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Pulling The Reality Behind Words Off Of The Paper Since 1557
November 5, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

The Real Warrior’s Code As Concerns Hormones & Neurons.
Ultimately: the king’s horses will bring down the king’s men — but until then…….

Part of the safety and comfort features of the mental herd life in which collective humanity is forced to live is that they are made to believe that escape therefrom
would either be meaningless, or else of such significance as to not be possible.
A fish, after years of riding the wave elevators: up and down, up and down,
up and down, one day finally said: “How come there’s no side ways push?
What is the water trying to keep me from?”
And local conditions injected: “That’s right! — always blame the environment,”
and Sir Humpty jumped in: “Might as well, that’s what neurons do to hormones.”
(For the sake of accuracy for our readers, it should be noted
[or better yet, you should note for yourself] that neurons do not normally
lay the blame for their frustration directly on their inner body, silent counterparts,
but do rather look without for their impediments,
which might move a man more alert than average to mull for a moment
that none but man does such:
no lion ever surveys his surroundings in search of reasons he feels un lionlike.”
“Pa pa: how would we even know if a lion did feel he was not personally meeting
the requirements of his species?”
“He would be developing a lion culture:
pursuing activities whose purpose no visual observation would reveal.”
“And maybe doing up his mane in a new style?”

One man has concluded that trying to get to the bottom of things
is like doing wheelies in the parking lot of the mind.

“Pa pa: I suppose the king’s horses are hormones and the king’s men, neurons.
Why have I begun to see as much substance in children’s nursery rhymes
as in the world’s spiritual classics? —
don’t guess it has anything to do with me, huh?! —
the writings themselves have obviously undergone some surreptitious alteration.”

Being post-contemporary conscious is in not reacting to your own thoughts,
(you know: the ones that endless turn up at the door of your mind).
Amongst the routinely civilized it is considered bad manners
not to answer someone who speaks to you;
the certain man discovers it way bad form for him to let that special part of his brain listen to the mechanical chatter coming from its natural born yacking part.
The Warrior’s Creed.
“I may not be able to stop them shooting at me,
but I can cease giving credence to the shells.
An arrow not acknowledged is an arrow spent,
and stupidity not handled, with either your pro or con hand,
won’t get on you.
No fish can escape the water — but the rebel one doesn’t sweat being wet.

(And now a lion somewhere began to ponder:
“Perhaps I am not fulfilling my duties as a lion,”
and thus took the first step to becoming civilized and jumping species.
“Father: does not a man who catches on to what is going on,
in one sense: mentally jump species?”

Why This Kind Of Activity Is Never As Popular As….say:
Hot Oil Wresting With Alligators.
By the time you’ve managed to let all the air out of an imaginary balloon —
who has enough interest left to then hear the thing criticized and autopsied.
(Admittedly a bit crude sounding: but one man says he has adopted this approach: whenever the past calls him up — he simply pisses in the phone.
“I guess: To each his own — if you have an own.”)

In the city: unless you grind your axe, you’ll soon have no axe.
(Albeit: in the unconventional part of the certain man’s brain,
the neurons there call everybody, Darlin’.)
In the pursuit of precision for our perusers,
let it be pointed out that a rebel’s apparent lack of ill will toward The Tar Baby
is not based on any affection, but indifference.
(Aka: “I know what happens to my fist when I swing at metaphysical foes,”
[what fish seeking escape will, through his own actions, help turn the water viscous?!])

Another Survey Of This Stuff’s Slipperiness.
In the classic struggle between long ideas and short ones,
the short ones continue to regularly prevail only to become long ones themselves.
Civilization, culture and cupidity can all consume their own constituency —
with a meaningful transformation resulting……..from the view of those trapped within.

In the city: it is quite unlikely that you can say anything regarding the nature of leather without some cow taking offence.
(After all: what is: being-civilized if not being able to take justifiable-umbrage.)
The evil ruler of one land was convinced that he could destroy all of the rebels
if he could but get them to be insulted.
Reminder: Any synapse than can be dissed — ain’t worth piss.

A doctor said to a patient: “What is more fun than recovery?!”
“If you were a sage instead, I’d reply: Never being sick to begin with.”

Forget death and taxes: from the few’s view:
what can’t be avoided is being human and in a mental fog.
(Correction: that should read: “Can’t be initially avoided.”)
“Inherent” is the civilian’s leg irons,
and the place from which the certain man’s starts his run.


If you want to know how hard it is — keep telling yourself how hard it is.