Jan Cox Talk 3079

Consciousness Like Box in Head, More Facts Won’t Expand It


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Notes by TK

Consciousness can be likened to a box in one’s head; growing slightly, maybe, with age. The box is fairly standard from one man to another regardless of culture; it represents a kind of basic sanity among men. To expand the box does not involve learning more facts; it comes from a willful ‘pushing’ outward, a kind of ‘loosening up’ and has no limit (everything fits within it; no question is unanswered).

Ultimately the expansion is passive, although initially must be active in order to even get started. Finally, the active is subsumed by the passive (your old mind becomes irrelevant). It is passive in that the box gets as large as it can get, and since everything is thereby contained, and consciousness can’t get outside the box, no further movement is possible or necessary. (35:31) #3079

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The Organ Of The Outliers
December 8, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

One man’s take on a certain subject:
“How might you mark a man-who-knows? — he might have no distinct personality,
or if he does: you’re not really sure what it is,” and someone asks:
“Of what importance is that?!”
“Of what importance is anything that can be talked about but not touched”
A man either seems to have a particular personality or he does not; yes or no;
polarization without representation is not tyranny, but — normalcy!
I regret that I have but two ends of a magnet to give to my complacency.
If you can tell what a man knows — he knows nothing worth knowing.”

A man gazing in a mirror said:
“We only dislike that which we do not understand,” and his reflection said:
“Why are you looking at me!”

Another City Definition.
Psychology: An attempted verbal excuse for being alive — and in the way.

A sage said to his followers:
“While allegories suck:
men can more easily hear fables of foxes than they can about far away worlds — inside their own head.”
(One local god smiled at this and admitted were it not so, he wouldn’t even exist.)

For years did one fellow stand by a fire, and never noticed anything
save the smell of smoke —
and certainly never suspected he was at a potential launch site.

On the side streets of one urban area is a chap who previously collected rags & refuse, but has moved up to fears & frustration,
(still not as profitable as dread & morality, but more so than aluminum cans).

One man announces: “My hobby is that I ain’t GOT no hobby!”

One old man noted to the kid:
“The best ideas are all uncopyrighted,”
and the tyke replied:
“Is this a trick notion?”
“Are there any other kind worth a damn?!”

How It Goes (At Least In City Families).
Too soon do the ordinary believe they begin,
and certainly so do they generally end.
“I have only begun to fight!”
Who said that?
“Me! — the one always out of sight.”

A studio exec asked the head of the land’s largest library which books he thought
could be made into movies,
and holding wide his arms to encompass the multitudinous tomes surrounding them,
he testily replied:
“A better question is whether someone can make some books out of these books!”

And another chap declares: “I too have a hobby: keeping constantly in mind
the nature of hobbies and their distinction from other mental activity.”
Children play with their genitals;
adults with their fears,
only the realized man knows how to enjoy his thought generating organ.

Deep Discoveries In Cosmology (As Seen From A Certain Perspective).
Where there is smoke there is always fire —
except on those worlds where they have smoke without any fire.
This is why physicists in trying to discuss activities at the sub atomic level like to say: “You can’t go home again — IF: (a) You never left,
or (b): Your wife is sleeping with the exterminator.”
Other Worldly Law.
Where there is one thing — there is always another — IF
we are talking about things that you can only think about.
While there is a physical limit to the number of off spring even rabbits can have,
not so with neurons,
(which is why commonly bunnies aren’t allowed in city apartments,
but thoughts are. What a supreme stroke of good luck for them!)
“Another attempted joke I assume.”

Fact: The past has no pride — and can thus comfortably accommodate the shameless.
If your mental awareness is not here — right now — still and quiet,
you have nothing to be embarrassed about — you’re un embarrassable.
Ordinary men turn pale with shame,
the rebel turns into an ugly step sister upon being mentally slack enough
to give cause for any feelings of such.
One knight’s verbal heraldry:
“Though I may not show it (even to myself) I verge on abject shame
upon occasions of internally being no more than that which I was born,”
(followed by a sincere sounding Bronx Cheer.)

In the Land Of Sheep,
they let the baddest sheep be King;
the saddest, Priest;
the most confused, Philosopher,
and the most alert ones get away before it is too late.
“Pa pa, where is it: never-too-late?”
“In the mental future my boy — far from the stagnant status quo.”
And someone asks: “Is that why you so seldom see an awakened man waiting on a train platform, or in front of a city institution?”
Try omitting everything after the word, “waiting.”
One man survived cancer; the loss of his business; the death of his loved ones,
but was done in finally by the fall-out subscription cards in magazines.
Note: Everyone runs by an unknown time table.
Double Note: Don’t bother trying to talk to a true rebel about schedules.
Fact: If you know what time it is — you don’t know where you are.
(This being a sub rule under the previously noted primary province:

“If you know what’s wrong — you can’t fix it.”)

After much thought — one man came to the conclusion