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October 27, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Synapses in one mental land hold certain beliefs regarding departed thoughts,
and their possible reincarnation, which they ritualize by chanting around grave sites,
as the recently deceased is lowered away:

“Goodbye old friend,
away you go,
now you are finally free;
and please O please
whatever you do,
don’t come back as me.”

Hearing the life of man talked about as-it-is gives some people a headache,
causes some to become confused, and makes others leave the room.
Being civilized is in NOT talking about man as he is.

If you call “thinking” what everyone else calls thinking —
you’re one of them.

“Hey! — long time, no see. How ya doin’?”
“Can’t complain.”
“You mean: won’t complain — that’s what I like about you.”

The life of the civilized: The world’s largest game of: dress-up.
One guy constantly imagined a sign posted in one area of his brain that said:
“Would You Like To Retire Here?”

Trying to think about human life in a non partisan way
is perhaps the biggest mental challenge there is
(in case you’re looking for something to do this weekend).

Dictionary Redux.
Being of ordinary mind: The ultimate wimp sport.
(As one man used to say: “Heroes come and go — but sissies are forever.”)

After men were forced from their original neural garden of eden,
and onto the road of progress, the picture of a new paradise was put in their mind.
Proverb Update: Men do not walk by shoes alone — but by dreams of destinations.
(Aka: Don’t put groceries in a wet bag.)

One man’s take on time.
“The past is far too short for it’s assumed importance.”

Anyone who wonders: “Am I part of the herd?” — is.

A man’s mental relationship to the past
is the collective’s measure of his sanity and suitability.

Anyone who needs to ask: “Am I Enlightened” — ain’t.

Those who believe that man’s best is behind him — are correct — in their case.

One nervous system rebel told his family: “I am going away” — but he lied:
he went F-A-R away.
(“Hey! — what is family for.”
[We are speaking here of the synaptic variety of genetic hangers-on and ne’er do wells.])

There is a place in the universe where the future comes from.
(“I’ll bet the word, universe here has some special meaning huh?!”
[There’s also a spot from whence cometh all questions.]
“I guess that means I didn’t go far enough.”)

A park bench said to a passing cloud:
“Hearing humans reminisce
is like listening to an unedited symphony of elephant farts.”

The speaker’s topic was: “Relion & Linguistic,”
which he covered in a single sentence:
“Man worships words — not gods.”

Humans can be astoundingly clever and insightful in areas they have invented,
(such as technology, that has little to do with human nature)
while not at all in the case of culture — which has everything therewith to do.
Pimply Sut: The less it has to do with man — the better can man grasp it.
(Another reason that throughout history the smartest men always go into science,
and not the arts.
“I must say that I find that last statement intellectually offensive,
and disagree with it most heartily.”
Are you expecting a look of surprise to your reaction?)
“Pa pa: do you ever think specifically about how weird this is:
that anything a lion or worm does is totally about being a lion or a worm,
but that much of what makes up a civilized man’s life has but the most
tenuous connection to being a human?
As you like to say: ‘Neat, huh?!’ (though I don’t always see the matter clearly enough
to agree.)”
And there my friends, is one of the outstanding attributes of a worm colony:
It cares not a whit whether you agree with it or not.

Bathroom Related Activities Vis A Vis Fame & Renown.
To be taken seriously in the city you must be able to let out more than you take in.
“That’s just a polite way of saying that you say more than you know.”
Now that IS impolite: think of it like this:
You must know more than you know,
(and Civilization said: “Thank you.”)

An email just in:
“The way you use the words: what is the difference between being civilized
(in the usual sense of the term) and being asleep, in the metaphysical one?”

One man started his own private version of a: Continuing Lent,
and the first thing he permanently gave up was: mind reading.
(He admitted it wasn’t very difficult — and for reasons he said you’d instantly realize.)

One guy sang:
“Getting’ well,
can be hell,
when your illness, you don’t know.”
“Wait just a minute! — a man would know whether he was civilized or not!…..
…..that is what you’re talking about…..right?!”

A certain dog would smile whenever he heard a human woefully say,
regarding some prior act or word: “If I had only known then when I know now,”
and would think to himself: “What creatures do has no relationship to what they know; by expressing this sentiment, men are simply re enjoying the tugging sensation
they felt at the conclusion of the original, unavoidable deed.
Damn!” thought he: “What a piece of work these humans be.”

Anyone who ever says about something they have done or said:
“That’s not at all like me,”
obviously has someone impersonating them (wouldn’t you say).