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Uncommon Maps For The Anomalous Since 1491
November 7, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

One man with a life time of experience in the matter mused:
“I guess being really awake is when you reach the point where you’ve forgotten
what you thought waking-up was all about.”

When you’re home alone, all your pains seem worse —
same as with stupidity and having only the mind you were born with.

A man who feels superior to others for something he can do and they can’t,
is not doing it correctly.

Inspirational Thought For The Day.
All beliefs are based on something —
most are based on bullshit.
To discount smoke, mirrors and good time hocus pocus in man’s metaphysical realm
is to discount the realm.
(“Ah so! One does not want to throw out the bull with the bullshit, what.”)

“At the collective level: change that is too drastic is not change but disaster.”
“How about on the individual level?”
“Then it’s every catastrophe for himself.”
(One family became so entangled in intermarriages
that one chap ended up being his own volcano-in-law.)

The Urbanization Of The Neural Landscape.
Those who talk a lot believe that the more they say,
the bigger and better they will seem.
Hey! — that’s what city life is all about.

And Now A Brief Note Regarding Immortality.
After he was dead, one man said: “I no longer care.”

Sight — And What Gets Seen In The City.
Those who,
on the pages of life,
a doomsday scenario see,
are mentally blind.

A man one day mused: “After years of extensive reading on the subject,
it seems that all the great mystics had their time of awakening
just after some prolonged illness that nearly killed them” —
he pondered this for a moment, then thought:
“But what better example of an extended, near fatal malady is there
than the many years I have spent simply being what I was born as!”

Somatostamping Update.
Everyone by temperament is an archetype (but note):
only the more conscious can face it.

If, Let Us Say.
If (let us say), there are ten pillars supporting reality,
and (let us say) four of them are unknown to ordinary consciousness
(and thus apparently unnecessary for a routine existence)
the whoopie cushion of everyday thought is that it will never reveal
which particular four is it.
when something doesn’t matter to the mind,
it doesn’t matter whether the mind is aware of it or not, what?!
(“Excepting the anomalous few, of course?!”

Everyone’s consciousness feels that it is missing something,
but in ordinary people the sensation is not strong enough to much affect their behavior (go to church periodically, read a New Age book now and then),
but in the few, the feeling is the center around which
everything that passes through their mind eventually turns,
so that all the theories they hear regarding what life is about
never lose the aroma of being incomplete.
It is not the ideas that are lacking — but their consciousness,
and not understanding this will keep a man forever fruitless searching for
the one completed idea to explain everything while cursing the ones he’s left.
The fox you hunt is not anemic — the scope on your rifle is.

Intake Note.
If you didn’t so stuff your mouth with oatmeal that there is no space left —
you could grasp its nature.
“And surely again sir, you speak not really about a breakfast fare,
but something else entirely (do you not)?!”

A Bit About When You’re Doing It Right.
When something someone else says catches your attention,
but what you then think is not about the actual subject or view they expressed.
(Aka: Learning Spanish from Lao Tzu.)

From the physician’s desk book: The Religion Of Dermatology.
Guilt is not caused by sinful behavior but by ingrown warts.
Having a philosophy-of-life is a pig with a personal computer.

The man strode into the hanger and in an authoritative tone
gave the planes a thorough tongue lashing concerning (obviously from his perspective) their essential failure to be air planes. They all laughed at the fool,
(of course not speaking plane, the man was not aware thereof.)
“Pa pa: is there even the slightest chance that some of our synapses
so snicker at what is said in other areas of our brain?”
“Does the rain fall in spain on the plane?”

One man’s latest conspiracy theory is:
“Yes — there is a group of people running the world — but
there is also a group running them!”
“Son: serious city people are sad people.”
“Does that even include the happy ones?”
“Yes my boy — those too.”

In Re The Nervous System’s Living Structure.
Before stepping into the elevator as it made its daily potential appearance,
one man would remind himself:
“To the fourth floor — then at oblique angles to where my feet want to go.”
Your hormonal temperament determines your apartment building,
but the anomalous tenant ignores his designated living space.

Bustin’ out!
bustin’ out!
the ultimate system is — bustin’ out!