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Nemo – or Third Possibility Blind


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Bringing Up The Idiot From Under The Floor Since 1854
November 3, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Repetitiveness, predictability and interchangeable parts are the keystones of science and technology, but how does same fare with man’s metaphysics and psychology?

Further Details Concerning Man’s Cultural World.
The dead will sit longer through a bad movie than most.
(“I’ll bet you’re saying movie, but meaning something else. Admit it!”)

From competing perspectives: both the ordinary man and the rebel are wrong:
the first for not trying, the latter for doing so.

More Show Biz Buzz.
Those who want an introduction to their act feel less than secure about their act. (Include writers, politicians, academicians, scientists, businessmen, men of the cloth:
if they are about to present words to an audience and desire complimentary ones
said about them prior thereto — include ‘em.)
“I”: The world’s most common and unremitting self introduction.
The Motto Of Those Living City Lives.
“How will everyone know how great I am if they are not told!” —
a straightforward enough sentiment.

The collective intelligence of man is greater than that of ordinary individuals —
but not by much — which is what makes it so captious — yet unreliable.
Employing bovine designed mirrors, any cow can gaze there into and coo:
“My but aren’t you the precious one” — and ‘tis only fair:
cats can’t wait around for a boost in their self image from dogs,
or tornadoes from trailer parks.
Just as life looks after itself — it expects its subsets to do likewise.

The Great Civilian Trade-In Continues.
All around the city was posted the announcement:
“Attention kids! Time to turn in your war toys for a mind.”
(While such activity bodes well for the collective future of the populace,
their leader (unbeknownst to them) still carries a G.I. Joe in his shorts.)

Definitions Regarding A New View Of That Certain Expedient Division.
Thinking: Comparing one thought with another.
Consciousness: Comparing thinking with another possibility.

One man has contrived his own variation of the previously reported on axiom:
“Life is nothing if not fair” — thus:
“Life is nothing if not life, so get used to it, Toots!”
(He says that not repeating this at least twice a day gives life the right,
without any advance notice, to make your thighs become flabby and your CDs rust.)

Note: All of the proverbs, truisms, and words-to-live-by held dear by the collective began as good natured jokes to certain unusual individuals.

Some Psychological News.
There is a way to make your mind even smaller than it is…..
…..but no one seems to need it.
(“Ain’t science grand! And especially when it doesn’t affect me inside.”)

Fact: Facts had a better rep at one time than they do now.
“Which was — when?”
The moment just before Adam’s consciousness heard the voice of thinking.
“So (other than for the severe tire damage that might result):
why don’t we back up?”

Fine print,
split hairs,
the infinitely debatable,
are all tools city men use to construct a decorative screen to hide that gawd-awful — point blank wall.

(Yes! — that wall: the very one the rebels are looking for.)

Pondered one chap: “If the raison d’être for thinking is planning,
then by nature it is always the younger generation’s game.”
Even faced with contrary psychological facts concerning man’s nature —
the rebel with the hunger presses on;
that is the distinction between a theoretical nutritionist and a farmer.

Everyone in the city is continually told: what-is-good-for-them,
but only the certain man proves it to himself.
You can never see what is actually going on using another’s glasses,
even should he be the city’s skeet shooting champ.
“Blind as a bat,
blind as a bat;
happy as hell in the
midst of a herd.”

Man’s collective intelligence perceives what mankind needs to for survival
and expansion of thought centered civilization;
what it never takes in is precisely what the outlier few seek.

A man trying to get to the bottom of things is a cow ridding itself.

Sign in the certain man’s secret gym:
“Bulk up. Slim down.
Bulk up. Slim down.
Bulk up. Slim down.
Don’t spit on the floor or piss in the sink.”

To bear up under the strain,
the routine mind must remain,
forever uncreative,
and docile as a lamb.

Fact: The mainstream dislike mutants.
“Pa pa: is that true literally & physically, or allegorically & psychologically?”
“That’s right my boy: four — count ‘em: — four answers in one!”

The dense have difficulty in determining whether they are mentally alive or not — which is why they gather in herds.

Only the certain man hears it when he says:
“Get along little dogie — move along.”