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Putting The Hup Before Two — Since ‘Fore Tubas Were Blue
October 22, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

A father said to a son:
“Everything that one human says to another that doesn’t concern food
is for the sake of drawing attention to oneself;
men must say they believe otherwise,
otherwise the word: meaningful would have no meaning,
and man’s spiritual, cultural and civil facades would fold.

In sophisticated settings: almost every word men speak is an attempt to
promote their self as a form of entertainment, which for the most part,
others will accept ‘til something better arrives.
A deep distinction between the ordinary people of the world,
and he who is identified in these daily writings as: the certain man,
is that the former look outside themselves for their entertainment
(their most important intake after food)
while the unconventional man produces his own inside himself.

All that you actually have to do is eat: what you do beyond that is up to you;
men commonly say/accept that many of their non essential activities are
nonetheless serious (such as educational, spiritual, political and cultural pursuits),
but if it’s not food — it’s entertainment.
Life has not programmed 99.99999% of humans to consistently make this distinction (s such would be antipodal to his civilizing, and its survival supportive effects).
By one totally valid definition:
To be normal and civilized is to treat certain silliness as solemn;
to speak & act as though some ideas that are mentally entertaining
are actually serious;
if you are not wired to do this, you are (in the public sector)
deemed to be either a criminal or insane;
in the super private .00001% sector,
such a man is trying to drag his consciousness from a common swamp.

Unless you are living in physical conditions wherein you spend most of each day scrambling to feed yourself,
your energy is primarily devoted to giving your mind something entertaining to do:
it may be pornography, reading holy scripture, watching a movie, a concert,
or a ball game, or simply conversing with others,
but man (with a nervous system that has thoughts and can speak)
is constructed such that he looks outside himself for this needed entertainment,
same as he does for the physical food he must consume to survive.
Under the standard arrangement of things: all life forms live off of their environment: there must be food outside of you for you to ingest,
and with man this seems so doubly: concerning his physical food, and also his mental:
just as a man cannot produce within his own body the nutriment he needs to stay alive, neither can ordinary men do so in their mind: they must look outside themselves
for what their mental activity requires to remain viable.

Just as with the literal food web on this planet,
man’s mental one works fine — for most,
but for a few, with a nervous system not wired & programmed like
the ninety nine point five niners — it doesn’t work fine at all;
they are not entertained — they are intangibly starved.

It is incomprehensive to think this is the fault of the sources of man’s entertainment;
the entertainment ordinary men produce quite adequately entertains
ordinary humanity, in this set up, is nothing amiss;
nothing is wrong with the performers,
the quirk is with the audience of the certain man;
the electrochemical excitement his nervous system desires is simply
outside the norm: he can’t help it, and the rest of humanity can’t feed it,
and unless he is doomed to finally waste away,
he must quickly realize the situation for how it is and not squander his mind
on finding fault with the entertainment available, but understand that it is what
mankind collectively needs, and that his taste simply happens to be an anomaly.

This recognized, such a man can then internally walk away from the city part
of his mind and move into what is frequently referred to here as: rebel territory:
the open plains outside the normal, urbanized area of consciousness —
in virgin land — alone;
no form of inner entertainment but oneself
(and a true rebel does not count recollections of past city ones);
his entertainment must meet two requirements:
it must be new, and it must be self produced
(he doesn’t have to plan this — it’s just the way it happens).

Corollary to this is that when such a person does indulge in the entertainment that entertains everyone else
(he lets the dog of his attention chase after the cars that routinely pass his house)
he not only is not as entertained thereby as everyone else,
but during the time so spent, he bars himself from producing what would nourish
his unconventional entertainment stomach.

(‘Look! — you either want to lose weight or you don’t,
and while you’re scoffin’ doughnuts — you’re don’ting —
which makes no never-mind to me — but why fool yourself.’)

A would-be rebel absolutely, totally and unconditionally covers up
his own eyes and mind in every instance where he takes seriously
anything that any other human being says,
be it proffered as informative, even enlightening,
it can be nothing more than entertaining,
and then only entertaining to 99.99999% of the planet’s population — but not to you —
it is not intended to — get over it — and don’t bitch about it,
or you are back taking it seriously and trapped again in it.

A true nervous system rebel simply cannot be entertained by those who are not:
it is as though the entire world enjoys popular music, and you don’t:
you don’t really know what music would entertain you —
but you do understand that the popular variety doesn’t,
and that it is not the music or other people’s fault;
you just happen to have a quirky taste in music.

Once you adequately have your neural arms comfortably around this fact
you can take up that most joyous of activities for the few:
Producing your own original entertainment,
and what the mental outlier can come up
provides an excitement for the nervous system unknown to the rest of humanity;
some how they dream and suspect of it,

(witness five thousands years of men’s written musings on matters they usually call: mystical and transcendental):
there it is — in words,
but the certain man knows this extraordinary entertainment
beyond merely talking about it.”

Health Tip.
You can’t die while laughing.
“I assume this includes: lapsing into the comma of being entertained by others.”