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Turning Up The Appropriate Heat Since 1939
November 12, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

The illusion that he is doing something is a method available only to man of:
doing something.

Sailing & Knowing.
The purpose of eye/I lids doeth be,
to keep a man from see.

If changes in your hormonal condition are the only thing that can change the way
you live and think,
you aren’t living as fully as you can,
nor doing anything at all with your thinking.

Men try to live by rules who don’t know how to live.
“Pa pa: should I not find that stupefying?”
“It’s a free country.”

One man offers still further input regarding conspiracies:
“If anyone really wants to see the true origin of all conspiracies,
just let ’em go back and again read Mother Goose and all our major fairy tales.”
Query: Should you not find it interesting that long before men began to make record
of what had actually happened to them, they began constructing myths.

Conversation Just Above Ground Level.
“We are what we’re made of.”
“Our experiences, you mean?!”
“No — the stuff we’re made of.”
Moral: Never bring an ox to an ox dance.
“Pa pa: does that one have something to do with: obviousness?”

The collective intelligence of man is like life’s cortex on this planet —
that should be plain enough, trouble is — it’s too plain.

One man’s method of achieve a state of expanded consciousness:
“Go ten straight minutes without returning to the past.”

The city park speaker said to his young apprentice:
“If you don’t sound angry about something, hardly anyone will listen to you.”
“Pa pa: ‘City park’s’ still where I think it is, right?”

One man now believes in flying saucers — but only (he emphasizes)
since they started believing in him.
(“All I ask is: Please don’t let ‘em land in city park!”)

Today’s Financial News.
When man’s nervous system speaks — everybody listens!
“You mean everybody in a man’s nervous system?!”
Today’s Monster Update.
A more conscious man can only be stopped by being shot in the brain with
an opinionated bullet.
“Which he will tolerate, you mean?!”

Those who find history fascinating,
and those who find it irrelevant
both lack a grasp of the nature of the past.

Those who find history instructive,
and those who find it confusing
both lack a proper connection to the past.

In the city college that ne’re got built,
the correct answer to all questions in all departments would have been: “Genetics.”

Proverb Update.
The danger in: lying-down-with-dogs
is not in: getting-fleas,
but rather in the risk of reverting to man’s canine condition.

The future is mostly chemical.
(And upon hearing this: thirty four day traders began selling nylon long.
“Hey! — is that not city thinking on the hoof!”)

Okay: The Advanced Update.
When neurons lie with hormones, wolves arise reeking of after shave.
And speaking of axioms:
Only in the awakened man’s mind do birds of a feather stick to the proper birds.
(“I’m guessing that birds here represent neural activity, no?!….”)

One chap describes the over used rhetoric he feels himself pressured to use
in the city as: “Being between a rock and a cliché.”

The Peaceful Kingdom Symbolism Re-Evaluated.
And the day will come when vegetarians will lie down with hamburgers.
The free-range meat of choice for nervous system knights is: unaligned dendrites: thoughts which have no philosophy-of-life, or rules-to-go-by.
Definitions From Rebel Camp.
Reality: An ultimately fatal virus.
Opinions Thereabout: One that just makes you wish you were dead.
Note: Past a certain inner point: all of life becomes a mystical experience.

News From The Mental War College.
Answering a question about yourself is like arming the enemy.

Corollary: Anyone who volunteers information about their self
has told you all you need to know about them.

Some Sociability News.
No matter how he may seem to the contrary:
a man-who-knows is always in part a hermit.
A real rebel doesn’t even totally reveal himself to himself.
(“And I’m betting here that you mean some very specific aspect
of what the ordinary think of as being their self — huh, am I right or what?!”)

The distinction between local reality and the non local is that the former can be measured and talked about.
The Difference Between An Author And An Artiste.
An author says: “I write for posterity,”
while an artiste’s move is: “I create for myself alone.”
Cows in herd must perforce: lean on one another —
the very reason for the rebel’s flight.

And finally, this email from a reader:
“Just what am I supposed to do if I get involved with all this,
and life DOES does turn out to be as simple as you seem to indicate? —
what then?!”