed.)

Over the sink, brushing his teeth, on some mornings a man would look in the mirror
at his forehead and say: “I remind you:
I am just a puppet government representing the real power.”

One man began trying to paint a self portrait —
and when he became totally unable to do so,
he considered that he’d succeeded.

A people’s local culture serves in part to relieve individuals of
some of the burden of thinking.

Everybody’s waiting for something to happen.

There are two possibilities: either live by reality (as things are), or live by dreams,
and one seems as good as the other to men.

One man says the way we pay the tab for being alive
is by providing a field for thoughts; “We’re a form of tenant farmers,” he adds.

Only the badly uninformed are satisfied to be home tied;
accepting infirmity that makes them housebound.

A man emotional about himself
is like a warrior headed into battle already partially blinded.
An email just in:
“I would enjoy these writings more if you would stick to just one subject.
(By the way: what is the subject?) Sincerely,” etc.

Two guys talking:
“Once you get beyond mere survival level consciousness,
what difference does it make what you think about then?” —
and the other man didn’t know either.

“Mud flaps for the mind,” says one man, “That’s what I call this kind of thing.”
As stomach would say: “Call it anything you like —
just call me when it’s on the table.”

When no longer (via mechanical pressure) is anything a big-deal to you —
anything you select can be.

A man who’s caught on can get along with anything.


An awakened man is his own support group.