Jan Cox Talk 3071


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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Reporting On The Hidden Ha-Ha Factor Since 1333
November 19, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Another installment of: How Men Go Astray.
They begin to take the meaning of words more seriously than their sound.

A local resident relates:
“I know my house is gradually falling down — but I don’t care;
as long as the basement continues to support the upper floors sufficiently for
those there to party — I am not concerned.”
Note: The foundations may creak and groan — but they do not know that they do:
that is the foxy feature to being an independent home owner:
only the upstairs tenants can be thereof aware and they can be kept from knowing.
Say flies: “So we will live but for several days — so what?! —
we have no knowledge of the fact, and thus it has no effect on our life.”
(Did that say: flies, or: thoughts?)

City-ites consume their intangible selves from the feet up,
while the rebel will quietly call the waiter over and whisper:
“Never mind the menu: bring me an unlisted DNA dish, or you’re a dead sonofabitch.”
(Note: Life can appreciate a forceful, knowledgeable diner.)

“Tell me old man,” said the kid: “What is the most distracting misstep man has made
in his psychological study of himself?”
“Either the belief that cats can really become birds —
or that there is an unfathomable chasm between them.”
City thinking tends to conclude in cases of either:
the impossible with an appearance, or the invisible possible:
you’re either the champ (who was a no show), or a bum who made the gig.
Anyone who still doesn’t understand that when it comes to the city: “City mind rules!” — is in for a lifetime of fixed fights and bad bookies.

The Power Of Looking Via An Intermediary Agent.
A man who lost an eye says that after an artificial one was installed
in the empty socket that when he looks in the mirror at both eyes simultaneously,
the blind spot before his missing one momentarily disappears,
and it is as though he can see again out of both eyes (that is) —
as long as he is looking in the mirror at the fake eye with the real one.
(He also says that anyone who can’t smell an even more expansive lesson in this
can’t be a true nervous system rebel.)

A man who can think independently of the herd can make dead ancestors laugh.

The down-hill-sled-ride-of-aging actually affords two possibilities:
one is the dulling of the physical runner,
the other: the sharpening of the neural, creative one.
Everyone appears to go over the cliff all at once —
but things are not always as they appear to city eyes/I’s.

A man who can think independently of hormones can make himself laugh —
even after death.
(Admittedly that’s a trick statement, in that it is only after death that anything is funny.)

An awakened man lets himself in on The Secret, and the good stuff —

but not the yucky stuff.

Although one guy was rough as rocks and would take a swing at anybody,

there was still one man he wouldn’t fool with —
guess who?

The older you get — the sharper you have to get — or else:
you just get older.

Between The Collective And The Individual.
In infancy: the nervous system grows IN man,
but few men later grow the nervous system in THEM.


“Man does not live by bread alone!”
“But cattle do.”

Father’s Advice To A Son.
“You gotta — stay on the run.”
“Even when conditions have you lying down?!”

Proverb Prolongus.
Not only is an awakened man, at-the-end-of-his-rope — he keeps on going.

Graffiti Update.
“Nobody likes a man who knows it all, but one of the features of being such a man
is that such a man has no interest in such things.”

“There have been some ordinary people who correctly sensed what life is really about, but just didn’t clearly realize that they did.”
“Would that by any chance include — everybody?!”
“Just about.”

And the instant just before he died, a voice said:
“Tell us something about yourself, contestant number two.”