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The Sotto Voce Report For Outliers
October 24, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

“Giving this kinda thing a name and structure tends to make it less of this kinda thing.”
“Is there anything else in the world like that?”
“You tell me.”

Concerning Institutions.
Any source intent of making men feel shame, guilt or remorse
is a common, collective source no matter what fine, other-worldly name it may bear.

“Life is a whole lotta pushin’ and shovin’.”
“In the herd, you mean?!”
“What does: ‘the herd’ mean?”

About Distractions.
One of the purposes of men telling other men what they should be thinking is to
keep those who don’t know what they should be thinking from thinking about that fact.

News Of A Speaker.
After revealing his theory that man’s supremacy among all the world’s creatures
is due to his big toe,
someone in the audience asked whether he was referring to the big toe of our foot,
or of our mind.

In the cramped middle of the herd often arise the more bizarre dreams of escape.

Overheard On A Bus.
“Awareness without the interference of thought comes close to fully realized consciousness.”
“And so does a snake with a shoulder shawl.”
“My gawd! — you’re right! Do you see what this means:
it means that everything means everything else!”
“Hiss, hiss Miss: but is this seat taken.”

Query: What is required to be of sound, normal mind in the city?
— The ability to continually turn your back on the undeniable.
Item: One man has his own electronic cooking show there —
but it is not on TV —
and it is not about food.
Query: Do you know how to turn it on?
Definition: Death: The period immediately after distractions have run out.
Fact: The rebels outside the city have their own special definition of death
(not to mention, cooking).
From The Unknown Graveyard.
A man struggling to stay as consciousness as possible can’t be aware of death
(the noise of the pots and pans drown it out).
Fact: The term: Music-to-my-ears came from the first man to realize that i
n spite of the impossibility: he could cause his mind to get off of consciousness’ back.

Terpsichorean Tidbit.
The ordinary will continue to do the same old dance: ’Til the cows come home — playing blind to the fact that the ballroom is a corral,
and that all the tunes that entertain them are coming from an all cattle orchestra.
“Wow!” exclaimed one fish to the water: “No wonder it’s so hard to get out of here!”
Prisoners stay pacified as long as they take the siren’s song
as being a request by other inmates.
“Yes — it is true: I do not mind being locked up in here —
as long as everyone else believes they intended to be here.”
You can fool all of the cows all of the time — as long as the cows stick together.
“I’ve wondered at times why you refer to the certain man as a: rebel and outlier.”
Fact: In the stockade: contraband goods are more tolerated than too-much-wondering.

“Watch it!” says life,
“Who me?” says every man’s captive me.

The Dual Citizenship WITHIN Man.
From one perspective:
it is in meaningless thought that resides a man’s vocal: me,
and in unencumbered consciousness, everything the nervous system rebel desires.
“What an entirely great deal! — the very thing you’re looking for
is the very thing that won’t say anything! (At least it narrows down the search).”

Familial Fusillade.
“Pa pa: why is all of the truly important information always in the form of allegories?”
“The answer to that my boy, is in that question.”
“Hummm……..but isn’t that always the case?!”
“Now you’re going to ask me: ‘Then why do I keep asking you such questions?’”
Consider: If there is one answer to all questions,
then where do all the endless questions keep coming,
keep coming,
keep coming from?
In the city, repetition passes for answers.

The rebel’s private motto could be: “I don’t DO the past.”

Interstate Update.
It is reported that the driver of a city based bus
recently stopped in the middle of a highway and announced to those on board:
“You might as well all shut up and quite whining: every bozo ON this bus is a victim — — leastwise by your definition,”
and a chap in back suddenly thought: “And that itself is our greatest victimizer.”

Those (as part of a myth previously noted here) who did not blink and turn away
when initially confronted, face-to-face with life,
and who did not totally forget the secret that everyone once knew,
once they begin to recall and re-see it all,
cannot ever again retreat or excuse their self,
for a living warrior (once slain by the city) cannot be revived.

Thus do alert fish come speedily to recognize their relationship to water,
and abandon the meaningless struggle there against.


According to one rumor, life said: “Don’t blame me if you’re dumb enough to imprison yourself,”
which of course conveniently ignores the source of anything that could be called man’s dumbness.
(Then life added: “And you people still don’t see that, convenient is my middle name?!”)